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    What a housewife feeling in East Delhi in 1.2 K

    These are the contacts on which Delhi must feel good about.

    Total GF9 experience. Immense VFM.

    Girl 7.

    Place IN calls.

    Face 7.

    Body 7.

    Boobs 9.

    Ass 8.

    Pussy 8.

    DFK Mild.

    BJ NA.


    Anal N / A.

    Fingering N/ A.

    CIM N / A.

    Attitude 9.

    Eager to please 8.

    GFE 9.

    Time watcher No.

    Session Time 45 minutes.

    SP 8.

    Damage 1.2 K.

    VFM 9.5.

    WIR Yes
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    Noida indie

    Quote Originally Posted by FunForUnMe  [View Original Post]
    I read so many reports about our forum members getting ripped off through Loc classified. So, I checked the Loc classified for Noida and found few suitable independent ads. I contacted all, and one turned back. Spoken the indie and scheduled the meeting. She is leaving around sec 120, Muslim and belongs from WB state staying in good apartment not sure for in-Call as booked for out-call. FR is as follows.

    Body - 7/10.

    Upper racks - 8/10 (tight and shaped).

    Lower racks - 8/10 (clean and tight).

    BBBJ - 7/10.

    Age - 23 (Probably).

    Damage - 6 K (3 shots, night) Demanded 7 K but negotiated. You can further negotiate if required.

    So, if anyone looking for her digits DM me. May not booked her as I was just checking my searching skills after long on Loc.
    Can anyone PM me details of this girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TusharJain  [View Original Post]
    Contacted with WG name starting with S. I went to the hotel and she came later on.

    Look wise she is good, fair and nice figure. Firstly we chatted for while and she removed her and my clothes. We started deed. We did all convenient position in 1st round and 2nd round.


    Look. 8/10.

    Body. 8/10. (very fair and slim. Nice part that she has pink pussy).

    Boob: 8/10.

    DFK: 5/10.

    Attitude: 7/10.

    Overall: 8/10.

    Total Damage: 5 K for 2 shot (including hotel).


    T. J.
    Anyone have.

    This girl's number? Please DM me.

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    Fr #4

    30 Min nonstop action in all positions (No tadalafil this time).

    Name: Nanu from Nepal (23 yr old), loves cooking Nepali food and like homemade meals.

    Body type: Petite and skinny (doesn't look skinny in pics).

    Skin: fair and smooth as per my liking.

    Boobs: small-perky-enjoyable.

    Attitude: Very friendly.

    BBBJ: Average.

    DATY: juicy juicy wet pussy.

    DFK: Oh yes.

    Pussy: decent tightness.

    Sex: open to all positions.

    CIM: NA, did it on her boobs.

    Repeat: I will try her once more.

    Damages for FR#3 and #4 at 1800.
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    45 Min nonstop action in all positions (took Tadalafil 20 MG this time, I like this one better than sildenafil).

    Name: Mahima from Nepal.

    Body type: Petite and skinny.

    Boobs: very small (smallest I have seen).

    Attitude: friendly.

    BBBJ: wet and nice, she gave me deepthroat.

    DATY: N/ A.

    Pussy: slightly on loose side but enjoyable.

    Sex: open to all positions, trying very hard to make me finish.

    CIM: Available.

    Repeat: No, try Only once if you like petites.
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    She is Hana. Many mongers have reviewed her.

    Quote Originally Posted by EklavyaSeeker  [View Original Post]
    Any brother know who this Thai girl is. I know she is near galleria. If you know can share digits?



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    Newbie needs contacts will reciprocate with Hyderabad / USA contacts

    Hi guys,

    In Delhi just for 2 days, staying at Aerocity.

    Kindly reply with numbers of SP and I will reply in kind if anyone needs help in Hyderabad or USA.

    Happy to buy a round of drinks in Delhi!



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    2. Send them a Private Message.



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    Thanks Prince. Can you PM me any good contacts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince007  [View Original Post]
    Money talks and, yes. If you hit the right one. But this sounds a bit too risky not knowing who you are talking to.

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    Janakpuri contact

    Could you PM the contact bro?


    Quote Originally Posted by KarmaGuy  [View Original Post]
    Yes, she operates near janakpuri itself. Currently she is incalls only.

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    Charged for extras at MP

    Hi friends,

    I'm new to Delhi and was wondering what the charges for various extras are at massage parlours around the city.

    I like to go to nicer places where massages are 2 K or higher for an hour but today I was asked for 5 K for a full nude session which seemed fairly high. Would love to hear some comments from some experienced people here to.

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    Thai girl

    Any brother know who this Thai girl is. I know she is near galleria. If you know can share digits?


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    Full course meal at snm dc

    So, for the past year, there was a lot of mentioning of snm dc, and that's why I was planning to go there. Fortunately, today was the day. So I went upstairs, paid 2 K at the reception, and asked for NE. After that, I waited in a room for a while. After some time, a girl entered the room, looking like a full course meal, introduced herself as Jennifer. She was chubby but curvy girl (perfect food for me) . We started with message, it was good because her hands were warm and pressure was good also. After this, she went to the business. She quoted 4 k for everything, I bring her down to 3 k (I think I paid more) . Then, we started the deed, she unboxed her modest and soft tiddies, sucked hard on those while fingering her. After that, she started giving a lame ass point that she will give blowjob with condom on, I said fuck no. She was disappointed but had to suck it without condom and it was worth it. Her mouth felt like a vacuum pump. I don't know why but after BJ, she started kissing my feet. Some people probably like it but it felt weird to me because I don't want to put any person to that position even it's for pleasure. After that, we started the real deed, here I did a very grave mistake, I started with my weakest position, cowgirl position, her tight pussy wasn't even helpful, I cum in no time (prob 7 min) . She wanted a doggy but what can anyone do now. We both showered and after little bit of chit chat, hug and kiss I came back to normal day life.

    Damage - 5 K (2 k counter).

    PUSSY -8/10.

    Boobs- 8/10.

    Face - 9/ 10.

    WIR. Yes (maybe 1 more time in doggy).

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    Quote Originally Posted by PosterBoy77  [View Original Post]
    Hahaha, I have seen her several times but I always picked up some one else. This one time I did pick her. She asked me why did not I Pick her earlier. She told me she is from Darjeeling. I checked couple of things about Darjeeling. She seemed to be at lost. Big time liar. But wow what an ass. Enjoyed riding her from the back. She said she can meet me outside for full night at 10 k. Unless she gives her rear entrance, I don't think I'll pick her for the LT.


    What's her real name bro? Any idea!

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    Do share few good ones as well. Will share details in PM.

    Okay. Do share few good ones as well. Will share details in PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by DallasMeme  [View Original Post]
    Hi bro can you help me with her details.
    Thanks in advance.

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