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    A question

    Saw a lot of couple profiles in Noida on fb. Some interesting like KashishR, LavanyaL, vivaanS.

    If anyone has tried, please share reviews and who is best.


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    Patel Nagar spa


    Recently walked into a Patel Nagar spa near metro. 4-5 therapist available, all Ni cheap stuff.

    Counter- .8 k.

    FS - 2 k plus. 1 k for C.

    OKish experience, won't repeat.

    If anyone wants contact, please message and will share.

    Have fun, stay safe.

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    Miss are at Laxmi nagar

    Had Ritu today multiple FR already reported on her, she is sweet Punjabi lady and good to talk and no tantrum in act so started from lot of kissing not so much deep but she is good in it, sucked those bazookas and pressed hard and she moans good as well with every attempt made on her boobs, proceeded with BBBJ but not so deep I insist her to go deep several time but it was usual and after couple of minutes of BJ moved to her v which I felt bit loose, pounded in missionary and then in doggy by holding her boobs at which she literally screamed and finished in same, I would say she is must have for the ones who are in to milfs, and she is SP as well as she was offering a girl, she was too chubby and cute lookwise but didn't went for her.

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    FR on Sanam

    Quote Originally Posted by JkPunch  [View Original Post]
    A known SP is offering me this bird for 2. 5 k / shot.

    He has already confirmed that lady is slightly older than pics.

    Does anybody has any idea?


    So finally I met her on Saturday at my place.

    She walked in with absolute confidence and was GFE from the moment she met me at Metro.

    She enjoys sex as she said instead of sob stories, wanted me to enjoy and asked for feedbacks on how to do it better.

    Doesn't smoke or drink. Was into act absolutely.

    Has some friends too who her into business with her.


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    South ex

    Went to South Ex, spa next to Macd. On 2nd floor. Hidden and names starts with Tr. Famous chain of the GGn spa.

    Tried Burmese girl. Memx.

    Short height, avg boobs.

    Full sexy girl and wants only from back. Can go on and on. You need to be stronger. Another ***** like the other girl Ayesha in ggn malls.

    Only for hard fuckers. Bang bang bang.

    The receptionist is also available in case you want to try another one.

    Charges. 1 k entry, 2.5 FS.

    Bored with GGn hence ventured to Delhi.

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    Subscription activation

    Hello friends,

    I am reading this forum for a long time. Now I want to do some action from trusted sources. But subscription is not activating for sending and receiving messages from senior members. How can this forum help me to get my dream girls.

    Please guide me what to do now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PussyPanda  [View Original Post]
    Guys, I am in Hong Kong till weekend. Appreciate some good contacts or pointers to pick up scene.

    Please don't suggest 141 or smooci. Expectations are bit better than these.
    Try Escape bar on Lockhart Road, Colombian and Filipinos, girls will insist on you buying a drink for them.

    A lot of action in and around that area. Strip Clubs in Wanchai are traps, tread carefully.

    Try LKF area, its not for WG's, but if you have a good eye for one, you can spot them.

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    Depends on the girl. I had been seeing a single MP girl for last 6 months and am quite happy with her service. I monger once or twice a month. And I have noticed that it is tough to find a girl who is eager to please the customer. They are always in hurry. I guess due to high demand in Delhi. So I suggest the opposite.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDude14  [View Original Post]
    So after all this mongering I have come to 3 rules for myself.

    1. The first time you meet a girl and you like her service too much. Don't repeat. Cause repeat service is not as good as original.

    Mrahul will know what I am talking about.

    2. Even if you repeat. Just repeat once. So that's my 2 day or night or time rule.

    Would love to hear opinion on these.

    P.S. Posting while next to a beautiful Thai who gave a shitty repeat. A girl whom I praised a lot in my previous reports.

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    Tried Mahi and she was good

    Tried Mahi on suggestion Bu Rahul bhai. A big thanks to him. She was good.

    Called me to MP in Noida. Room was good. On entering gave me a kiss and I took shower. She took out top and skirt. Make her suck cock for long and then little message. And the fucked her in all positions.

    Over all a nice experience.

    Rating 9/10.

    Damages 2.5 k.

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    Tried SPT-Seema today at his den. SP is a true gentleman. Girl is full on GFE experience. Very cute and very sweet. Had a good time. Following was on menu.


    B2B(kind of).


    GFE (with loads os lip kisses).

    She is must try.

    Thanks to king of good times Rahul bhai for pointers.


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    Review required

    SP T has shared the profile to this girl (Pic att) he quotes 20 K for it.

    If anyone has tried her, kindly enlighten.

