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    I'm heading to Mussourie for 2-3 days. Does anyone has any contacts there?

    I'll reciprocate with whatever I have.

    Another thing, what if I ask an indie from Delhi to accompany me there. How much will that cost me?

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    As I'll be travelling to Delhi, can anyone share reasonable contacts.

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    Finally subscription taken

    Dear seniors,

    Have purchased the subscription today, finally.

    Please can someone share the BV list. Please please please.

    Also, some high end inde near south Delhi / Noida area.

    My PM is now active.

    I have been more of a MP person till this time, but would love to expand wings to SP's birds as well.

    Awaiting a kind soul to help.



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    Any pic of Miss P?

    Are there any pics posted of miss P on forum? Is she a MILF?

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHitman12  [View Original Post]
    There are lot of review about this spa. It is 2nd Floor in Souk Mall. Paid 1 k in counter and select Bond Girl (Miss P).

    After few minutes of massage, topic came about extra and asked for FS. She quoted 2. 5 k and final negotiate to 2 K.

    Her rimming is very good and fucked her anal.

    Only negative point I see her is fake moaning.

    WIR: Yes.

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    Problem of a different kind

    Banged one really hot looking NE in the spa. She is really beautiful about 8/10 and checks me everytime on how other girls do with their extra services. This is a ploy to check whether I share her details with fellow masseurs. Does not want others to know that she offers extras. I just kept quiet and she gave me the go ahead to home run her. Avoids lip contact, just basic kisses. Took her clothes off and wow what a beauty, trust you me easily 9/10 on spa standards. I was really hard and asked her for BJ, said no without condom. She got the condom on and blew me and what a blow, absolutely mind blowing. I am not a fan of covered BJ but this was really good. Didn't know such BJ can exist. I have not seen many chicks enjoy their BJ's as much as this one but she enjoys it and if she likes the guy it adds to her performance. Asked if I could fuck her and she gave the green signal. Banged her cowboy, mishy on the sofa with her legs on my shoulders, then standing doggie. I was really horny and started pounding her misshy again aggressively and she felt it was some machine fucking her. Asked her if it was a compliment or a taunt and she smiled and asked to keep it going. Really had a touch time to cum, fucked her for real 35-40 minutes with intense power after which she complained no more from next time as her pussy can't take so much of stress. She was sweating profusely. Gave her 2 k and left after the shower. Don't know if I will get another chance to drill her.

    Looks 9/10 , body. Amazing, WIR. Yes of course, hygiene - 9/10, breasts. Nice & round.

    Met another chick the following day from sikkim, NE girls call her NI because she is not from manipur or mizoram and NI girls call her NE as she have those looks.

    I have banged her a few times last year, asked her if I can do it again and she said 'sir aap to achche ho but mujhe aapka lund pasand nahin, aap bahut time lagate ho aane mein. Mujhe woh log zaada pasand hain jo jaldi aaye ya sirf chhune se hee aa jaayen. Itna time mujhe kissi ke saath nahin laga aaj tak'.

    'sir I like you but I don't like your johnny as it takes a lot of time to cum, I like those men who cum very fast merely by touching or a little bit of breast sucking'. Have never taken so much of time to cum, I think she took it on her ego. We both were laughing that such boys do exist who cum just by the touch of her hands and breasts.

    She said 5 minutes and I said 10 minutes, we settled on 7 min fuck time in our next encounter and see how it goes for future. What a pity she had her periods, her charges are a little high 2.5 k-3 k.

    Looks. Fair and nice, breasts. Earlier were big now a little small. Body. Small, overall - 7/10.

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    Did you finally try her?

    If you tired her, please share FR. Thinking of trying her.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickCun  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends!

    I have recently reactivated my membership with a wish to contribute more actively. I live abroad and come to Delhi every two months. This is my last day on this trip in Delhi and am planning to taste this bird in Chattarpur. They say they are a couple and willing to share wife for 3.5 k, open for threesome. Any reports will be good.

