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    Sp t

    Can somebody please message me SP T'S number. I have SP Sid number but would like to try SP T girls also. Thank you.

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    Not Banglore

    The SP is based in Delhi.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheOtherFace  [View Original Post]
    Is she based out of Bangalore, if yes share some info.

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    Delhi Transit

    Dear Comrades,

    I am an avid follower of this forum and due to relationship reasons, I only get a chance to monger only when I travel for work. I will be spending an evening (Saturday) this month as I planned a 20 hour transit.

    I have done my research and tried to gather some information about girl-friendly hotels in Delhi. All the 5* hotels guarantee privacy and are green, so intending to stay in a 5* hotels (preferably reputable chains). Any suggestions here?

    I have tried contacting some of the couples I have tried in during my last trip (Pankhuri-kunal, Pranya-rohan, Akshey-Ishita). All of them ask for atleast 25 k INR for 2-3 hrs and 50 k INR for a night, excluding hotel room in a 5* star facility. I find this a rip-off and could have much more fun here in FKKland. So, planning to avoid this or are the charges fine?

    I have been in touch with the King and sought help from him. However, I will be grateful if any of you can also share some numbers of WGs / SPs, I promise to reciprocate / help if any of you are here in FKK land.

    Having Indian roots I am a sucker for GFE with a desi girl. Additionally, any brothers in Delhi who would like to join for a drink or play wingman are very welcome. Please PM me.

    Your forum has always been very welcoming and helpful. Thanks to each one of you in advance for any responses or pointers.


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    Spa in South ex starting with tr near macd

    After reading about it from a senior, I decided to check it out as it was first time going to a spa I was shit nervous and scared. As I entered there I was greeted by a good looking receptionist who was hinting stuff. As mentioned already I went with memx, she isn't Burmese, she is from Bhutan. Average looking, okay boobs, good ass and gave a real good BBJ. She is always desperate she said. Overall a good experience not really worth it though. Like one time try. 2.5 for FS.

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    Pari tried 2 yrs back full of attitude smooth silky smooth.

    He quoted me 15 k for night.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnakinSkywalke  [View Original Post]
    SP T has shared the profile to this girl (Pic att) he quotes 20 K for it.

    If anyone has tried her, kindly enlighten.

    Looks really young and inexperienced if you ask me.

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    Any good GF hotel in Phuket?

    And any specific recommendations?

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    The problem in gurgaon is that there are so many spas, that most are just desperately getting girls from nearby villages and hiring them as "therapists". Its a bit of a hit-and-trial.

    Since you don't have PM active, I can't give you specifics, but in general. As you move away from cyberhub / sikandarpur area, the quality of the spas drops, but so does the price. As a general rule, the ones in the mall would try to charge much more because they have to make rent, the ones in a hard-to-reach area (off roads, smaller markets) have lower charges are are more accommodating.

    Around the sector 30 to 50 is the sweetspot. Check out the spas in galleria / supermart / vyapar kendra areas. Avoid the crowded malls if you want VFM.

    Rates are usually negotiable. Most will agree to counter 700 - 1000 (if they quote more, say you only want 45 mins).

    B2 b 1200 - 1500.

    FS 2000 (in rare exceptions you can go upto 3 k).

    Control yourself and say no if the girl is demanding more. If they find you desperate, they will take advantage. Always remember that you are paying, so you have the right to say no if its not worth your while.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dsindiagg  [View Original Post]
    Have tried couple of Spas in Gurgaon. Bad luck everywhere.

    Spa in Om. X mall, counter 500 extra 1500 for FS. Spa are in SE mall golf course road. Counter 1500 B2B 2500. Spa 3 Meg. C. Ty mall, counter 2000 B2B 3000. I feel I am grossly overpaying. They don't even show the lineup first. When I get inside, an OK-OK lady would enter and I find it impolite to send them back. But think I will just get the massage. They convince Johnny to take extra and I abide. I leave the place feeling cheated. Seniors please suggest an approach. My PM is also not active.