    Looks really young and inexperienced if you ask me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1b80fb9c-7e5c-4c15-aa92-7e0463fe8987.jpg‎   34bcf9e5-840f-46d5-bef4-376cafe8c3de.jpg‎   49aa9fab-d72b-4acb-9937-877fa765d56e.jpg‎   84d61a30-347e-4acc-97fe-be3438009b12.jpg‎  

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    Thai food in Gurgoan.


    Happened to be visiting Delhi and Gurgoan. And had planned many adventures in advanced but all of them failed. With limited time on hand I called up one Thai whom I had meet last year. Luckily she was in same place and had free day.

    Reached her place and she ordered beer for us. Mean while she was hugging me like a long lost lover. Shebmuat be 42 but her body was like 30. Awesome skin and hair.

    She undressed me and pushed me on bed. Started to give me a nice boob massage. Then she gave a long blow job with lot of variations. Then I statedbsucking her boob's and loved to kiss her body which made her horny. She could not control and out the rubber and started riding me.

    It was the longest ride for me. Like 30 min or so. She was full of energy and she was riding like a women on heat. I enjoyed every bit of it. And the. I felt as if I was getting cramps in my tummy. LOL. She kept on riding till she fell on my chest. We both were tired. So had a good nap for 20 min. After nap I was still on so while she was sleeping I was kissing her body. She woke up put some oil on the condom and I took her in doggy. Wow. It was great session with nice with ass an she was all shouting while I was ramming her. She was really enjoying it and I finally came. She then kept slapping me saying that I was hard fucker. Then had few more sip of drink. Relaxed. Music was full on. And we had a bit dance. Beer. And second round. It was nice 4 hours spent at her place.

    Will surely try her again. She has some friends too.

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    Help required. Gurgaon

    Dear all,

    Am Visiting Gurgaon tonight.

    Can anyone please share contacts around Gurgaon with place?

    Interested in MILFs and slightly chubby.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anjali FR

    I checked into a hotel in Paharganj area. Guys, never ever, never, never book any damn hotel in Paharganj area for mongering, no matter how posh it looks. I was hesitant but due to some work at NDLS I had to book a hotel there. It did state on the booking site that it's couple friendly and allows local ID, both of which later turned out to be false. Also, lots of LE activity around the area, possibly due to a suicide recently in one of the hotels.

    After coming into the room and smoking up (In the damn bathroom; Non fucking smoking rooms) I messaged SP T. Got the profile of the usual suspects, and the game was on. I called for Anjali (Pics Att for those who don't already know her).

    SP confirmed that she would be arriving between 2030-2100 hrs and that I had to pay the amount (10 K + 1 K taxi) to the driver. I already knew about this modus operandi of his so I agreed. At around 2025 the Driver called me and asked for my location, I Whatsapp'd him. Now, the wait. They arrived at 2100 hrs. I sat in the taxi, paid the driver the amount and took Anjali by the hand and started walking.

    Now the shit starts to happen. We entered my hotel and immediately the receptionist asked for her ID. She gave her ID but it was local, the fucking idiot receptionist said in a slightly raised / disgusted voice, "Sir, local ID is not allowed, that's our hotel policy" (I, deep down in my heart, already knew that such kind of a situation might come and I was ready) I told him, "This is the only ID my guest has, will you please accommodate" but he did not budge and I checked out from there, which in itself was shaping up to be a horrendous process, but that's a story for another day. In hind sight checking out of that shit hotel was the best decision of the night as neither me nor Anjali would have been comfortable in that non fucking smoking room.

    Anyway, so Anjali herself called up SP T and told him about the situation. In no time, the taxi and its driver were back and we were checking into a new hotel. The professionalism shown by them guys is nothing short of praiseworthy. I mean, she waited for me outside the hotel while I packed my luggage to check out. She called the cab driver (Henceforth being referred to as Agent 001) and both of them waited for me to come out. Had it been any other SP I am sure the bird would have flown away. Why would anyone wait after getting their whole amount paid in cash? Professionalism, that's why. Also, 001 never asked, not even mentioned about money while taking me and A to the other location, he simply drove (Like a maniac BTW! After reaching I paid him 1 K more just because I loved his behaviour throughout the ride. It was well deserved.

    So around 1030 pm we reached the hotel suggested by SP (I am sure all you seniors already know which hotel and where) checked in without any hassles and pretty soon we were in comfy shorts with beers and joints and food on the way from Swiggy.


    Age. She says 27. ID Confirms. I still have my doubts. I feel, and mostly by her talks, that she's over 30.

    Face - 10/10 (She looked absolutely stunning. Smokey makeup, eyelash extensions, a sexy nose ring, straight long hair tied in a pony. Beautiful).

