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    New here but old monger

    Is my post visible.

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    I have been a silent watcher of this great group.

    Finally registered and waiting to interact with you people.

    Need of hour is GFE girl for Goa trip.

    Need 2 girls.

    Can reciprocate with CIS independent babes and also SP and persons above SP.

    I have no idea how to activate DM and buy subscription.

    Kindly help.

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    Awesome Threesome

    Had lots of time to kill in the afternoon so went to MG Road mall with lots of spas I have membership at H Spa so went in early at 12.30 & asked for NI. They sent someone by the name of Happiness who is slightly on the heavier side but a jolly nature none the less. Girl was OK in massage but this is more of a fun place so asked girl for what all is available she had entire range of services available she was asking for 4 K for FS in between talks weered towards a four hands massage she mentioned that she has a friend with whom she does it and she is awesome charges were a little steep at 7 K for both, threesome has been a kind of fantasy on my bucket list for long so finally decided to go for it, she immediately brought her friend Ms. P in to the room. What followed was complete bliss for next 60 minutes. In my earlier experience girls just sat on the sideline wanting you to finish with one and the next one would start after. Here there were completely involved from go, while one gave me BJ other licked me on the top. In between the girls also changed their position. Convinced them to play with each other initially reluctant they quickly got in the flow both of them came also. Finally finished with a CBJ & than shower together with both of them. It was an awesome threesome to say the least. Score Card.

    Girl 1: 7/10.

    Girl 2: 8/10.

    Together: 25/20.

    Damage 7 K to girls + Counter.

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    Thai ggn

    Quote Originally Posted by Stoner08  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    I have seen a lot of new young Thais around DLF Phase 4. Has any brother here tried any of them. I don't have pics but I have seen many new Thais coming in.

    Can any kind brother who has tried them share their number..
    I have tried only 3 if you want I can share their contacts, Fone, Nisha and Meena.

    I also saw lots of Thai in that area walking up and down the aha road, and saw 2 Thai kirana shops so I would think lots others live there, but how to make contact is the question. If anyone has made contacts with other Indi Thais in that 1 room complex please let us know.


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    Hello Delhi

    Hi guys,

    Just landed Today. Looking for some Indy or so contacts. Any good Spas around Vikas Puri?

    Your help much appreciated.

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    Hunt for NI at Bliss spa

    Quote Originally Posted by BongEngineer  [View Original Post]
    All the sex starved folks in Gurgaon. Received a sms from the above spa that it has opened. It near the South City 1 Gurudwara. Interested folks may try out.
    My hunt for a hot NI led me to try bliss spa today. Going to a spa uninformed of the girls has its own fun. I only pray to it have at least one good looking NI so that worst case HJ can be enjoyed with looks. I always prepare for the worst.

    Anyways, I went there and the place is not that great, very cramped up. Receptionist asked for 1. 5 k for 1 HR. Asked for NI and she has two options. She didn't show them upfront but said will change if you don't like. Johnny prevailed over mind and went inside. First comes a short fat girl and I simply say please send another. Next comes a decent looking NI. She had a good smile.

    Massage started and she was in no hurry, did thorough massage without quoting any extra herself for almost 40 minutes. I complimented her massage which had lot of tease. I asked for extras and she said b2 b. She doesn't do FS and neither I was interested. I save FS for really special girls (I did last 4 years back. And yes I am married so I get it a lot).

    I asked for BBBJ and she agreed. Charges surprised me 5 k. I laughed off and said I can only go for 2 k. She came to 3. 5 and finally settled for 3 k with rimming and CIM in menu.

    She asked me to clean and started with light rimming. Not the best I got. The BJ was sloppy but with less tongue work. I was getting disappointed and there I started mouth fucking. She didn't resist and there I was doing deepthroat for first time. Bliss at bliss spa. Came in her throat and now I know how it feels. Heavenly.

    She jokingly said this could be done without much force too. I smiled at it. Paid and left satisfied.

