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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfectweather  [View Original Post]
    Please provide digits for Zarina the much talked about.
    You need subscription first so that I can send you contact...

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    Photo is included.
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    Good food

    Quote Originally Posted by Anskaush  [View Original Post]
    Bro. Any intel on this bird.
    So as I got no feedback. I decided to take one for the team. Johnny was really hot and T asked for 12 k and I agreed.


    Face 7/10.

    Body 8/10.

    GFE 10/10.

    CBJ, FS in mish and doggie included. No other positions.

    Kitty was clean and DATY was fun. Not to brag but three shots made her cum twice. Pussy was quite tight. Enjoyed it.

    Will I repeat? May be once more.

    Realistic photo included for your viewing pleasure.

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    What is this SA site?

    Quote Originally Posted by RandomGuy135  [View Original Post]
    This is a good idea. Will help in price discovery and also feedback on the good, bad and ugly part. Though, I'm not in favor of sharing contacts unless the girl (s) is OK with it. IDs on SA, definitely.
    Pardon, I am a newbie here. What is this SA? Is it a forum? Is it the classified site that starts with sk and ends with a?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomGuy135  [View Original Post]
    Have shared some contact details.

    Thanks a lot bro. Saw your PM. I will get it touch with the contacts and share the FR if its get success.

    Let me know if you ever plan for Kolkata Visit.



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    Cam session with loc girl.

    Hi all,

    The girl belongs to NI, So posting in this thread also.

    This is bit old report. After many failed attempts in locanto found a genuine contact. Here goes report. She asked me to take demo. Confirmed and paid for main. Next 10 to 15 minutes is good. She had good assets and fair color. Speaks Hindi and English bit.

    Service and attitude: 10/10.

    After this repeated girl for 5 to 6 sessions.

    Damages: 800.


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    Nice find! Please PM me name and spa.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnupamGuy  [View Original Post]
    I was getting adventures and tried JD app for SPA in Lajpat ngr. Found one P S Ayurveda spa. Discount offer was 1.5 K for massage + FS. Reached to LN metro and walked for 10 minutes to reach place in LN1. Receptionist showed lineup of 2 and was not interesting with 3rd option as herself. Found her naughty in conversation and a MILF slightly better than other two. Since was not on car so decided to go for her, Ms. S (pronounced as famous Japanese electronics brand). Spa was old with no attached shower but cabins were of medium size. I changed in-front of her did not wear dipo and she giggled and understood my expectation. She started with moisturizer and her hands were hard for good massage. She worked on sensitive part on bum and balls. She gave nice massage once I gave words of praise. Then she came and whispered in my year that there are extras other than usual pussy fuck part of service. She asked for my preference for backdoor entry and B2B for additional 1 K. I never had Anal experience so agreed for taking that. Asked her about lube she said will manage with moisturizer. Played with large little aged melons and took B2B and had dirty conversations and even joked at my continuously aroused johnny with precum flowing..

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    Ordinary Indies.

    I'm new to this forum. Purchased the subscription as I m going to be in Delhi next month so thought I will seek the forums help rather than taking a chance on skokka or Locanto. However all the girls mentioned seem to be very ordinary. I am ready to pay but on this group I didn't find any chick worth even fantasizing. Last time in Delhi through internet got a chick who was 80% of her pic but was very cute. I paid 15 k. But over here I don't find anyone close to her. If the pic is good it turns out to be fake. Are there high end escorts in Delhi and how can I find them? If anyone has any contacts please pm me.


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    SP Tushar

    Bro. Any intel on this bird.
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    Extras payment.


    Pay after deed but in few spas FS is part of massage plus happy ending and they ask for counter payment. Normally if it is negotiated with performer then they don't mind taking at the end as they sometime get tip along with usual charges but in few cases they asked advance. BTW, what CR arcade mall and name of spa?

    Cheers and happy mongering.

    Quote Originally Posted by StreetFoodLove  [View Original Post]
    Went to CR to meet some client. Had sometime in hand. Explored area and went into Arcade mall.

    Selected one newly open MP started with and. Here is the report:

    Damage: 0.5K + 1.5 K.

    Service: F S (no BJ and backdoor).

    Therapist: 6/10 (avg NI lady in last 20's).

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    PM you details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown1988  [View Original Post]
    New to this forum and mongering.

    In Gurgaon for 1 week.

    Brothers please PM me SP or indie contact.
    Just follow and also share experience here.

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    Kohat marketing skills

    SP at Kohat always have a nice lineup. This time she had even a CIS to offer for. Nice to those for whom it is in their bucket list. this list is like a tourist visiting a tourist place and want to touch all points there, I did not go for her as I prefer NI. But 2. 5 k (I hope she charges same for her too) for a CIS is " roof shattering". I am using verbatim of a Hindi phrase as admin may not endorse my using Hindi words.
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    Good MP in Gurgaon.


    Can someone please recommend a good MP in GGN. I would like a good natured therapist with FS and BBJ.

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    Was just surfing and found this video.

    The girl looks similar to Angel.

    Seniors comment please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Justice2013  [View Original Post]
    Photo already existing in forum.

    Still putting again.

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    Gurgaon recommendation.

    Hello brothers,

    Any recommendations for good MP in Gurgaon with FS and BJ?


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