    Body - 07/10 (Beer belly).

    Boobs - 08/10 (Medium sized, soft, large nipples. She loves getting her nipples teased and sucked).

    Pussy - 08/10 (Clean shaved, no smell, neutral taste, on the tighter side).

    DATY - 10/10 (I licked it, pinched it, fingered it, rubbed it. She came on my face. Not much of a squirter tho).

    Ass - 07/10 (Nothing to write home about, small, proportionate. No anal).

    BBBJ - 10/10 (She looked like a pornstar and she did it like a pornstar. Sunny Leone she says' she learnt it from LOL. Not much Deep-throat though, actually she was trying but it got toothy so I stopped her. No CIM / COF).

    DFK - 10/10 (Tongue, lips, biting, sucking. I have explored every inch of her mouth with my tongue. No holds barred).

    Attitude - 09/10 (She was freaking awesome till the first three beers, after the fourth one, oh mah gawd did she start being all emotional and melodramatic. A hint of bitchiness lingered in the room every now and then).

    The sex was good. She was actually into it, and climaxed twice. All the usual positions. Light weight so can be lifted and shifted accordingly very easily. One thing she loved was when I rubbed her clit with my dick, she was really into that, so much so that she let me do her without any covers. Nothing like bare back fucking I tell you.

    For the first shot she was kinda hurrying me up. I told her to relax, we can do it aaram se, but she was like, no let's do once first and then we can continue with all the smoking and drinking. At first it was kind of a buzz kill but once the act started, it more than made up for this. Once in the act, she never once said to cum early, no nakhras at all whatsoever. Her only demand was to not cum on her or in her. The second and Third were initiated by me.

    My best experience with her will most definitely be the mean BBBJ, the way she looks in your eyes while licking your shaft, it was a good experience).


    She drinks a lot, I mean a lot lot! Six beers she had in the whole night, six whole beers (Took a seventh bottle with her) and meanwhile the joints continued to get rolled up and smoked. Actually the problem is not her drinking, its how she becomes after getting drunk, a total emotional slob. Bitching about this, talking shit about that, complete nonsense. Also, she started becoming agitated very quickly, hurling abuses to all the people who have done wrong by her.

    A special mention to the Hotel. The room was a normal OYO room type room, nothing to write home about but the room service was simply put, mind blowing. They knew what was up, no judgmental eyes, no awkward stares. Through out the night the service was prompt and never once did anyone so much as gazed inside the room. Prompt check. In and out. 2.5 K. 09/10 (-1 because the exhaust fan in the bathroom made horrendous noises).

    Now for the last part.

    Damages - 11 k for the package + 2.5 k for the room + 1. 5 K in beer (Hotel charge 250 per bottle) + .5 K Food + .2 K Ciggs Total - 15,700 + 4021 (The cost of my foolishness to book in P'ganj and the extra taxi ride) = 19,721.


    VFM. Well, if you remove the idiocy charges of mine, then of course.

    Experience - 10/10 (It was an amazing experience. The only thing that put me off in the slightest was her drinking obnoxiously, but nothing major to deduct any score from the overall).

    WIR. SP - Hell yes. Bird. Absolutely, but not for night (I for the love of me can't bear drunkards and their shit nonsensical talks!

    So now, I have checked into another hotel in Aerocity. I just spoke with SP Sid and he sent me around 40 pics, I swear to god, all of them looked very bad (Both Russian and Indian) so I am about to message SP T again. Let's see what adventures are in store for me tonight: the.

    Stay tuned guys.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1d1635f9-f932-4ad6-a57d-2eb2aa56664e.jpg‎   1086308d-cfda-4f64-b37c-8cc443f40658.jpg‎   cfe5aa5c-ed9c-4008-a208-ffbbe318ee68.jpg‎  

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    Delhi Punjabhi Bhag SMiling Message

    Dear guys,

    Been to Smiling Massage in Punjabi Bhag in Delhi.

    The Place is very neat and tidy and, I never came across such hygiene spa in and around Delhi.

    The place has Jacuzzi which is surprising for me and I am fond of Jacuzzi.

    Entered the Spa and two nice receptionists welcomed and greeted with a smile.

    Asked for my requirement and in return asked for Menu.

    Taken Full Service with Jacuzzi.

    I was offered a selection of therapists and taken a therapist by name Ms Mi.

    Good and cool and cooperative.

    Session started with warm roll over and slowly gets to the point.

    Pops up for a job and full body service.

    Then we both got into Jacuzazi for a full wash and second round of push ups.

    Ended happily and said will return.


    Front desk 2.5 K and for special service 1 K.

    Overall rating is 7/10.

    Good luck guys.

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