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Thread: New Delhi

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    Sp Sahil digits and inde contact

    Hello all,

    Just got my membership activated. Can some one help me with digits of sp Sahil.

    I had it but there was not some issue with phone and not able to retrieve it.

    Also Incase some one help me with Inde contacts. In Delhi. Like Neha bhabhi, Neha etc.

    Request to seniors and all I will try to reciprocate with something as I get.

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    Cannot PM You. Please clear inbox.

    Please clear your inbox. Guess quota is full.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceNova  [View Original Post]
    You can use line fo WGs for outcast and search gaigoi in Google for in call in short term hotel. DM me for more details.

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    Try this.

    Thanks Brother. See if you can connect with me on tg use at the rate "laal" colour in red followed by bison.

    Quote Originally Posted by Canada123  [View Original Post]
    I travelled to HCM city last year December. Nice place to fuck. Girls are prettier but language is a big issue. I found a lady, aged 29, helped me to showaround the place and night she stayed with me for 2 days. Great fuck. I don't have PM to give you her number.

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    Yes Please.

    Yes Brother.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndySutton123  [View Original Post]
    Are you referring to Ho Chi Minh City?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelhiTechie  [View Original Post]
    Hi Bro,

    You can visit Midori spa in green park market.

    Any firsthand reports of Kim, at Midori?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvestor2001  [View Original Post]
    After my last dissatisfaction of MP, I was browsing on google about SPs, and got to know about locanto, there I got many SPs providing birds at 6 k for 3 hours.

    First Sp.

    So first one was lady SP, send me pics which seems legit to me, I agreed and asked about incall, location was sector 62 noida, one oyo, she told me to book room and wait, I was waiting in room, there was knock, what I see, there was big fat maid standing on door, I said maybe you mis understood me, wrong one, I called SP she said wrongly sent her sending different girl, but maid looked at me (I look innocent) she told me to go don't trust this SP, I always keep backup so I kept second SP on hold.

    Second SP.

    Sent me good photos and I selected, he told me to come near fortis hospital, sec 62.

    I went there at 12 pm, told me to wait 30 minutes, every 30 minutes he keep increasing 30 minutes, at 2:30 pm one cab came with guy at passenger seat and 2 girls at back, guy who seems to high, took money and left girl there, when I see girl she was completely different from photos, I thought lets just fu*k her.

    She told me she have place nearby but I have to give her 6000 as security deposit, I said I already paid what I have to pay, she said you paid to broker nothing to me.

    I was shocked, as I started argue, both girls became goons, and started to threaten me, we will shout, gather crowd that you are harassing us e. T. see.

    I said just go, I don't want any service.

    She said we will not let you go without money even you don't take service.

    What a shame I was feeling.

    She took another 3 k to let me go as I didn't want to be beaten by crowd.

    Went home and feeling stressed, and hilakar sogya.
    Do you have PM activated? If yes PM me, I will share you few of my contacts in Noida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trpmob  [View Original Post]
    What's the name of this spa bro? See'Mon, don't leave us hanging here!
    Soul&Me Noida Sec18.

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    Tysm Boss! You have been very helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mitta2023  [View Original Post]
    Explore rg, good for budget oriented monger.
    Tysm Boss! You have been very helpful.

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    Has anyone ever met tg BitchZia?

    If so. Then how was the GFE? What were the damages?

  10. #109037

    Ln Spas

    Bros planning to visit spas in LN can somebody rank top 3 spas and dishes to taste.

  11. #109036

    Spa visiting days

    I normally prefer weekday than weekend for spa for obvious reasons.

    1. Crowd, different age mongers sometime gets awkward at counter or exit.

    2. Girls mostly try to cover as many clients as she can so service quality suffers.

    In weekday, I have observed almost dry day as few birds take off, rest day. Some of them must be gem that had extra session during sat-sun.

    But this helps to better negotiate at counter and even with the available girls as they also confirmed very less business on Monday.

    Any thought / suggestion if my research report is right?

    I am avoiding TNG very much hyped. I remember I was one of the innovators. When I called first time to old lady, madam she said me, come on my king. Translate in Hindi. Old days.

  12. #109035

    Public hair shave

    Hi Bro,

    You can visit Midori spa in green park market.


    Quote Originally Posted by MDave1981  [View Original Post]
    Guys- are there outlets / home services for pubic hair clean shaving in Delhi ncr? If so, please message.

  13. #109034

    Trusted SP details

    Hello all,

    Please suggest some reliable SP in Delhi & Noida area, have been trying MP so far but tired of below average experiences.

    Want to try reliable SP's available with incall / outcall facility, Kindly provide you input mailbox is open.


  14. #109033

    Amazing find

    Quote Originally Posted by KarolBaghsonu  [View Original Post]
    Girl 1 (pic1 and 2).

    Horny girl from Shillong.

    Looks: Good (70% of pic) but short in height.

    DFK Yess.

    BBBJ didn't tried.

    Hygienic yes washed before and after deed.

    Kitty not tight not loose.

    Sex: Horny girl, sweet moans, banged in missionary and wot and then missionary. 20 minutes non stop banging and finished. Cooperated well. No tantrums.

    Girl 2 (pic 3 and 4):

    It was midnight. She just woke up before I went there.

    Looks same as pic.

    Juicy handful boobs. Sucked for almost 15 minutes.

    Then banged her in missionary and doggy and then missionary while sucking her bouncing boobs and finished.

    Kitty tight. No tantrums and cooperated well for 20 minutes of nonstop banging.

    No DFK.

    Damages 2 k each.
    Can you please share the details, my dm is open thank you.

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    Can help you with the first one. PM me.

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