    Looks 6/10.

    Boobs. Didn't notice. I am an ass person.

    Ass- 8/10 (fuckable if she agrees some day).

    BBJ - 8/10 (all points for deepthroating).

    WIR. Yes but the place is not clean and hygienic.

    Wish I get to a 10/10 someday with a NI. Any kind soul with any college girl or indie contact who is young and hot. Please share. I will be very grateful.

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    Inde Needed

    Hello Seniors,

    In Delhi / Noida on Monday and Tuesday. Any pointers on Independent girls preferably in 27-34 age. Kindly share the coordinates.



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    Mcleodgunj Help


    Is there any chance of action in Mcleodgunj? I don't have anyone to bring from Delhi. Can you please help? You may send me PM.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahil82  [View Original Post]
    Good part is that you didn't have to pay. Or did you forget to mention? Just kidding. What was the damage bro? Any pic you have?
    2 k shot. They were asking for 2. 5. Manage in 2 k.

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    Yes, its Tina Nandy.

    11 K per shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamGreenValley  [View Original Post]
    Are you talking about the famous pornstar Tina Nandy?

    Is 11 k damage for short stay or full night?


    Check your pm.

    Quote Originally Posted by MyDream8  [View Original Post]
    Does SP digit ends with 067?

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    Buy subscription

    Quote Originally Posted by NagarSingh  [View Original Post]
    I recently moved to Delhi I can dig contacts of SPs or birds if I get some initial guidance. Please assist if possible dear legendary seniors.
    Bro, you have to buy subscription and connect with seniors over PM.

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    SP Contatcts

    Thanks to copper mind for sharing SP Rohits number ending in 106.

    But he is not answering now after sending the pics.

    Need some other SP contacts.

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy and safe mongering.

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    Hey guys,

    Noob here. Got scammed twice in NCR. Tried outcall using contacts from Google. Paid for the deed when I met the girl but she refused to do anything unless I pay more (security / gst LOL), realised it as a trap, told her if she wants to do the deed then it's cool otherwise she can leave. She started making noise and hotel security had to chime in. Even threatened to call the police, which doesn't make sense to me but still wanted to avoid the scene. Curious to know what should have been done different here.


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    Digit of SP?


    Can you please share the digits of SP. I have come here after 3+ years and lost all older contacts.

    If anyone else too can hare any good VFM contacts for Noida, or Nearby. I will really appreciate.


    Quote Originally Posted by Sheikh69  [View Original Post]
    Met this super horny chick at SP Nikhil Kohat.

    MILF bw 30-35.

    Perky boob, erect nipples.

    Little fingering and she came.

    Around 5,7.

    Good looking.

    Spankable ass.

    She wanted me to go down on her but nope'.

    Fig. 7.

    Boobs 7.

    Fig 8.

    Didn't asked for BJ.

    Damages 2 k.

    Wir yes,

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    Delhi Mongering part 2

    Family was away so did some more Delhi mongering: posts are from last 2-3 weeks.

    Gaya tree: tried Sasha and Maya, loved it. Sasha does rimming too. Sasha is prettier than Jasmine the other girl who does rimming. So now switched to her. Damage is standard.

    Alcor mega city: tried the popular Punjabi messuese: I liked it but it's a costly proposition. Counter is also high and she starts FS from 7 k. Can be brought down to 4. 5-5. Experience was nice but I monger for BBJs and the variety.

    Emarald metropolis: if not a FS person, try Khushi. Great looking and friendly. Other chicks in the spa are decent too.

    Halcyon: I have tried a very pretty chick called Payal. Service was so so. But she looks hot and classy.

    A golden spa Sohna road: there is a pretty chick named Shivani. Does BBJ FS etc. But poor quality rooms and pushy counter lady who sells the extras made it a bad experience. Shivani is pretty and friendly.

    Will write a separate report on clubs tomorrow.

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