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    Delhi Trip: FR on SP T Bird

    Hello all,

    After the previous no FS disappointment, I contacted SP T. I referred Rahul bhai's name again. He asked me for time and type: I told him I wanted Incall and as early as possible. T sent me a couple of pictures of 2 girls who were available at that time. I chose the one in the green salwar kameez.

    I reached the location (MN) and called him. He guided me to the building. It is a safe building as mentioned by other mongers here. But the place is not much inviting for any activity. As I wanted only incall, I had no other option. The blue lady was in a very short top exposing her midriff and a short. The other lady in the pictures was also introduced. But I went ahead with whom I chose first.

    We went into the room and she asked me to take bath. She could not speak much English and so I had to communicate with her in my broken Hindi. We started the session with hug and light kisses. She was not allowing any DFK. She made me lie on the bed and started working on my naked body inch by inch. She aroused me so much and then she started giving me a nice BBBJ. I enjoyed it very much.

    I removed her dress and started playing with her boobs. It was nice and firm. Then I made her lie on the bed and started on miss and ended in miss. She looked 60 to 70% from her pictures. She has a small gap in the middle of her teeth. She said her name was Aarti or something like that.

    Face: 7/10 (if not for her teeth, I would have given her a high rating.).

    Boobs: 8/10 (beautiful boobs, though not so big).

    Body: 8/10 (normal figure).

    Pussy: 6/10 (was loose and did not do DATY).

    Overall: 7.5.

    Pros: Nice BBBJ, Knows how to work on the body.

    Cons: No DFK, No idea about DATY.

    Damages: 3 K for 1 time.

    WIR: No for girl, Yes for SP (but only outcall as the reviews are very good for outcalls for same SP).

    With these adventures, I boarded my flight to Bangalore as a happy man. I wish to visit Delhi as soon as it is possible for me.

    And thank you very much again for the kind souls who helped me out. I am very much a newbie when compared to you guys. I wish to repay the same to others in the future.
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    Delhi Trip: FR on Thai Rose

    Hello all,

    After my previous post asking for SP contacts for the photos and also messaging to a couple of kind mongers here, I got much needed help. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Mechie78, Rahul bhai, DelhiHere, and Samshah for helping me with the contacts of SPs and Indies.

    Tried to contact SP S for Disha, but there was no reply from him. Got the Thais Rose and Lilly and Zarina contacts and also of SP T of MN Rahul bhai has sent me. Since I wanted only in call, Zarina was out of option for me.

    So I talked to Rose and when I mentioned Rahul bhai's name, she took extra care of me. We agreed for 1 time for 3 K. But there was a language barrier and this proved vital in the end.

    She asked me to come to a bus stop in VK and sent her building pic from there. I could easily spot it and went inside. Once inside, she warmly welcomed me with cold water and then some hug. Then she asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted a massage first and then everything later. Then she asked me if I would like to have two girls. But I did not carry enough money for 3 some and I politely declined her telling that I only wanted her. Then she started the massage. It was good.

    After the massage was over, another lady (a MILF) came in to the room. When I asked about her to Rose, she told me that her friend is leaving tomorrow and she wanted to join. And that I will get the second lady for free. Then the second lady took over and started giving me an awesome BBBJ. I asked Rose to play with me at the same time. I started licking her boobs and press it. I was so high into the mood and I wanted Rose to give me a BJ and she obliged. Though not as awesome as the other lady, she started giving me a vigorous BBBJ and within no time, I finished in CIM.

    Since we finalized for only 1 time, there was no boom boom after that. I wanted FS but what I got in the end was BBBJ from 2 ladies (including Rose) and a CIM. The language barrier is the one to be blamed here. But I went out of the house as a happy man.

    Ratings (IMO):

    Face: 6/10.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Pussy: No rating.

    Some light French kiss, BBBJ.

    Overall: 7/10.

    Damages: 3 K for 1 hour.

