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    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Again tried this Thai food.

    Crazy horny girl. Beautiful.

    Just remember treat good.

    She will treat very good.

    Enjoy mongering.
    Can any of kind soul give me hints to get to these indi Thai foods available around vk or ggn. Or throughout Delhi / ncr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokks  [View Original Post]
    Agreed, appears to be a scammer!

    The person on the other side sends pictures of a famous Instagram model and blocks you once called out.
    How stupid must be the guy posting here on sex to read out among sex gods a Fake FR of a Fake profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperLove  [View Original Post]
    They have 5 NE.

    Mimi. Small height, petite body and decent face. Doing her for over a month now.

    Nancy. Not tried her, short small chest, find her average looking.

    Mercy. Short, nice boobs, good looking. Want to do her.

    Alice. Big girl, a little tummy, beautiful eyes, nice face nice chest. Planning her this week.

    Alexa. Big girl and good body, little bitchy though. Argument between us. I want her badly.
    Try Mercy only if you're looking for a good massage. Doesn't do FS (could have lied to me). Figure wise also average. Boobs okayish, skin not as smooth as average NEs, short in height. There are much better fishes available elsewhere.

    My experience with her was good in respect of massage and average for extras.

    Counter charge is 1 k for 45 minutes and paid 1.5k for B2B.

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    Again tried this Thai food.

    Crazy horny girl. Beautiful.

    Just remember treat good.

    She will treat very good.

    Enjoy mongering.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20200924-WA0039.jpg‎   IMG-20200924-WA0037.jpg‎   IMG-20200924-WA0042.jpg‎  

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    Hi brothers,

    Posting my 1st FR after reading hundreds of others on the beloved forum! During this lockdown, the drought was such that I finally bought the subscription and the 1st thing I did was connect with Rahul bhai. Rahul bhai, you are truly the king and the most generous person.

    As Rahul bhai had shared glowing reviews of and. The most trending thai indie in NCR, and so promptly shared her number, I tried her few days back. I cannot add more to what everyone has already shared, but she is truly a gem. So respectful yet playful, welcoming and really makes up for a GF or partner. Actually she's a better GF than anyone can hope for. Have a good time with her along with drinks, decent hookah, nice BBBJ, great massage, excellent fuck. And you don't even have to talk much as the language issue is there! What else could a man ask for!

    Like always it seems BB is always eager for a threesome and so is and. She offered this time as well but I didn't go through. I was afraid that I won't be able to manage 2 as it had been a while that I had had sex. So the deed with and started after 15 min of reaching her place. I still was a bit hungover from partying a night before and was on my 2nd beer of the day (it was just 3 pm, LOL). We screwed for 15-20 min but I couldn't cum and was getting tired. Maybe due to all the alcohol. She made me relax, started a lovely massage to stretch me out. In 15 min I was relaxed and she also knew as Johnny was ready for her again. This time we went on for another 15 min, in various positions, before I came in good old missionary. Even though AC was on full blast, we were hot and sweating like anything. Took a beer and hookah break. We just tried to make small talk a bit, cuddled. Then I just laid down on the bed and she thought I wanted a massage. Gave me a lovely massage, including bum and played with semi hard Johnny. After few minutes she sat cross legged and took my head in her lap. We DFKed a bit, lots of tongue action.

    We went again for the 2nd round. Another 20 minutes later, we were again hot, sweaty and seriously out of energy. Then as if given a signal, 3 hours were up and BB was back with some food. I didn't join them but promised to meet them again soon.

    Loveliest 3 hours spent, in a long long time.

    WIR. I think so. She's sweet, hot, GFE, and a nice sport in the bed. So much so that even after 2 days, my inner thighs were paining. This lockdown has made me realised how unfit I have become that just 2-3 shots could tire me like that!

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    Online fun? Is it worth it?

    Hey all,

    Has anyone tried any online one to one session with any of the provider? Just checking off anyone has good pointers?


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    Short trip and a 2 shot quickie miss k

    Finally after a long hiatus got the opportunity to visit Delhi for a short business trip. Thought of going to Gurgaon and some other places but since had an appointment in noida and with the paucity of time, I decided to monger there. I refrained from spas so tried my old regular famous Miss K. Got the appointment from met her. Had an amazing session of BBBJ, DATY, and 2 rounds of awesome fuck session. Service was as good as it was earlier. I love her boobs so the first time came on her boobs rather the regular CIM. After the lovely massage and rimming fucked her in different positions. Came finally in doggy. Had a great experience as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinPhoenix  [View Original Post]
    Went to tg spa yesterday in ggn. Got assigned a pretty looking NE. I was happy when she entered but that was short lived. Turns out only topless HJ is available. I had read good FRs about this place but seems it has changed it's operation during covid times. I asked about other girls but she mentioned that none of them are giving FS. Not sure if this is true.

    May be some one can help me out. Any one knowing any good indies or spa below 3 k. Will appreciate the contact.
    I beleive tng in Lajpat will meet your requirements.

    Damage 1 K counter + 1 K for FS.

    Ask for Deepa. Good services for price.

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    New to this world.

    Hello all,

    It's been a pleasure to be part of such a forum.

    Please take care all and happy hunting.

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    Life stream

    Life stream near dr lal pathlabs.

    2 floor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thorny2  [View Original Post]
    Hey bro,

    Can you please share pointers for this spa, unable to find it on google maps.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ggn69  [View Original Post]
    Yup, but I didn't go down to Dwarka. Was in Gurgaon only, was blocked before I left.

    But a learning feather.

    Got her address from the details, awaiting.
    Any update bro?

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    Source: matchmaking app?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rohan038  [View Original Post]
    I have been a silent reader of this forum for sometime. Think it's time I take the plunge.