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    Dialed Ms K of Mayur Vihar fame (have had her before) - she asked for number of shots and quoted 3 k per shot. Her responses were delayed and when I said I may not be able to come if she responds so slow, she acted pricey and said she anyways does not do less than two shots. I suggested to her that she can take a walk!

    Dialed SP Rashi from Noida, she sent two pictures. Reached her place around Sector 100/2. Picked Shristi who smokes a lot (only negative). Claimed to be from Mumbai and undergoing diverse. She's a decent fuck with good melons and is into the act.

    Sucked her melons, got a CBJ and she was soon riding me. Got me to cum fast. Good to speak with. Not disappointing but nothing out of the ordinary about her.

    SP will push you for the other girl and not Shristi as she does not have many takers.

    Damage 2 k.

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    Anu the new bird in Gurgaon

    I met this wonderful girl yesterday who works in a call centre in Gurgaon. She is a very needy girl, very very good looking and has just started working in this line part time for want of extra money as she has elderly ailing parents to look after since she is the only earning member in her family of four--her younger brother is still studying. She was looking for a change in Job and had come to my office for a job interview. She is a convent educated girl with perfect English and for some reason she opened up with me. I instinctively asked her to meet me in the evening for dinner and she agreed (I don't know why). I later offered to drop her to her place of residence in Gurgaon where she shares a one BHK flat with a friend. Her friend was away for the night and she invited me in and what followed cannot be described in words.

    I am very bad at writing FRs but all I can say is that I had a wonderful experience with her. Perfect figure, smooth milky skin and the best titties I have ever seen in my life. She has also agreed to travel with me for a couple of days to Chandigarh where I would be going for work over the weekend. I haven't asked her yet if I can share her number with others and if she agrees then only I would be able to share her number with other forum members as I don't want to do it against her wishes. I am quite hopeful though that I will make her agree considering the fact that she needs money. I always believe in sharing unlike a few in the forum. I was the one who shared IRA's contact in the forum initially and must have shared with at least 60-70 members and most have met her too.


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    Please use the Forum's Private Message system to exchange personal information and make personal plans.

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    Delhi Forum will help without a doubt

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincrixfo  [View Original Post]
    Dear fellow mongers in Delhi. I'm in Delhi wright now. Staying at The Park in Connaught Place. My previous subscription expired and when I tried to renew I found ISG has now disabled credit card processing temporarily and only Cash option available. So couldn't renew for now. Can fellow member friends guide me with some details of any MP's SP's you have here. Will be so glad to guide you when you guys are in Bangalore or Tamilnadu as I reside there. If the girl is good at BBBJ and Rimming I'm in cloud 9 I can understand by reading this forum that many good Afro's and Thai's are there providing the same. P. S: if the girl can communicate in English then it will be easy for me as I'm too week in understanding Hindi as I'm just started learning day by day. Thank you all.

    If you are asking for help, you will get plenty of it form Delhi Forum. Bros here are super super nice and willing to share information. However the problem is you do not have PM so not sure how much information you will get on the open forum. Also you cannot help others with TN or Bengaluru contacts unless you have PM. It's a catch 222 but you have to make some efforts and solve that. Rest assured, help from Delhi mongers will pour in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by YogiBane  [View Original Post]

    Happened to be visiting Delhi and Gurgoan. And had planned many adventures in advanced but all of them failed. With limited time on hand I called up one Thai whom I had meet last year. Luckily she was in same place and had free day.

    Reached her place and she ordered beer for us. Mean while she was hugging me like a long lost lover. Shebmuat be 42 but her body was like 30. Awesome skin and hair.

    She undressed me and pushed me on bed. Started to give me a nice boob massage. Then she gave a long blow job with lot of variations. Then I statedbsucking her boob's and loved to kiss her body which made her horny. She could not control and out the rubber and started riding me.

    It was the longest ride for me. Like 30 min or so. She was full of energy and she was riding like a women on heat. I enjoyed every bit of it. And the. I felt as if I was getting cramps in my tummy. LOL. She kept on riding till she fell on my chest. We both were tired..

