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    Quote Originally Posted by RickVermunt  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    Has anyone tried the bird below available with SP Sid. Hes asking 10 k per shot without place and 12 k with place. Please advice seniors. Thanks heaps.
    Old bird man, 7 k max without place.

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    What's her name and mind sharing digits? TIA.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikram14  [View Original Post]
    Met the 24 years old young afro in GNoida.

    About 35 Km from Noida City center metro station.

    She stays with group of other afros. In far alone place.

    Lots of cuddling. Foreplay and nice. Kisses. She git nice. Good looking body. Right curve at right place.

    She gave good BBJ for 30 min. I was in haven. Then I sucked her mangoes till my heart. For 20-30 min, here comes the another round of heavenly bjs. Ans after one hour of cuddling and sucking. Fuck her for next. 20 min..

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    SP Sid digits.

    Last post spiked the Johnny. Waiting for a good soul to share his digits. PM is open.

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    Hi Sahil bro, please can you share details of Mrs are and her friend S.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaahilKad  [View Original Post]
    WAs in mood for rimming but Ms. K didn't answer. Then got a PM from a bro who told about Ms. Are in spa who he said was comparable or even better to Ms. K in service & attitude.

    Went ahead & spoke to her in the room regarding my expectations which were rimming, sloppy BBBJ, wet deepest DFK & CIM which she agreed to. Enquired about a dbl session, She called a girl who she said will do BBBJ only & she will do that only in front of her. If I want rest I have to wait for her friend S & pay exactly dbl with 2 shots if I can / want. She said she will do 1/4 bi as well I. E. Sucking boobs & DFK with S.

    So both of them came, I asked them to start with DFK, tits sucking which they readily did. Then both gave me a cat bath at same time, starting with toes. Then both started giving BBBJ, rimming, licking dick at same time with both kissing each other at the tip of the dick. Asked them to give as sloppy BJ as possible which they happily complied. Came in are's mouth which she spat out. Rested while they had cigg. Break. Second session was same like the first one but this time came in S's mouth..
    Hi bro,

    Please can you share contact details. Tried PM but didn't get through. Will reciprocate with a good Thai therapist with excellent riding skills.

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    Just candid Info. Duly appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by KoolTemp  [View Original Post]
    Bro, SP T Malviya Ngr is famous for Indians and sometimes NE Indians.....has a place for Incall in Malviya Ngr for..heard from fellow mongers that its good and safe.

    Now comes to SP T mpalpur, he is famous for CIS / Russians ....operates from a Hotel in Mpalpur. ...Mpalpur is a famous mongering destination, almost all the hotels are guest friendly... a few days ago his driver bought some 2-3 extra food .... has given me his direct number and told me that next time make you better food available at better rates than T ushar but I avoided him as Tushar is trustworthy and in Business for a long time and mostly had positive reviews. You don't mind paying 1-2 k extra if your safety is concerned.
    Valid info dude. Thanks and duly appreciated.

    And you opinion on the Driver of T Ushar. Is more sensible & commendable ultimately, in this line. Our safety takes the utmost priority which has to be noted. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vksingh  [View Original Post]
    Request senior members to share digits for SP Sid or any reliable SP serving Russian food.
    Your PM is not active.

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    SP Sid digits

    Can some kind bro share digits of SP Sid? Since RajDesai asked not to flood his inbox, respecting his wishes and turning to the open forum instead.

    Have a long wish to bang a blonde / firang. In Delhi coming weekend.

    Thanks in advance.


    Quote Originally Posted by RajDesai69  [View Original Post]
    Retirement run. Tried all these from SP Sid. Too many to enlist. Most of them were good. Take chocolates for them and they'll be nice. Make them cum first and they'll be nicer. Don't be a stinky indian. Shower and wear perfume and you'll have a good time. 10 k a pop. Don't flood my inbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavinch  [View Original Post]
    She says that she lives in South Delhi but its a very shabby place in K. I suggest not to get her service because I have noted she takes drugs. Service wise she might be good but her figure is not that attractive. In case you still want to go for her she is not worth more then 2 K.
    Seems to be half of Delhi had her.

    If she has 2-3 pops per day average and makes 6 K per day.

    They are making around 24 L per month easily.

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    Anyone tried this bird available with SP Sid.