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    Missed the CIS Dish. Was it my Bad Luck or Good Luck don't know

    Johney was in mood to taste CIS dish first time, called few SP's & zero down one Mahipalpur SP having some charming birds, selected the beauty sitting on red chair. Quoted 6 K ST /16 K night, bargained & deal fixed at 13 K for night with hotel. He called me at known hotel And LK at 8 pm. Johney was in full mood. In evening got a call from my friend & shared my program with him, his previous bad experience with these SP's, night deal & girl left the room after 1 shot, made me double minded. I immediately called the SP & shared my concern. I offered him other option to pay 5 k before first shot to the girl in my room & 4 K after completion of each shot & he agreed. Reached at destination told by SP waiting for me in his car. The SP has reneged & asked me to give 5 K immediately before entering hotel, 3 K to Hotel reception & 3 K each before shot, total deal will be of 14 K. I suspected some foul play & just get down from his car & came back. Don't know, did right thing or wrong, but Johney still hungry to taste the CIS dish. Seniors can put some light on the whole episode & advice some reliable SP to feed my hungry friend.
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    SandM in Noida

    SandM is a No-go. Avoid. Good massage, but no extras on offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munirka  [View Original Post]
    Few of them I have seen with Munirka's SP.

    I am new to this forum but an experienced monger.

    I always like to bring the girl to my room in Munirka as there is lot of difference in doing at SP's place and in your own room.

    I never pay more than 1 k and for a night never paid more than 4 k. Except for the last girl in the pic for which I paid 2 k.

    I love to hate fuck them. When they scream it makes me cum so soon.

    Few of the birds I have been with.
    Correction, paid 2 k for the girl who is on the bed in the pic.

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    I'm so surprised that folks are here didn't get the joke. Nice one!

    Quote Originally Posted by AntiKlpd  [View Original Post]
    Abhk505 Abhk505 is offline.

    Senior Member.

    ROFLMAO- Blue Pearl / Omega it takes on makemytrip.

    Hey bro,

    On google ROFLMAO, it is taking to these 2 hotels on makemytrip- Hotel Blue Pearl and Omega Residency.

    Please shed some light.


    Reply- it is takemytrip not MakeMyTrip.

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    Girls are looking great

    Quote Originally Posted by RandyKK  [View Original Post]
    Got dozen photos from an SP on CL all look like WGs (not models as others have reported). Do they look real to the experienced eyes?
    I like the white dress girl. I also got this pic from a SP.

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    Query about clubs in New Delhi

    Hi guys,

    Just as there are clubs in GGn in Sahara mall where you can enjoy in daytime, are there any similar clubs in New Delhi area?


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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiKlpd  [View Original Post]
    Finally you got it.

    Am so relieved.

    Good job.

    I didn't get bro. I have solved George summers puzzle but this is more tricky.

    Please give me cheat to pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyundai2  [View Original Post]

    I know a housewife in Noida who is good and young, I also have a place in Noida if anyone interest may PM for details.


    My PM is active please share the details. Your inbox is full.

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    Bang on

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex7J  [View Original Post]
    Forget the Dirham mate these hot Morocco women are so high headed and think themselves to be divas that they can entice any brown ARAB with there naughty smile and amazing vocal skills but sex is not so much fun with them, its plain vanilla wham bham the time before is more passionate, desirable, clubs, shisha, coffee shops its GFE that is the thrill passion about it.

    I was talking to a fellow friend today while having lunch once you start fucking Russian, CIS, Philippine and EE women there quality of sex appetite and level of fucking is so high you don't get satisfied sexually from any other nationality and when I say no other I mean it.

    Trust me and Dubai has so much variety no where in the world you find so much pussy at so much ease but its fucking painful to the pocket when I see the prices you mention in Delhi forum but what can you do this is Dubai and we or myself are considered cheap in front of these Arab women.

    Cheers for keeping the Delhi forum alive and kicking.


    I fully agree with you on all these points Alex.

    But the persistent do find the gems everywhere, have read many of your wonderful reports in Dubai forums which affirm the same.

    Cheers mate.

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