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    Quote Originally Posted by TomHardy223  [View Original Post]

    Keep prices in check. Went with Tina, she started from 12 k, had to spend a ridiculous amount of time bargaining.

    Report: good B2B.

    BBJ: 2/10.
    B2B for 12 k? Am I reading correct or is that 1.2 k bro?

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    Good Decision

    Unfortunately I lost my money in similar case.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShaggyShaq  [View Original Post]
    So, like many of us, I've been staying very passive in Covid times. Felt like taking the plunge yesterday and contacted a new SP who was in my directory and responded. Wanted to try a new bird and hence spoke to SP Aman (number ending with 6494). He shared attached pics, I asked for 2 pops 4 hrs outcall in Noida and he quoted 7 k. I selected a girl and was promised full GFE. Even spoke to him to iron out modalities (I'll check in hotel and share room# with him and girl should check-in and come to room for good time). He agreed. I told him I'd pay to girl once she is in room.

    I asked for a short video call to confirm girl is same as pic and he refused. First suspicion. He asked I can come to GK metro, see girl f2 f and take her, but video call was not possible. Since I'd spoken to him and he didn't sound very fishy I agreed to deal (where girl will come herself to hotel and checkin).

    Once I checked in, I shared room# and he said he'd send the girl. He asked me to send hotel link even though I had booked a very well known hotel in Noida, so that was a strange sign for me (why can't girl use the name to book cab and come!

    I then got a call on Whatsapp from an unknown number (number ending with 8254); person said he's driver and wants to bring mam. His first question: how many men are you? This was second strange question for me once all details were agreed with SP Aman and he never cared to ask this. Fact that this was driver, plus was accompanied by another guy (I could hear unpolished talking between brats at beginning of call), and asking this as first question, made me really suspicious!

    Given my earlier KLPD with driver etc (FR posted much earlier), I told them I am alone and confirmed room#. I asked driver why any questions were being asked by driver and that too now once deal was finalised, and his response was 'I am a special of mam and so I need to ask in general' (in Hindi). I told him to do the needful and ask any questions to SP. In next 3 min, I get a call on hotel landline. Same guy, I guess wanting to confirm room# I had given. But again, this was very suspicious for me.

    I decided to ping SP. I thought, with driver in picture, the girl may check-in, take payment, make a reason to venture out for call, and never return back! So I told SP I's pay money to girl only when she leaves. He lost it there and made wierd counter arguments (why tell this now; do you pay hospital bill in beginning or at discharge! I shut the door on him, told him deal was off from my side, and blocked him to avoid any further headache with him.

    His driver tried calling me 5 times in next 60 min; needless to say I ignored all those calls.

    Would be happy to hear views of fellow seniors. What do you make of this SP?

    Was I over-cautious and this is normal for SP to do (I've never taken SP before)?

    In case when SP girl checks into hotel, do you pay girl at end before she leaves or do you pay her before starting? Specially if you're trading with an SP or a girl for first time.

    I was happy to have decided to check into good star hotel so the driver could not call me on landline directly; the call always came to frontdesk, they called me to ask if they should allow caller to speak to me. Saved me headache in case driver tried calling on landline again. To be even better, I had also changed rooms after I cancelled on SP.

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    Any VFM contact or SP in South Delhi

    Hello fellow mongers,

    Can you please help with a VFM indie contact in South Delhi area? Too desperate and horny for tonight. FR promised. Thanks.

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    Advice regarding sahara mall

    Hi guys,

    I'll be in gurgaon next week.

    I have few hours to kill in the afternoon before beginning my further travel.

    Is it worth to go sahara mall clubs in late afternoon for some action?

    I always fantasies about club action so don't want to go any spa.

    Also this'll be my first time. Please give your inputs. Thanks.

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    MGF Metropolis GGN. Ms. J

    Had a busy weekend. So, instead of going out and experimenting with new places and people, thought of sticking to tried and tested endeavours.

    Anyways, dropped by GT Spa on the 1st floor. Always been a fan of how discreet its location is. Especially since the mall itself doesn't get a lot of people.

    Been here a few times already. Always ask for Sasha, but never get Sasha. Had to make do with Ms. J.

