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Thread: New Delhi

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoolSandy  [View Original Post]
    Got this contact from MR. Her name is Priya. Asking price 5 k per session (I assume its 5 k / shot). Did any brother take her services? Pics attached below.


    Don't go for this one. I got similar advice from other folks on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoolSandy  [View Original Post]
    Got this contact from MR. Her name is Priya. Asking price 5 k per session (I assume its 5 k / shot). Did any brother take her services? Pics attached below.


    Does she come with her own place bro?

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    Dear bro,

    Nothing great to write.

    Earlier they used to bombard messages on Loc most of the times and that time services were even better (not nice just better) when compared with today.

    It's just regular vanilla stuff now-a -days.

    In my opinion it's better to avoid.


    Quote Originally Posted by KoolSandy  [View Original Post]
    Got this contact from MR. Her name is Priya. Asking price 5 k per session (I assume its 5 k / shot). Did any brother take her services? Pics attached below.



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    Escort to get laid in Delhi

    Hi everyone,

    I'm coming to Delhi in Jan. I will stay there for 4-5 months. I want to try different different escorts every month. Could anyone of you please give contacts of any escorts or pimps.

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    Is she butterfly?

    I don't have SA, but I know someone, who's from Kerala and really weird. If you can share her pics, I can share my feedback too!

    Quote Originally Posted by DevSagar  [View Original Post]
    Sorry, man I do not agree. I met this girl in Jan. 2019 through SA only. Yes, from Kerala and Big no, her pussy is not tight at all. I was new on SA at that point of time; so she was a good bargain. Even now she pings me sometimes. 7 k or 8 k I had given her but I am not all keen for her now. Yes, provides everything except anal. But I have a different view on her pussy which is over used.

    Not my types.

    Have fun.

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    Couple spa in Gurgaon

    Hi guys,

    Can anybody suggest any couple spa in Gurgaon with reasonable price and good hygiene.

    Place which can be visited with wife.

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    Request for help (SP and indie contacts)

    Hi all,

    Requesting a bit of help with contacts of indies or reliable SPs near aerocity. I am here today, looking to arrange something for tonight. I have read that this forum is very helpful, so please do help a newbie.

    Thank you.

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    Lily don't be silly

    Big Hello, to all brothers.

    Was more into CIS-only before I took a financial hit in mid 2017.

    Then started venturing into Thai's cause found them more value for money and better service oriented.

    Had went with a dozen of Thais before finally finding heaven with couple of Thai MILFs. Was regular weekly visitor with Mona & rose before they flew back during lockdown.

    Have been hunting NE chicas too wherever & whenever I get chance in spa. Personally I find them better in service, hygiene, conversation & attitude than our NI gals.

    I started hunting again around June'21, after gap of say almost 16 months.

    One gem I unearthed about 2 weeks back was Lily in Mimi's den.

    My regular Julie was not available that day, Mimi highly recommended this chick.

    Now I have done Julie at least dozen times in last 5 months and her service in simply impeccable.

    Not a looker I find her 7/10 but rest everything from rimming to BBBJ to attitude to hygiene to infinity, everything is not less than 9/10.

    Ratings are my personal opinion, others might and can differ from my opinion.

    Recommended chick was Lily.

    Face 8.5/10 was good, she must be in her early twenties.

    Boobs 7.5/10 medium sized perky pear shaped, I like them big and round.

    Skin 10/10 was as smooth as it can be.

    Ass 10/10 was to die for when I viewed it while banging her doggy style, doesn't do anal but she let me insert my finger while banging her.

    DFK 9/10 was not allowed initially and I didn't push for it, but later when she was on heat, she herself initiated it and even gave couple of lovebites on chest which were hard to hide from my gal.

    Pussy 9/10 was smoooooooth freshly grazed, smelled nice, I couldn't hold myself from DATY. She held my head tight when she was coming for good 2 minutes.

    Attitude 9/10 initial was slow and shy but then she was tigress and I could remember good old rose days.

    BBBJ 8/10 tongue work was missing otherwise ok.

    Happy safe mongering brothers.


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    Contact Details

    Quote Originally Posted by RurockStud  [View Original Post]
    Today, I am going to narrate my most loved experience ever with an irresistible women.

    Met her last year first through SP Rohit at Tilak Nagar.

    Had her two times there and my experiences were great as I really liked her face and mammoth boobs.

    Will highlight one of my better experiences with her though I had her many times again.

    Most of staff looked most average and was about to leave and then SP's guy showed me this first rate stuff and couldn't refuse the offering.

    She was dressed in salwar kameez with minimal makeup.

    Firstly, She told me to clean myself before the deed.

    Initiated with longish DFK, one of my best kisses ever. She is completely into it and we deeply kissed each other for a while.

    Couldn't get an idea of her body in a salwar kameez.

    So when she undressed, man couldn't stop looking at her mouth watering tits.

