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    TnG at LN

    You can try the much discussed TnG at Lajpat. FS is for sure and fixed rates, no need to bargain. Don't think there are Thais but plenty of NI. But then again not a high end place. Damages will be 1 k at counter and 1 k inside. There is also an SnM nearby, though the reviews aren't that good.

    If you need more info, ping me.

    Quote Originally Posted by PuneDude123  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I am a monger from blr. Will be in Delhi for a few days.

    Can someone point me to some good MP with nice Thai or NI girs where there is scope for FS.

    Much appreciate it. I've heard great things about Delhi forum.

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    Zarina. Overused and overpaid.


    Tasted Zarina--thin limbs but a bit of a belly.

    Loose pussy.

    Not my type of gal.

    Regretted getting her, but couldn't tell that to her.

    Seems the hype about her on the forum is not needed.

    She is fair, but has beer belly looks with thin limbs. I hate that look.

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    Summers season: AC room.

    Hello fellows,

    This is an important feedback for next 3-4 months.

    Better we mentioned, have AC or not.

    I doubt Angie has. Better confirm before finalising with anyone.


    Quote Originally Posted by Mechie78  [View Original Post]
    Hello fellows,

    I m sure everyone is aware of the war between these two Afro sisters.

    I recently witnessed it once again.

    So stern warning to all.

    Never ever talk about the other sister in front of each other. It will ruin your session.

    I had two encounters with Angilina.

    Angie 1:

    Around 2 months back.

    Experience was wholesome awesome..

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    Russian Exp.

    Its true tat many Russians are a big racist and they show a cold attitude sply to a not so fair looking Indian. I got to hear it from a bombshell and Moscow. Cud believe the way she expressed her attitude. But the dug part was she was open about it and I liked it better tan what I have witnessed wid some of Indians who only lie to please you. So this can definitely ruin the GFE expectation but on contrary I met a Russian again in Moscow who was ready to meet me at half the cost next time because she said she liked my behavior and even I felt she was a true GFE. Finally it all depends on your luck too. There was one model type girl incidental also named Ira (read my FR) who I had thru a SP and Del was again a bomb. I was not expecting a good return but I was not disappointed as I treated her very nicely and she allowed everything. So it also matters how you break ice wide any girl be it Russian or Indian to get to know her attitude. But still you may not get a GFE due to various reasons but at least you would be able to know the reason. This girl Ira the aged lady too has many reservations spy about her security aspects and people meeting her should respect tat. If follow her instructions correctly and not offend her privacy she would appreciate it better. This is true weed even most of the other WG too.

    Thanks and enjoy mongering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrGut  [View Original Post]
    Writing a report after a sabbatical. It's from a couple of weeks back. Had a day off was getting really horny siting at home so decided to check out the forum. Thank you much Mechie bro. You have always helped without anything in return. He shared a contact but couldn't connect with the girl. Something was wrong with her what is app and she kept on insisting for a what is app cal. Anyways went to a SP close to my place in East Delhi. Had his contact from long dint try till now though. Nice guy. Place was kinda shabby. Coming to the deed the girl was OK to look at. Looked pretty young or maybe I'm getting older. The guy told her " take care of him make him stay for 2 shots" and well she did try. Really inexperienced. Try to give a good BBJ. But I could see from her face she dint quite like it. Anyways after about 3-4 min proceeded for the deed. Missionary then doggy. She said she can't do wot. Throughout I could see she was not really into it. And I was the first for that day. So it probably only gets worse. Upside it was pretty cheap. 2.5 k per pop.

    Oh ya no DFK or fingering. 2 things I really like so maybe that's why dint enjoy as much.

    Happy mongering guys.
    Better luck next time bro.

    2. 5 k in general is decent rate. Can't say cheap.

    2-3 normal range at most of SPs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HurtKimberly  [View Original Post]
    Hey bro,

    Active after long wanted to know did you try her out and how was the experience? Also is she from C'Pur area or Noida. Would be interested to give her a go.

    Other fellows warned that pic is fake. So did not pursue further.

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    How to identify cameras.

    Switch off the lights.

    Open your phone camera and scan around.

    In most cases you can spot a red blink on your phone if there is a hidden camera.

    I try to watch out for these. Think where you would hide one in the room when you visit.

    Otherwise just hope they get a good angle of Johnny.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechie78  [View Original Post]
    On casual browsing, I read your post.

    I had gone to this spa. Thank God, I only took massage from a slim (little old) Mizoram girl. She was really good at massage. She seemed professional, refused extra.

    But this is scary, it's very difficult to find if they have cameras.

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    SP T birds.

    Went with three friends to SP T place. Only three birds were available, my two friends took Ms. A and Ms S and moved into one room (as there were only two rooms available and no one wanted to wait), I was left with Ms. And from Nepal and moved into my separate room. Music was set to Sitar Maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan sahab on my phone, I asked her if she would be fine with classical music to which she nodded yes (Later she admitted to have smoked up (sacred cannabis) with Miss A short while ago so this music must have really made sense to her! I had a good time with her, I like slow and sensual, she remained cooperative and went with the pace and flow. She must have taken efforts to smell good, her body smelled good, which was certainly big positive. Body wasn't rigid there was movement in her, I could sense her making efforts to please me, at no point I felt she was in any hurry (time watchers are big turn offs to me). My friends in the other room came out really happy, enjoyed the session, both the girls were good they and wish to take girls for outcall in near future for much more immersive experience. There is something special about group processes, energy can go real crazy with wheel of ecstasy in full motion. From what I heard, Miss A particularly indulged in multiple positions. I have been with Miss A earlier, she is good, though she can work on her cleanliness and smell. I have had soft corner for her since I have known that she consume sacred substance (Bum Bum Bhole).

    As for Miss and though not a looker: Body: 8/10, she is on taller side and fit which is plus.

    DFK: Yes.

    BBBJ: Not sure, didn't ask nor she offered.

    Attitude: 8/10.

    Service overall: good and cooperative.

    WIR: Yes.

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    New here.

    Hello all,

    I found this forum by luck and there is a lot of useful stuff. I am still learning the ropes of mongering and will write I have something good to report.

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    Would love to try a MILF (can be high priced). Can anyone please share digits?

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    Ashi- Ex BC Spa.

    Hello fellas,

    Can some kind soul please share her current whereabouts and contact details?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ashi-.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelhiHere  [View Original Post]

    Had this exclusive food. From some reference.

    Book for night. Came before time. After little chit chat starts the deed. All positions are menu. Surprise was to tight pussy and I love to penetrate that. Nice girl.
    Which is this exclusive food. Would you like to share?

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    Want to get laid, then post Your experience at least, that is only what we are looking forward to in return and nothing else.

    Also do keep price in check LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechie78  [View Original Post]

    Forum is all about posting FRs and sharing contacts.

    If you have tasted Zarina, would appreciate if you share your experience.

    Surely you will get many more contacts.

    But posting FRs is equally important.

    You have the Opportunity to contribute to the forum.


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    Coming to Delhi on the 25th of April.

    Hello folks,

    I will be reaching Delhi on the 25th of April. I was there before but I was not able to meet any chicks as I was busy. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out with a couple of Indes. I am from the Hyderabad Forum, and I can help you with 2 contacts there and one in Pune. I will surely post a report after my experiences. Thanks a ton.

    Kind regards,


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    6 k for 2 shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mgmv92  [View Original Post]
    How much does she charge these days?

    Heard she has inflated the prices heavily recently.

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