    WIR: Maybe for FS (Delhi is abundant with more choices).

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    Dance bars Fetish

    I know it is a big scene in Mumbai and I have no idea what it is outside India.

    I went out there to experience different forms of kinks. I discovered a new kink that I Like women dancing to Spicy Bollywood Item Numbers. Ofcourse, Everyone here love the private dance that will be offered to you. But here I like the Bar theme where such gathering are very common.

    I went to Moti Nagar, Half Girlfriend in New Delhi. It was heaven!! Big brothers who want to join for fun and can help me mutually can PM me.

    Peace Out.

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    Seems Delhi has changed

    Once again a big shout to old mates (since I feel unheard).

    Visiting Delhi on 7th Nov for a single day. Will be busy till 5-6 PM. Got the evening in hand and want to try a 2 shot program with a NI MILF. Ideally Kanak would have been my choice and would have loved to try her. But visiting her place will be difficult due to certain personal compulsions and time constraint. So, would love to try someone with real big bazookas, fair complexion and nice BBJ skills (I know she won't match our very lovely Kanak, but at least 70-80% to her skills will be great) in my OYO. She should provide real GFE to this tall and huge built man with a huge boner and libido. A non-bong is preferred. Really keen to suck pinkish nipples on two flour balls in a typical North Indian frame with curves.

    Budget 4-6 K.

    Any recommendations? Please PM.

    Waiting for bros like MRahul84 (the King), BongEnginner (my Delhi based male version of Florence Nightangle, who has helped numerous times in the past), Sindbaad, Shamshah, etc to react and help, as they had done in the past.

    I am reposting my message since I feel unheard.

    Or, do I have to believe that Delhi has changed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevSagar  [View Original Post]

    Same babe that I met around 1. 5 month ago and I referred to her only. As per my last reply to a fellow.

    100% agree with Django. Apart from GFE, nothing and seriously nothing much to write about.

    Highly photo shopped pics and this pic is 3 year old.

    She's not new, a Pro and been around a long time- been there and done that shit.

    Rest everyone's wallet and choice.

    I came to know her 2 years ago, she was on peak that time and she was into business way before than that. My guess it's been more than 5 years since she came in business and my dear ISGian saying she is non pro and new. Dev Bhai you told her, her husband will identify easily she is overused but I have doubt if our experienced monger can't then. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmav2020  [View Original Post]
    Hi can anyone suggest a friendly OYO or Stay uncle hotel / guest house in South Delhi? Can travel to Noida also. Between OYO and Stay Uncle which one is better option.
    From my experience, going for a branded hotel, always avoided lot of oogling issues, plus the ladies were more relaxed. Many of the WG don't seem to have a problem providing ID as well. I won't recommend anything OYO or stay uncle in Noida. It's still in stone age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ap2609  [View Original Post]
    The girl in the attached pic seems to be too good to be true. Claims to be working in a hospital. Charges 10 k for a shot. A girl this pretty looking, I am a little hesitant to make a plan with her since it doesn't look genuine. Anyone tried her yet?
    She is genuine but don't spoil rate. She is available 10 k 2 shots.

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    OYO or Stay Uncle?

    Hi can anyone suggest a friendly OYO or Stay uncle hotel / guest house in South Delhi? Can travel to Noida also. Between OYO and Stay Uncle which one is better option.

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    Who is the real SP T? MN or Green P

    Hi can someone advise if there is one SP T or two. I have two numbers, one ending 106 and the other ending 965. Who should I connect with? Any reccomendation?

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    Yes several times and as recently as last week. Her girls are ok. Not too bad but not too great either. Charges 2. 5 to 3 k per shot. Ok place with no time constraint. Enjoy.

    Quote Originally Posted by ExplorerBoy  [View Original Post]
    Has anybody tried any bird from SP Rashi from Noida with digits ending 883, share reviews please and any recommended bird from her. Planning this week. PM is active.