    Not at all saggy for a mother, she made me suck her tits for longish time.

    Couldn't imagine how much time I sucked on them. Couldn't hold myself and Titfucked her gigantic melons with my dick which disappeared in her heavenly globes.

    Slowly moved down and started licking her, that made her really horny and she proceeded to suck my dick.

    Had awesome cock sucking skills and licked every ounce of my body to make me hard.

    Now I couldn't stop any more and inserted my dick into her hairy pussy and fucked her first in missionary position and changed sides and fucked her later in doggy style and finally came after some rigorous fucking which left both of us drained.

    We changed numbers.

    She contacted me couple of times to intimate me that she has started working independently and later revealed that she has joined as a therapist in a Spa.

    Met her umpteen times again.

    But first experience was always the best as it completely exceeded my expectations.

    Report Card:

    Face: 9/10 (Beautiful cute face).

    Boobs: 10/10 (Milky white boobs with pink nips).

    Body: 7/10 (Plumpish on waist and ass).

    DFK: 10/10 (Can't get better than this).

    Initiative:10/10 (Completely into customer satisfaction).

    BBBJ: 8/10.

    Titfuck: 9/10 (Massive tits made for Titfuck).

    COB: Didn't try though experienced later with her.

    CIM: NA.

    Anal: NA.

    DATY: 10/10.

    Pussy: 8/10 (Not loose nor tight but smells good).

    Sex: 9/10.

    Overall: 9/10 (Weighted average score).

    WIR: Most definitely.

    Damages: 2 K / shot.
    Hi Everyone.

    I am from the Pune forum. Will be visiting Delhi next week. This food caught my eye and have asked a couple of seniors here if they have her details but haven't had any luck so far. Has anyone else tried her and if yes, could please share her contact details?


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    Red Fox Hotel Sec-60 Gurgaon

    Has anyone tried the Red Fox hotel in sector-60 Gurgaon?

    If yes, do they need both ID's or will one ID do. Are there any other suggestion in Gurgaon? Don't want to go for any OYO. They are just shit.


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    Meena Thai

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks to Stoner08 for providing the contact of Meena Thai sec28 Gurgaon.

    Called her, fixed the deed.

    Report card:

    Body: 8.

    Attitude: 9.

    HJ: 9.

    BJ: 8.

    Post deed cleanup and bath: 9.

    Massage: 8.

    She is a good girl and I enjoyed my time with her, she is not a time watcher.

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    Nisha Thai

    Hi all thanks to Rahul for this contact. Nisha was pretty responsive and had communications. She was able to meet within an hour. She wouldn't budge from 4 k for 1 shot. I said fine and she sent me location in Gurgaon. Based off reviews I wasn't expecting much but she was alright. Nice girl, looks are average. Room is fine she plays music and has colorful lights. Good at DFK and massage. BBBJ was avg and she didn't spend much time before putting on condom and hoping on top. Did two positions before I popped and she gave me a little massage before I left. I may not repeat as she's far from me and I want to try others but she is reliable which is big.

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    Indie Priya from MR

    Got this contact from MR. Her name is Priya. Asking price 5 k per session (I assume its 5 k / shot). Did any brother take her services? Pics attached below.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20211107-WA0000.jpg‎   IMG-20211107-WA0001.jpg‎  

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    Royal Palm gzb

    Read many times about RPR on this forum so gave it a try yesterday. Went there and all staff are changed. Sophia, Candy, Amy all are gone.

    Now 1 thai (mimi) and 3 NEs (Christine, Sweety and Buny) are available with 2 NIs (both waste). Good thing they show you the staff beforehand. Mimi is old aunty. Between Chirstine and Buny, Buny was looking better. Though the manager suggested me Christine.

    Buny, if described in a word, is SCAM.

    She started with massage which she doesn't know. After 15 min of oil rubbing, popped the question. I asked her what's her specialty. She replied BBBJ. 3 k for BBBJ, seriously?

    After negotiation, deal was done at 2. 5 k for b2 b with BBBJ. As soon she removed her padded bra, gosh, it was all fake. She has small tits and that's saggy too.

    That moment I got to know that my money has gone in drain. The only thing worth appreciating in her is her confidence. She claimed herself to be model (I doubt) so she is demanding 8 k for FS. She does outcall for 10 k. I somehow competed her services, B2 B was below my expectations. BBBJ was good. In the end, she gave me her number expecting an outcall with me. Truecaller shows her name as Shrabani (that's where name Buny came from).



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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryLover  [View Original Post]
    I first want to thank Rajton bro. He is an excellent person and a guide to a newbie like me. I also thank BruceWayne7 and SunnyK.

    I am new in the mongering world and yet to try a bird. Want a good experience for the first time and therefore request all the kind souls here to help with NE / NI inde having her own place. Please be assured, I will definitely post the FR.

    Have you tried any till now.

    Saloni is back in business if you want MILF vfm, let me know, will share her new contact.

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