    Hey guys,

    Has anyone tried the bird below available with SP Sid. Hes asking 10 k per shot without place and 12 k with place. Please advice seniors. Thanks heaps.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20181210-WA0030.jpg‎  

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    Visiting Delhi. Please give me your 2 cents.

    I have not been in Delhi for a while.

    I am planning to be in Delhi for around 10 days, I will have just 4 days to monger.

    1) When I was in NCR, I used to monger in Gurgaon, so will be going there. Mostly in the bazaar named after the place where all the Cathay flights go.

    2) I want to try Turkish massage. I am thinking of going to a place in Dhoni nick name -pal-pur. Name of MP is "small droplets of water suspended in air". Never been here before. Please share your experiences or warn me against going here.

    3) I want to try, SnM DC. Based on what I have read:

    Liz: great, but hard to get and expensive.

    So I was thinking about "jesus's mom" or miss see (this is the alphabet, can someone give me hints for the name, or is there only one therapist with a name starting with that alphabet. Can you please suggest, see or "lesus mom"?

    Also, how is the NI scene in SnM. I have never tried NI in MPs. This seems like a nice place to try. Kindly educate me.

    4) TnG LN. "worship", "sounds like kinky", "zinta". Will choose either one.

    There are other options too, like BC in GK-2 etc. Please feel free to suggest something else out of the list.

    If I am able to make four trips. I will try all these four.

    I know I will make at least two trips: I am thinking of doing 1 (due to proximity) and 3.

    I am not asking any specific questions, I know. Feel free to give me your two cents about the therapists and the MP.


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    Rimming queen.

    Went to RG for mobile repair when mobile was being repaired I thought of why not repair the inner horny feeling.

    Went to TDI para. First floor PA spa. At counter 0.8 k.

    Then I asked for the girl with best services. A therapist herself suggest a girl named angel in Hindi.

    She is south Indian girl. A little plum to my liking.

    Also in dim-light I was not able to analyze her properly.

    After a OK OK massage she asked for extra I said everything. She quoted for 2 k. I said 1.5 k. She insisted pay after deed and if you are satisfied then pay more than 1.5 k.

    Asked me to clean up my johny and back side.

    Removed the clothes and she had an OK figure it was like the ones in a mallu porn movie. People who enjoy mallu porn will love her. Not of my types.

    Anyways deed started she said you just need to relax she will do all the work.

    Licked every part of body then continues rimming for 10 minutes while I was on my back.

    Then turned to front side again pulling my legs up and did rimming for 5 minutes more then a good BBJ as seen in movies. I asked for ball sucking she happily agreed and did it to perfection in fact was not ready to stop till I told her to stop. All this stuff with main thing was eye contact while doing BBJ.

    Then covered the johny with see and come on top of me with wild riding and tight strokes came in 5-7 minutes.

    Washed up and hugged good bye.

    It was an experience in itself not much on looks and figure.

    Department but the service was top. Notch.

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    Pitampura spa.

    New spa opened in Pitampura.

    All inclusive 2.5 k.

    5 to 6 choice shown to me.

    Pussy- loose.

    I avoid DFK.

    Fuck her good 15 to 20 minute.

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    Great dear.

    I am also planning to purchase subscription.

    Will contact you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pakkaidiots11  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone,

    I am new at ISG and English is not also very good but I tried to share my difference area experience with all forum members.

    I work in a govt job and recently transfer in Delhi till election complete.

    Past I posted in Rajathan state ncr area Neemrana, bhiwadi, dharuheda behror any one knows this area as very many international company work there.

    Here is my monger experience in this area.

    1. 100 % safe than Delhi.

    2. very easy availability.

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    Is this touch or snm or heaven.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ranvir226  [View Original Post]
    From PITAMPURA spa, METRO PILLAR, 353, counter 1. 2 k. Inside; 2. 2 k;;All inclusive except A level. THERE is one offering A LEVEL too. Negative point;; hygiene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyBooz88  [View Original Post]
    Is Sid and Sunil are the same. Had the Indian food with Sunil sometime back.

    Can some senior mongers please throw some light.
    Sunil SP is much better then Sid SP.

    Sid high rates same food then Sunil SP.

    High quality food.

    Sunil got one pornstar Russian for 10 k in star hotel.

    Enjoy brothers.

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