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    Quote Originally Posted by HoneyHunt05  [View Original Post]
    Yeah bro, thanks again for the update about this lady. She definitely is not worth 15 k and by Delhi standards she should be at a max range of 3 to 4 k.


    Even if you pay 3-4 k you will still be disappointed. She is waste of money altogether. Plus she is a scammer too. Takes money but doesn't provide services. Avoid.

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    IRA Dadi

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabir987  [View Original Post]
    One shot 5 k and two shot 8 k but the thing is I don't go to her for fucking but to relax more. She serves food tea plus treat me really well and never had bad experience. Just treat her well and she will make you feel good.
    8 k for 2 for 40+? GILFs are in demand nowadays.

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    Please provide reviews

    I am interested in meeting Ms. A, pics attached. If anyone has met her please provide reviews.

    She is available for 6 k for 1 HR incall.

    Is visiting her secure?

    Please guide.
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    Subscription of ISG for India

    Hi everyone,

    Recently activated subscription of ISG. Just small info for other people interested in subscription.

    Avoid using coinbase (not available for indians) and zebpay (high bitcoin transfer fee. Around Rs. 2400.)

    I have subscribed using localbitcoins. Bought bitcoins for Rs. 2500/- and transferred bitcoins worth $25 it to ISG Bitcoin wallet. Localbitcoins transfer fee is low.

    It took me more than a week to find this out. Hope this helps new subscribers.

    If anyone else shows better method, please share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aditya01  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone give me. Some. Indie. Contacts in laxminagar. Including that of Ritu.

    Will reciprocate. Thanks.
    Check your PM. Sent you Ritu's Contact.

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    Can you please share the digits of sp. Will be really appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArjunRana  [View Original Post]
    After planning last time I was not able make the deed with the bird and cancelled the meeting at end moment as usual SP started tantrum like "Lady is already left for the Hotel", "I called off all customers just for you".

    I said sorry and stopped replying his messages, I don't know why he again send me pics of this girl, I immediately replied with time and he said just "OK". I thought it might be a Trap but it ended well for 3 k / shot.

    Face:- 7/10.

    Body:- 7/10.

    Boobs:- 8/10.

    Ass:- 8/10.

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    New Therapist at DC

    I have been lurking on this forum for about 10 years now. But this is my first post, having just created my account. This FR is a few weeks old.

    I have been going to the famous DC spa for about 5 years now- and with all my favourites like Jess, Rose and Lisa gone, it was time to explore new birds. I read some great reviews about Miss E on this forum. I am a sucker for great conversationalists and good kissers. Booked a session with her and I was off to the famous spa.

    I was still in the shower when she entered the room (I like to shower before massages or. Ahem. Encounters). There is a lot you can tell about a therapist by the way she deals with a naked man stepping out of the shower. This chirpy lady offered to wipe my back and then gently patted me dry from behind. I am sure she would have noticed my raging boner by now, but she made no mention of it. Some girls are awkward about it, some point at it shyly and giggle, some blush and try to look away, some act cheap and grab it or make a cheap remark. Very few act graciously- Miss E belongs to the last category.

    We started chit chatting as she started massaging. I made it a point to tell her quickly that I am an old timer here and gave her a list of therapists that I have been with. She smiled and said "what would you like to do then?

    "Depends, on how how much you pay me" I joked. She laughed. The ice was now completely broken. Negotiating with her was pleasant given her sales background before joining this line of business. We settled with "wherever our mood takes us" for 2.5 k.

    I asked her to take off her clothes, and she obliged. I was still lying on my stomach. She tickled my back, thighs and bum for 5-10 minutes, occasionally kissing and licking. She would sometimes come up to kiss me on my cheeks or lips and was also rubbing her small tits on my back and bum. Full on GFE. We kept making small talk about what we liked etc.

    I turned over and this is where the fun really began. Slowly and softly, she started licking and kissing my inner thigh and near my balls. As she was about to take me in her mouth, I asked her to stop and requested her to come up and kiss me. She obliged. What followed was kissing and grinding for 15-20 minutes. We kissed in different positions- with her on top, with me on top, with both of us sitting in an embrace. We would kiss slowly, then passionately and then wildly with me biting her lips. I would sometimes leave her hanging mid kiss, only to devour her lips and tongue the next moment. We were both extremely turned on. She asked me to "make love" to her, but I felt like being pampered without making any effort- and asked her to give me a slow blowjob.

    What followed wasn't the best blowjob I've ever had but it was pretty darn good, with lots of attention to balls. Sometimes I would ask her a question and she would pause to reply- my dick in her hand, almost touching her lips and her eyes staring into mine. It really was GFE with a sophisticated girl.

