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    Can anyone Help me with the info on this bird and any review would be appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderer0231  [View Original Post]
    Welcome buddy to the forum! I can talk about your question number 1 and 2.

    1) For acronyms please check the top of the page. It says abbreviations. You would find all of it over there.

    2) Well that's the beauty of the Delhi thread, there are some magnanimous souls here who selflessly help newbies. They don't require you to reciprocate before they share their contacts with you. However, there are some who do expect contacts in return. It's a subjective thing. You can start by taking help from seniors and work your way up. Do reciprocate to people who helped when you needed them. That's a way of expressing your gratitude towards them.

    Happy hunting!
    A big thank you to all the seniors, especially Wanderer, OldSnake, and RobinHood. I can now refer to the abbreviations!

    I've a few FRs. Very simple ones. I've contact details for only one SP VV. Rests, either I'd lost it or didn't take. I will post my first FR for the SP VV.

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    SP or girl contact.

    Hi mate,

    Could you please share the SP contact.

    My PM is active. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by DelhiHere  [View Original Post]
    Hmm. I used ISG through my Mobile that's why sometimes. It happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GumRah  [View Original Post]
    She is in trade. Damage 2 k.
    Is this the same babe with number ending 764.

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    Ggn latest

    Apart from MPs being on radar of LE owing to year end celebrations. Is there any reliable SP or indie brothers?

    Recently LE raided a guest house in sec39 full of good mongering options; that's closed now.

    Kindly PM if anyone has reliable and good options (not looking for low standard like sahara clubs). Thanks brothers.

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    Simmi Asking for Ref

    Contacted Simmi with number ending with 87. But she is asking for reference and his contact number. If anyone can send their reference, please share the details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny777  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone help with reference with Tushar SP? Ending digits 106.

    Willing to give my reference of another SP.

    Check pm. I've sent you the contact.

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    Tushar usually doesn't ask for any reference.

    Go ahead. Introduce yourself and ask for available birds.

    Make sure you ping him on the day when you are planning to pay a visit. (it goes with almost all the SP's).

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny777  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone help with reference with Tushar SP? Ending digits 106.

    Willing to give my reference of another SP.


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    First post!

    Hi everyone!

    Although I have been browsing this forum for a couple of months, plunged into buying the membership today to make a post.

    As selfish as it may seem, its my first post and an earnest request for contacts. Although I have nothing to share as of now, but promise to share any lead / contact / experience as soon as I gain one. Its a Promise!

    I am a fan of NE girls, had a NE girlfriend earlier. Any indie / MP NE girl's contact would be much appreciated.

    Although I have no forum post to establish my credibility / authenticity, I am sure fellow brothers will help gain a foothold.

    All I can commit is any help from any brother (special request to Rahulbhai for NE girls, BongEngineer for GGN and anyone else for NE girl) would be reciprocated in terms of FRs and generous contact sharing.

    Thanks in advance, and a Happy new Mongering Year 2018 in advance!


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    Tushar SP.


    Can anyone help with reference with Tushar SP? Ending digits 106.

    Willing to give my reference of another SP.


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    Helpful seniors.

    Thanks seniors for helping newbies like me especially Rahul Bhai and Karmaguy. Trying to get some chicks but no luck so far. May be because of Christmas and new year demand is very high. But right now no luck. Feeling low.

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    Inbox full.

    Trying to PM you. Your inbox is full.


    Quote Originally Posted by GetTonCr  [View Original Post]
    Had a small birdie she sings good to the bro.

    Perfect small to my liking no BBBJ but small enough tits to apply clearcil Noida is the place.

    Damage 3 k.

    Boobs: small as per my liking: 8/10.

    BBBJ: 0/10.

    CBJ: 2/10.

    Pussy: 7/10.

    Attitude: been there done that: 5/10.

    Worth: 2 k.

    Merry Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobeTroter69  [View Original Post]
    What's her username on SA? Because I remember most of them by their user names. After spending good 3 months on SA and meeting half of them I have a fairly good idea about the fakes / scammers and the genuine ones.
    She is not on SA but another similar site called Saphrina, goes by the screen-name Sonaaaa.

    On further digging about the limitations on the 'date', she said it will be another 12.5 k for sex only if she is in the mood at that time.

    I've let it pass for now.

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    Contact information of this bird.

    Dear fellow members!

    Will someone be kind enough to share the contact details of this attached bird, she has been mentioned earlier in one of the posts earlier.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Contact details of this Simmi.

    Quote Originally Posted by TypicalGuy  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried this Punjabi dish? I got contact from a friend outside ISG. Please comment if anyone has had her.

    Dear bro!

    I can understand that you must be receiving lots of request for the contact details of this Punjabi girl later known to be as another Simmi in the forum, but please treat me too in the queue to receive and taste this bird.

    It will be a quite a help if you be able to share her contact information along with reference and damages to be paid.

    Thanks again Buddy! My PM is active. I tried to PM you but your inbox is full kindly clear that too.


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