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    Tried this classic fruit spa in the DLF market in Alexanderpur. This was my 3rd visit and I've met two bong chicks there. One "sweet" in bong and other named "prayer". What they lack in looks they make up in service and enthusiasm. Good place for a quick release. Cover charges are 0. 5 K and 1. 5 K for service. I could probably get away with 1. 2 K as well but I'm not getting richer by pinching 300 bucks from a girl who tries hard to please me.

    Looks: 6/10.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Pussy: 6/10 (Lose).

    Attitude: 8/10.

    Overall: 7/10.

    Good VFM spa for a quick release as long as you’re willing to forego DFK and BBBJ. There at least 6 other spas in the market which I haven't tried yet.

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    Lovely Zareena!

    Thanks to Rahul bhai, BombayBoyz, MainDoc and Kenobi28 for helping me out during my recent trip to Delhi!

    I had only 2 days stay and thanks to fellow mongers, I had more than enough options of Indies or SPs to chose from. However given the time constraints, could meet only 2 Indies and here is the quick review of one of them.

    Fixed up the deed for one afternoon and she arrived little late at my hotel. Looks wise she is bit thinner than her pictures. She was hungry so ordered room service for her. She went to bathroom to wash and came out with only lingerie. Started the deed with light kissing. She is ok not much into DFK. Removed her bra & started sucking nipples which she liked. She has medium sized boobs. Went down on her for DATY and pussy was clean and shaven. I liked licking her and continued for 10-15 min while squeezing her boobs / nipples. She started enjoying & moaning and had her orgasm soon. She was quite happy & complemented me on my licking skills. She started kissing my nipples and went down on Johny. Gave me decent BBBJ till I was ready to fuck.

    Started the deed in doggy position while squeezing her boobs. After sometime asked her to ride me in cowgal while playing with her nipples. Soon I started pumping her from below and had my first shot. Rested and shared the food while I enjoyed my red wine. She chitchatted little bit about her job and family. After sometime started with kissing her again. Soon moved to her nipples and then pussy. Started licking her again and she started moaning with eyes closed & pulling my hair. She couldn't last long and had her 2nd orgasm soon. This was exciting as its first time for me having 2 Indie who enjoyed 2 back to back orgasms. Again she moved to Johny and started sucking. Asked her to suck balls which she did gladly. She asked me to turn on my tummy and sat on my back. She started doing massage on my shoulders and back which was surprising and enjoyable as she is not massage girl. After sometime Johny got excited. I wore condom and this time took her in missionary. She started licking my nipples while I was pounding her. After some time, I couldn't hold back and released in her pussy.

    She left with keen interest to meet me for full night next time. Till my next visit to Delhi.

    Looks - 8/10.

    Boobs - 6/10 (I like bigger).

    DFK - 5/10.

    BBBJ - 7/10.

    Pussy - 9/10.

    GFE - 8/10.

    Damages - 5 K 2 Shots + 500 for Cab.

    WIR. Yes.

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    Brand butter chiken

    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]

    Bro she famous only name.

    Butter chicken.

    I know she pure veg.

    What can I do.

    I just named what came in my mind.

    Me like this.

    Enjoy mongering.
    Actually this naming has done wonder for her, it has created a brand of her, further she herself has lived to the expectation, its a case study for correct naming of product for its mass marketing.

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    Hey bro,

    Looked like great time you had with such toned and well shaped body. That too for free.

    Thanks for sharing pics and direction to look for such opportunities when you travel to US. Any more tips for identifying and catching such chicks?

    Cheers and enjoy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anskaush  [View Original Post]
    May be irrelevant to you all but SA rocks here.

    Took this cute college ga for lunch and fucked her for free. It was like heaven.

    Saw her second time so she was all excited with makeup and all, pics for your viewing pleasure.

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    SP Sid Contact?

    Hi guys,

    I am in Delhi for some days. Can someone please share the number of SP Sid with me?

    Thanks in Advance!

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