    Please check the attached photo. Let me know if anybody has tried. Operates out of ph 4, Ggn.
    Looking at the screenshot posted, looks like tinder or some other similar app. Isn't it?

    If so, please be careful in your dealing, lay out all the terms & conditions explicitly and then take the plunge. Don't forget to post an FR.

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    Scam alert

    Quote Originally Posted by Nitsy  [View Original Post]
    I don't know what I find something fishy about this FR. But I searched shokka and that is clearly a fake profile.
    Agreed, appears to be a scammer!

    The person on the other side sends pictures of a famous Instagram model and blocks you once called out.
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    Ask Rahul bhai for contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by SimplyHonest  [View Original Post]
    Tried a cute Thai dish Miss Nisha today. I was chatting with Rahul bhai yesterday about some different Thai dish and out of the blue came 2 Thai contacts from Rahul bhai's side. I know most of us have heard the story of "Danveer Karan" from Mahabharata but if I have to bet on who's more charitable then I will put my money on Rahul bhai. He will give Karan run for his money. Now not only he shares but he cares too (which will prove later in my post).

    So decided to go there and fixed the timing with Miss Nisha. She asked me about the amount and I said 3 k (which is the usual price) . She asked me to give her 4 k (which all Thai normally do when you meet them for the first time). So I texted Rahul bhai to confirm damages (my bad should have asked him beforehand) . Now during that time some other fellow monger pinged her and fixed the timing with her so she texted me that she can't meet because she will be busy for next 2 hours. It hurt a little bcz I have already fixed timing with her and all what remained in our meet was 0. 5 k 's negotiation and I had already took my time off. Now comes the twisted part. Since she got busy, I texted Rahul bhai everything what transpired between us and booked Jenny from Evanthe. I was about to reach MGF (was near Bristol hotel) , I got a message from Nisha that Rahul bhai has talked with her and now she has cancelled her booking for me and asked me politely to come. Well, I have been mongering for quite some time now but never saw any WG obliging like this to anyone. Rahul bhai you must tell us the magic. You are like Podrick Payne of famous HBO tv series GOT. Hence my point which I mentioned above - "He not only shares but he cares."
    Dear all,

    Nisha is Rahul bhai's find so please ask him for contact details.

    Happy mongering!

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    We learn from our Mistakes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ggnpntr  [View Original Post]
    Having spent more than 30 k in the past week or so of mongering and spa memberships, I think I'll ease up a bit on the spending. But I'm a curious cat and love exploring.

    I will detail 3 recent experiences.

    1. Jess. Relaxe MGF. She's quite a hottie as simplyhonest bro has already stated. Had a good time talking etc. She didn't offer FS though and hence I didn't go for extras. I think a few readers of the forum have already visited her as she was being suspicious and asking who gave you my name etc. And I think inevitably everyone uses the name Rahul for reference LOL. I think this is also the reason she wasn't offering FS.

    Also BTW bro nikki has also shifted to MGF branch.

    2. Sara. Relaxe mgf. Had some time so decided to go ahead with another session. Requested Sara. In came a tall NE (my favourite kind) had a decent massage and good time talking to her. Apparently she's best friends with the hot receptionist people talk about here, who BTW has left relaxe now. Sara has a cute face, small tits, nice ass and long legs. She has a fit body, the kind I like.

    Prices quoted were again too high, but I had a pretty good time talking to her and upon her requesting repeatedly finally relented to a B2B for 3.5 k. I generally don't take b2 BS and this was the costliest b2 b I have ever taken. I thought based on the chemistry we had during the massage etc. That it'll be nice and all. Boy I was wrong. A very mechanical and hurried affair and not really much fun. So boys, if that's what you're into go try Sara.

    3. A 'Russian' from SP number ending 251 - I refuse to learn. CIS has always been a disappointing affair and this time it was no different.

    Felt bad for you. Now the thing with reference is that if it's fake then sometimes it does more harm than good especially when a girl is weird. Now coming to Jess, I got call from her yesterday and she was begging me to come and fuck her (said no clients. A beautiful liar) and bring Starbucks green tea too (I ain't a Zomato boy but she gives me good service LOL), I didn't go because was exhausted with my session with indie Thai Nisha so told her that I am out of town. Now, the reason I mentioned this is this because you failed to score with this desperate Thai because of a small Mistake which could be rectified with proper approach (considering, if you are still interested). Now let's go to the background of many Thais life here in Delhi ncr, they all need help for day to day stuff which many times money can't provide so almost all of them have sugardaddys (what they call as their BFs.) . Some of these gentlemen know about these WGs and don't get serious with them emotionally but some do fall in love and become prey of emotional trauma (Feel sorry of these chaps) . That's why it's a golden rule to not get involved with any WG emotionally. Now coming back to your problem, she inquired with you because she might have suspected that her sugar daddy sent you to check on her (whether she's doing FS or not because sometimes these WGs make promises to their sugardaddys that they won't do FS with anyone except them) . Or there's another angle, some Thais take all kinds drugs and their mental health isn't stable all the time so that's why they panic too much and suspect too much (that's why in my FR I mentioned she acted weird and suspected drug angle but wasn't sure). Third reason could be what you have already mentioned. Since you already know the problem now and what you are getting into, we can proceed with the solution. Next time when you visit her act like you are a player and you go to spa frequently. You can tell that you have membership there and you can be her regular. That way her greedy part of brain will activate taking over her suspecting part of brain because she will know that you can be her golden egg laying chicken for sometime. You can also compliment her but don't overdo and try to make her comfortable by portraying urself as hardcore monger. That's why all those "pre-extra interrogations " are vital for the deal. And always remember that these girl are here only and only for money so lure them accordingly.

    Hope it will help in future too.

    Happy mongering!

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