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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaKing  [View Original Post]
    Had her at Tushar's place a couple of days back. Looks same as in the pic. About 5 ft 6 in tall. DFK and BBBJ available. No nakhraas as such, would do as told. But a bit hurried service. It was OK for me though, as I was only looking for a quick release. Damages 3 K.

    Would you mind sharing digits and location!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vineett  [View Original Post]
    Is the den in Santa or Cambridge?
    Eok near famous temple.

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    Not a good idea

    Quote Originally Posted by JkPunch  [View Original Post]
    Have you ever seen the saggiest breast? If no, try this chick, it reaches her stomach and she is more ashamed of her body than anyone I ever met.

    Got her contact from the notorious Locanto. She is ready to do anything in the world even unprotected sex and ready to get it filmed if you wish too.

    Face wise she is nearly as good as her pics but body is below par but value for money.

    WIR=Probably if I don't have any other option.

    Pics attached.

    Damage thousand / Shot. She travelled from her location to my place in Ghitorni.

    Happy and safe mongering.
    Bro, if you know she is ready to do anything even unprotected sex, that means she might have done the same with others. So why playing with danger? Better to get it done with some known girls, who don't do unprotected sex.

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    MGF M Mall Saket MP.

    Lurker for some time, reporting for the first time. Starting with the most recent MP first.

    The MGF Metro mall in Saket next to the famous twin malls side-by-side, is a hidden gem for good quality MPs (at least most of them) with good quality staff. This review is for Thai Hara (in English) Spa. I bought a package there: 10 k for 13 hrs. With half payment now, half after 6 hrs. That comes to 770/ HR. Had to haggle a lot though because the chilled-out receptionist dude who had offered me the package during my scouting earlier had been replaced by an uptight lass.

    First HR: I prefer NE but none was available that day so went with receptionist's recommendation, (worship in Hindi). She promised me the best figure in town. I consented. I was asked to change inside the room, which was neat and clean. When the therapist walked in the first thing I noticed was the exceptionally clear skin generally found on NE. Other than she had an average NI brown skin and average height. As the massage started, I started asking the usual where are you from, what do you do stuff, which I have found to make a lot of difference, along with a smile and a cheerful attitude. Soon, I asked about the extras. I like to get clarity on it ASAP. I no longer bother with the disposables which helps them get clarity on expectations too, I think.

    HJ and B2 be was available and BJ was promised next time. I was in two minds because I only take HJ from NI usually, but she had a nice figure and she was enticing me with it by rubbing it against me. Finally, she asked if I had seen a better figure in any MP. I had not! It was the best hour glass figure I had come across in MPs. I agreed B2B for 2 k. The massage took a hiatus and off came her clothes. It was the biggest boobs and ass on the slimmest waist I had seen, almost on the verge of abnormally so, which just made me harder faster. She was skilled. Knew how to use her massive jugs to squeeze my dick. She also knew how to use ass for rubbing. She played around a lot before I came. Didn't let me come on her though which was a bummer. I wanted to come all over her jugs. The biggest bummer in the deed was that her attitude was also professional-like. No GFE or dollops of cheerfulness.

    Looks - 6.5/10.

    Boobs 10/10.

    Ass 8/10.

    Service 8/10.

    Attitude - 6/10.

    Damage 2770.

    WIR. Maybe just once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaunchLive  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone had Yana? She used to be in Delhi. She's in touch with me. I want to know more info on her and damages. Hows she in performance, she is asking very high 30-40 k for night. Waiting for your expert reviews on her.
    Hi Senior Member,

    Performance is OK. Not too extra ordinary.

    Negotiate the damage bring it to 20-25 k, will say yes.

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    Good report but one comment

    Informative and almost correct analysis. TnG is VFM and most of the girls try to please. But any popular spa or SP avoid going in evening as girls are "fucking" (literally) tired and getting unhurried service is difficult. BTW, in Arogyam ayurveda there was girl Ms. P, one the most beautiful, good massage skills and friendly girl that I met in spa. She left after 2 months and could meet 3 times and really missed her. There was one Ms. S and had her first time in business and it was good. Apart from that nothing good so stopped going. No comments on others as not been.

    Cheers and happy mongering.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keepsreturning  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    This is a new account, since I stopped using ISG for a while). In any case, I'm back and really came back into the Delhi mongering scene. Though, not as intensely as some of you (there is a world of change between the scene in 2017 and 2019! In any case, last time around I signed off with a review of a bunch of MPs in Lajpat Nagar. I though ID continue that tradition.

    The cream of the crop.

    1. TnG- Apart from the shadiness and its popularity. This place is the king. I get the VFM feels very rarely and this place is VFM through and through. Another downside is the girls get a bit over-worked due to the popularity.

    2. SnM- Not one of the best outlets. Once in a while you find therapists who are not only good looking but are willing to go all the way. Its the best in the area...

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    Contact required.

    Hey bro,

    Please text me her number over PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeaKing  [View Original Post]
    Had her at Tushar's place a couple of days back. Looks same as in the pic. About 5 ft 6 in tall. DFK and BBBJ available. No nakhraas as such, would do as told. But a bit hurried service. It was OK for me though, as I was only looking for a quick release. Damages 3 K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyboy23  [View Original Post]
    The Indi Shalu which I am referring.

    Her pics are attached herewith for reference.
    Had seen her with a SP (Salman) couple of months back. Not sure where she is right now (not with Salman anymore).

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    Guess you gave me his contact too.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolLife  [View Original Post]
    Hey, I got few requests for sharing faridabad SP and I did that. I was expecting a some exp sharing. But so far its nill.

    Also, a few more requests are thr in my inbox. I will share number don't worry guys.

    I hav planned a visit this evening. So will share what is available.
    Ask away bro, will PM. Regards, Roman.

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    Sp t.


    Can someone PM me contact no of SP T of Malviya nagar and CIS one.

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    Is this Ayesha or Ashi? Digits ending 791?

    Hi bro,

    Is the girl whom you are referring to has digits ending in 791?

    If not, then do share Ayesha's digits. PM is active.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyboy23  [View Original Post]

    Thanks for the contact to Anupamguy and Mrahul84.

    Today was horny as not done for few days.

    This time I wanted to try some budget contact. Asked Mrahul84 and Anupamguy. Decided to go for Ayesha.

    Contacted 2-3 indies. In those she responded immediately. She was not having place so I had to arrange a hotel.

    She is from Darjeeling (NE)..

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    Adult friend finder.

    Has anyone tried any escort girl from Adult friend finder. Was thinking of trying some girls from that website. What are your views on it, is it a scam or has anyone had any genuine experience from that website.

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    Shalu is Shelly's cousin.

    True. Shalu is Shelly's cousin.

    May be she is not business.

    Quote Originally Posted by DennisThomas  [View Original Post]
    Shalu is Shelly's cousin.

    From what I understand from Seniors like Rahulji is she is no more in business.

    Not sure if she is back now.

    Seniors in Delhi may know.

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    I am waiting for a wow experience; I am trying to get a better North Indian Indi / CIS. Let's see when I get some new one.

    I think I have become very choosy now a days. So will keep finding some good F*ckable young babe as per my liking.

    Till then.


    Sky (Akash).

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    Travelling to Delhi looking for help.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm very new to all this and I'm travelling to Delhi in the beginning of June for 5 days. My direct message is active please send a few contacts of MPs Indies or SPs. Thank you.

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