    As is usually the case, chose not to wear a dispo. That got her really happy and in the mood. Massage seemed merely a formality. She spent most of it teasing and scratching me.

    B2 B, BJ, CIM, DFK (Wow, BTW), Rimming on offer. I usually don't go for the latter because it doesn't really do anything for me. Didn't do anything for me today either. But, props to her for effort. She does use her teeth and tongue to good effect.

    Anyways, everything else was great as always. Her service remains top-notch. Not a time-watcher and always in the mood for some reason. Seemed hungry for more, even. She'll do what you tell her to do and uses her fingers and hands and everything very well. Also seems to be someone who's very careful with hygiene. Carries a sanitizer and mouthwash around and makes sure you're all cleaned up before the business end of the massage.

    Damages - 1 + 3 (Took the 45 min session, but stayed in for well over 75 minutes).

    WIR. Yes. I'll still keep an eye for Sasha though.

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    Maharani bagh branch

    Anyone tried therapist Ritika at Maharani bagh branch. Found her quite young and pretty but I had booked a different therapist already when I visited. Any inputs will be appreciated.

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    Can anyone suggest good escort websites or SP or contacts of call girls

    I am still not able to find good contacts of SP, call girls number. I loss huge amount previously by contacting fraud people.

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    NE girls or Thai chicks

    Hello brothers, can any kind soul help me with NE chicks or Thai contacts, slim girls are preferred. I had already tried Thai Nisha. Thanks.

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    Spa Do's & Don't

    Any big brother can tell novice like us the do's and don'ts of visiting a spa.

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    Delhi Skyrocketing too?

    OMG! 20 k for 80 minutes? And I thought Delhi was a desi monger's paradise!

    [Non-English text deleted by Admin]

    Separately, here's a shoutout to Rajton bhai for some pointers he shared. Thanks Rajton!!

    Quote Originally Posted by AbhiLover  [View Original Post]
    I had reached out to her earlier and she sent me a standard reply that she must be sending to everyone. I think it should be negotiable.

    Hey guys I'm zinzin from Thailand 🇹127469; I'm in Delhi now 🇮127475;.

    Babe my service detail🥰.

    Good sucking licking make feelings like GF BF kissing and I giving good massage make you relax spend time with me like a heaven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RakeshK2021  [View Original Post]

    What was the damage for how many hours.
    15 k for 2 hours 2 sessions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychoo143  [View Original Post]
    Can you please share damages as well.
    15 k for 2 hours 2 sessions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Msid2710  [View Original Post]
    Sounds like you enjoyed quite a bit. What were the damages?
    She was demanding 20 k for 80 minutes.

    After negotiation settled with 15 k for 2 hours 2 sessions.

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    Zin Zin Charges

    I had reached out to her earlier and she sent me a standard reply that she must be sending to everyone. I think it should be negotiable.

    Hey guys I'm zinzin from Thailand 🇹127469; I'm in Delhi now 🇮127475;.

    Babe my service detail🥰.

    Good sucking licking make feelings like GF BF kissing and I giving good massage make you relax spend time with me like a heaven.

    ✅you Cum on my mouth.

    ✅rimming good licking.

    ✅cum in my body.

    ✅sex with condom only.

    ✅sucking with out condom it ok.

    ✅69 licking sucking.

    ✅girlfriend experience.

    ⛔65039;don't do sex with out condom.

    ⛔65039;don't do full night.

    ✅time 80 minutes 💸20000 rupee.

    Pay by CASH only💸.

    I stay in 5 star hotel ⭐65039;11088;65039;11088;65039;11088;65039;11088;65039;.

    Thank you for interesting my service X zinzin.

    Quote Originally Posted by NaughtyZest  [View Original Post]
    How much does Zin zin from MR charge from session? And has anyone tried? Is it worth it?

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    Bella FR

    Hi bro,

    How is she. Is she an Indie or through SP.

    Incall or outcall bro?

    How is service and hygiene?

    Quote Originally Posted by FuckPussy  [View Original Post]
    She is Bella. 3 k / shot.

    10 k / night I paid.

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