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Thread: New Delhi

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  1. #84628

    Soniya G spa at GK1

    Got feedback of SnM Soniya from forum went to G spa.

    My feedback. Avoid her as she is just too smart, wasted my money on her.

    I got sms that g spa shifted to Defence Colony.

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    Need Feedback / review of Nilu of MR


    Did anyone tried Nilu of MR, her pictures too tempting?

    I am thinking to try her but there is only one review that too looks like fabricated by her for promotion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OralGuy814  [View Original Post]
    I was in Ghaziabad due to some work, after completing it decided to try long overdue MILF Shweta. Contacted her and she immediately responded with her availability, her place (or I should call den) was easy to find and it was pretty clean. It seems like she kinda acting as a SP now, she showed two girls and said 'you decide whether you want to go with me or anyone of them'. She is kinda huge (not my preference) so decided to go with the slim one. Fucked she in multiple positions and then released on her stomach.

    Report card:

    Boobs: 9/10 (they were huge).

    Pussy: 7/10 (clean and no smell).

    DFK 0/10 (not even lip kiss).

    BBJ 7/10.

    Damage 2 k.

    WIR maybe a different girl this time.
    Would lobe to get her contact. Its been ages that I've been craving touch of a woman.

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    Spa Vivacious

    Hi bro,

    He is talking about Spa vivacious above more market in Sec 56 Gurgaon.

    Quote Originally Posted by FillWerrell  [View Original Post]
    The name of the place starts with what you call an oral exam in college. Can't find it on maps, just go to the market in sec 56 that has a new mall being built, and look around. Once you're there, ask for the Himalayan abominable snowman.

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    Got over demons of BitCoins and finally got subscription. Help required with contacts

    Thanks to post of VickyBoy in Mumbai Forum (Post #47711) and many other reports, finally understood BitCoin Payment and got subscription following the exact steps. I had a subscription 7-8 years ago, but that was through Credit Card and I was in Kolkata and using services of Bengali girls.

    Moved to Delhi after COVID times and found this forum & the city very lively and full of opportunities. Used some Spas as pointed out in previous reports (MGF, SNM; DC & Noida).

    Well, help required from Delhi Seniors to share some contacts (college girls, independents, reliable SPs etc). I do not have any contacts to share as of now. So will be sending help messages to some seniors.

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    Requesting help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabir987  [View Original Post]

    I got number from ISG member in 2019 but she didn't reply properly and was asking for Incall in Noida and she don't do outcall in OYO so didn't meet her.

    After COVID Delhi border opened and I need to fuck someone I message her and she was also desperate, we settled for unlimited shots and BBJ 3 hours.

    When I went there she was working from home and writing some script or article for website about Rhea Chokroborty, she told me she is on SA and she got one BBW friend as well l.

    Service was good and next visit I went to her friends place and we had threesome, her friend also works as reporter.
    Any kind fellow ISG member. Having contact details and reference of above mentioned. Please help. PM active.



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    RPR Indirapuram: Jenny's amazing Service

    Location: A safe location in Indirapuram, they have removed the board so it's difficult to locate. Called up there phone number on just dial to reach the place, it's a basement without any signs that it's a spa centre.

    Experience: Counter Charges: 1 K.

    A BBW lady showed me all the girls, only two were available. Mimi and Jenny.

    Had heard in the forum that Jenny wanted to be a pornstar hence chose her. Started with a DFK, kissed her on her neck while pushing her against the wall, she kept moaning my name time to time making me even wilder. Ripped off her bra and panty and proceeded with a BBJ, she actually sucks like what we usually see in porn, one of the best BBJs received ever.

    Went ahead for a 69, she came while I didn't. Jenny got excited and horny, put on some music and started to tease, twerk and dominated for a while. Proceeded with a deed, fucked her in various positions for almost 30-35 minutes, came inside her.

    She wiped my dick with her mouth, was super turned on at that time, paid her an extra 2 K, fucked her again enough to convince her to meet me outside next time I wanted.

    Folks, she is a must do for everyone who lives near Indirapuram.

    Can share her Digits in exchange of any MILFs or indies living nearby Indirapuram, Vivek Vihar, Laxmi Nagar, Noida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMaax  [View Original Post]
    Use localbitcoins website.

    This really worked for me. After being frustrated with Coinbase, Bitby, Coinmama, Hodlhodl, Unocoin and a bunch of other bitcoin sites, this I've finally worked. And it worked without a hitch. Thanks for the tip. I guess the mods should update the payments page with this info.

    My inbox is now active.

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    Damages depends on how to deal with girl but yes if you are paying more than 10 k to anyone which is not model like then it's stupid but still you pay money for experience and it for everyone its fucking but sometimes it's about vibe and you pay money to girl because she made you feel good. Plus if someone is average looking but speaks really well and comes from same financial and social status than of course they will charge more than roadside or spa girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by FunCheck2  [View Original Post]
    In a hurry of commenting on more reviews, seems you have mixed up two different reviews. "Ira, the CIS" and "Candice the Journalist". Personally I think that the job profile attached with someone does make the difference and elevate the value. Just as an air hostess attached would automatically double some ones value. And they really deserve it.

  10. #84619


    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer76  [View Original Post]
    Bro, being a Journalist or an Air Hostess Tag doesn't really mean we should pay anything they say. If that's the norm, then every fat elephant calling themselves as celebrity will loot general public in name of service. Remember comedy circus fat elephant? She is also celebrity? How much will you pay to her!
    It's common sense, not to compare Apples with Oranges. If to be compared then compare the so called ordinary Celebrity of 'any' wood, with someone of the same look and not attached to that industry. Of course to pay or not to pay, or how much to pay is individual choice, depending on not only one's choice, but also ones nature. I am not justified overpaying of paying anything high which is asked for. Just saying that the profession attached to anyone's name does increase the value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarmaGuy  [View Original Post]
    Better, we shouldn't even entertain him.

    There are plenty fishes / punters in the market, most of you have surely known them.

    ABCDE 41665 Russian Affordable 3.5 K.

    ABCDE 35485 Russian BellyDancer 5 K.

    ABCDE 33785 Russian Hotel 5-8 K.

    ABCDE 47852 Russian HiFi 10-12 K.

    ABCDE 80286 Russian Tushar 3.5 K to 5 K.
    We don't entertain, that's why he is frustrated nowadays!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aditya01  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone give me. Some. Indie. Contacts in laxminagar. Including that of Ritu.

    Will reciprocate. Thanks.
    Ritu details are easily available in Locanto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatKidKicks  [View Original Post]
    Hey folks,

    Have been an active observer in this forum. Bought the subscription yesterday, would love to receive contacts of a few good MILFs within 5 k range in Gurgaon or south Delhi, please help me out!
    MILFs should be less than 3 k bro, 5 k is too much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHobbyist69  [View Original Post]
    I am interested in meeting this lady. If anyone has any feedback can you share?
    SP Sahil bird. Keep damage within 1.5 k- 2 k. Can be a bit time watcher and try to hurry.

  15. #84614


    Quote Originally Posted by Jhongage  [View Original Post]
    Got here digits from the web.

    Took a cam session for 15 minutes.

    Pink and big boobs.

    Good tummy.

    Nice ass.

    She is rude as hell and time waste I felt.

    She kept talking about how great her ass is and no one has one such.

    She asked 1 lakh for anal. LOL.

    1 Lakh for anal, then she should join the likes of Mia Khalifa!

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