    I came in a while. It was not CIM, neither was there any rimming (she said she isn't comfortable), but the experience was great. We still had 5 minutes left so I asked her to clean up and then lie down naked next to me. She did and started running her fingers on my chest with her little boobs pressing on my side. I asked her about her experience at the spa- and she told me some great stories of four hand massages and how she was uncomfortable having sex with the client in front of another therapist- but she found it "mesmerising" to watch clients "make love" to other therapists. "It is like watching porn live in front of you" she said.

    WIR: yes. I will take 2 therapists the next time around. And I have an extremely fun game in mind too. Will update all you fine folks with my exploits.

    Also, I was told by the therapist that Lee would be back soon- according to the timelines I remember, she should have been back by now. Any idea guys?

    BTW, I am really struggling with buying btc to buy premium membership with. I have created a Coinbase account, but I am not able to add btc to it as my address is from India. Any advice?

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    Sapna HW of MR

    Met Sapna HW, I booked 6 hour booking at oyo and she came 1:30 hour late.

    Face. Beautiful (the only good thing).

    Body. - Horrible (to much spots, it was just gross it was shaggy and too big).

    Pussy. Loooooooose (never fucked to loose pussy, I have average size tool I was feeling like arrow in air).

    No to CIM, complain about too much BBJ, offered me anal after 2 shots I declined).

    She claims that she is from Delhi but talk like village girl.

    Damage 7 k for 3 shots.

    Just avoid if you don't want to ruin your money and day on this cow.

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    Name of therapist


    Would be a great help if you could mention the name of NE therapist so fellow mongers can also avail the good experiences like you.

    Anticipating your kind revert.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by FillWerrell  [View Original Post]
    As per my last report, I found a GFE worth more than the money at a Gurugram spa. I had said that I would definitely try it again and I went back in two weeks. But, imagine my surprise when the owner guy said that she's left the spa! I was heartbroken. Nevertheless, I asked for another girl and went in a room, disappointed but curious to see how another one would be.

    A few minutes into the massage, I asked her about a B2B. Long story short. Damn, she did not disappoint! This NE was wilder than the previous one! She enjoys the act so much. I had only been kissing (actually, tongue-fucking her mouth) for five minutes and when I put my hand down on her mound, she was soaking wet. And boys, you know as well as I do that when your woman is wet, you are in control. So I put one, and then two fingers down her love hole and she started humping my fingers while tongue-fucking me with wild abandon. She came on my hand, then she jumped on me. Wiser than the last time, I quickly wore my see on my J and ordered her to ride me. I had not been with a woman in a loooong time who could lose her head to sex so much that she would lose all sense of the world. Intense stuff! The way she gyrated her hips and bounced on me, I came within 5 or 6 minutes even though I usually take more than 10 minutes to cum. No kidding. I fingered her off till she came again..

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    It's damages

    One shot 5 k and two shot 8 k but the thing is I don't go to her for fucking but to relax more. She serves food tea plus treat me really well and never had bad experience. Just treat her well and she will make you feel good.

    Quote Originally Posted by DevSagar  [View Original Post]
    Yes, you are so right buddy. She is 40 plus. Been messaging off and on; how much you paid her?


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    I am not checking on her but her friend sometimes and don't have personal details but yeah she is bong and her friend claims to be from Himachal but she is from Uttarakhand.

    She works with TV channel named after our country.

    Quote Originally Posted by DevSagar  [View Original Post]

    If I am not wrong, I know who you talking about.

    Met her too long back.

    Ain't she the same one who lost her father 2/3 weeks ago?

    Next time take a bottle of wine (if you haven't as yet), and then see the change.

    That's only a simple advice.

    Have fun and stay safe.


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    I gave her 8 k first time then when I met her for threesome, I convinced them for 8 k for threesome. I am quite young so she felt safe and good to meet me. She didn't haggle to much. She said she meets ugly oldies mostly and I am some fresh air plus I can talk well LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by ExcellentXylo  [View Original Post]
    Seems exciting and interesting. What were the damages bro?

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    1st one is Pro at this but her friend is not much into this

    1st one is pro at this but her friend don't do this often and she gave me her real number I can see her stories she belongs to upper middle class good respected family, when I was with her she was speaking fluent English.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rajton  [View Original Post]
    This is something exciting, bro what was the damage.

    Must be she is doing exclusively, any possibility to get her details.

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    Ms. A and Ms. M

    It's Ms A and Ms M.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greedy2751  [View Original Post]
    Is it Ms M?

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    Don't have her permission to share digits


    She meet with really proper reference and don't reply if you don't give her proper reference, I got her number long time back from the forum with reference name.

    Plus my PM is not active I would have helped, she is now in Vasant Kunj that's all I can help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Analfetish  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    Can anyone tell me how can I find Ira. I don't have her contact info.

    I'm aware I don't have a subscription. If any senior could help me with how to proceed on that I'd be able to PM for the details.

    But for now any pointers?

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