    How much damages for 1 shot for her.

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    What her charges bro for a day?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny986  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for your comments and feedback on my FR. Brothers. I have shared digits of rose with around 25+ contacts. Will be happy to share as well.

    After awesome threesome experience from Rose and jasmine in Day 1 of my Delhi trip. Our threesome act was started at mid night 1 AM. Continued till 3:30 AM. Was quite tired and returned my room and slept like hell. Woke up at 9 AM and got ready for day 2 plan.

    Day - 2 (Pure GFE.).

    After discussing with our seniors, I have selected Seema from SP T for a day and requested SP T for pure GFE, as I'm not into too much acts.

    Lot of FR already available about her, and pics.

    About her: She is childish, her Hindi, and her shermana (smile). Too good to remember her for a long time.

    I'm not writing this post to explain how did I fucked her; only to explain my pure GFE with her.

    May be due to previous day, threesome act. I'm not into physical act.

    Seema came on time and reached my place at 2 PM as promised, sat next to me and hold my hand to made me comfort, asked her to get up and sat on my lap.

    I'm bit a filmy actually. Told her not to call with original names, not to share bad memories, sorrows, and lets make this day as memorable. (like in Tamasha movie. Ranbir & deepika.). I called her with a same nick name for whole day, even she as well.

    She sat on my lap and spoke for hours, felt like I know her for a long time.

    Kisses and hugs are count less.

    Teased each other about likes and dislikes, accent, and all.

    Slept while kissing on her head (Ranbir and Sonaskhi in the attached pic).

    Slept nude in bed, and spooning, and all styles (she must be tired from previous day acts, didn't force her for any act).

    Had bath together. And room is quite new and no curtains in washroom and made of glass.

    I used to watch and tease her when she is taking bath.

    Went out, ordered food for her, and had a dinner.

    Sat with her in Zula at hotel lan, spoke about childhood memories, and my first crush and all.

    Discussed about my fantasies (sex on beach, sex in terrace while raining, romance in private pool, romance in public places, HJ while driving bike, drive, romance on bike (like in bang bang movie), etc. ,. her expression is price less, her shermana / smile. And all.

    Both slept in the night like honeymoon couple. Nude, hugs, while talking.

    Next day I woke up at 4 PM, watched her sleeping nude. Like child.

    Woke up her up with good morning kiss.

    Told her I want to do body paint, arts on her back. When we meet next time. Her teasing laugh to my wishes, her shermana and all.

    She took bath and left my place after tight hug, and kiss. I couldn't say proper bye as I was attending telecon at the same time.

    Might be all this nothing for some of you. But it matters a lot to me. Made good memories with Seema.

    I'm little but free on next Day as well; I'm quite happy with three some experiences, and GFE with Seema.

    Thank you Rahul bhai, and sudhip bhai.

    But I'm really pitty for her, and fate.

    Although we promised not to discuss about our personal, and sorrows.

    She told me that some times. She used to handle and slept with 7-10 different people in a day. Pity on her fate, and felt really bad for her.

    Treat them good to get pure GFE.

    I remember this experience for a while and planned to repeat her again (thinking of Goa trip with her). Had some naughty thoughts for my next trip.

    Any feedback, comments are welcome from our fellow seniors, and members.

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    Need contact of this lead.

    Is she based out of Bangalore, if yes share some info.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeniusStupid  [View Original Post]
    2 week old FR.

    TL; DR.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    BBBJ: 6/10.

    Attitude: 9/10 (a bit hurried).

    DFK: 11/10.

    Overall: 8/10.

    Tea: 10/10.

    WIR: Girl- No (many available). SP. Yes.

    Damages. Standard SP T charges.

    Long Version...

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    How does one renew subscription here?

    I just got back to Delhi after a long stint in Europe. Cracked into a mongering scene where you pay about 70 euros and get entry into a 2-HR fuckfest festuring 3 pornstars and about 9 men. It's a 1:3 ratio but those women are born to please. Anything like that going on here? Anyone up for a gangbang weekend?

    Also how do I renew subscription now?

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