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    Hotel in Medan

    Can any one suggest some good hotel to put up in Medan which is girl friendly.

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    2 weeks SEA trip 2019

    Day 2 & 3 Medan Indonesia.

    Reached Medan airport around 4:30 PM. I didn't have enough IDR, so withdrawn cash from ATM in airport before going to purchase SIM and call GRAB. In Australia all ATMs will dispense cash only after you have taken off your card from machine. But Indonesia, cash comes first, and card comes later. My bad time being in a hurry, I left the card and took cash to purchase the SIM card. Other than Jakarta, I think most of the other airports don't have GRAB terminals. You can't get the GRAB with in airport. So, decided to try the train service. The lady near the automated machine said only debit cards will work no credit cards. Just realized my debit card is missing. Too bad already came out of airport and the only option is to block the card. Luckily, I have other bank accounts, so transferred the money to other accounts instantly.

    I came to see here primarily to meet my old contact which I had written a report during my last vist. I found her in Indonesian cupid few years back. She is 23 years old working in an office. This is the third time I am seeing her. She said, she is going for a marriage function and will be coming only around 9 PM. I was waiting for her. I was waiting in the bar in the downstairs to have a drink. She wants to just to see on her way to home in the hotel entrance just to have a glance. She knows very well that I needed a company during my trip but nothing serious. But she is a very romantic girl😊. She came and had few words and left to her home to prepare herself for a marriage function. Looks like she had a good time with her friend's marriage function but past 10 PM she still sends texts that she will be with me shortly. I had finished 3 drinks already.

    BTW the bar outside Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel is not bad. The bartender is a nice guy. She came finally by 11 pm. This hotel is very nice for $80 per night. In the room, she is a very wild kisser. Almost chewed my lips. Then we both had shower. Had two sessions before sleeping. She is very horny. She woke me up around 3 am for another round. Love the early morning sessions. Had a good sleep due to flights. And we both woke up around 9:00 AM. Of course, with another round of sex. I love very slim girls. She is very slim with see cups. She enjoyed the breakfast. I find that the food in Medan is very good and tasty. And this hotel is top notch. We both returned to room after a heavy breakfast. She wants another round of sex and obliged. But I thought I won't come this time. But she is awesome. Absolute tight body and clean I came after 20 minutes. We both tired and cuddled for a while and went for shopping. I purchased some perfumes and chocolates for her. Handed her gifts and said let's meet next year.

    She doesn't know that I will be staying there for 2 nights. She is a kind, who wants to stay until I leave the city. But I have other plans. She left to home and I went for a nice massage. I love massage in Indonesia. For $20 you can have good relaxing massage. Took a 2 hours massage and scrub. Almost slept during the massage twice. By then the girl texted me that she forgot to take her mobile charger from the room. She wants to come to take the charger. I know where it will end. She came to the room and we had one session. Then she wants to rest for a while. Around 4 pm we had another round of sex and she left with half mind. She told me to call if I change my mind to stay here for one more day. I said I will and let her go.

    I am not a big fan of tinder. Never had any success with that. But got some contacts in the last trip. So, while sipping a beer in the bar, started flipping all right and got a match. Immediately she started texting me. She wants to meet. I said yes and shared the hotel address. After 30 minutes she sent a message to confirm by sending her pictures. I am surprised why she is sending pictures while she could be in hotel by that time. She said, she read my profile stating my preference towards slim girls. She said she is not slim but not large. But she said she doesn't mind coming if I wish. I don't want to ruin her feelings. I said please come and let's see how it goes. In the next 30 minutes she is in the bar where I was still having drinks. She had few drinks. She drives a nice car and earns well. I asked her she wants to go to room. She said yes with bright eyes. In the room, she wants to impress. She wears a nice perfume and while she is certainly not my type, but she is soft everywhere. One of the best lips I ever had. It seems she enjoys a big cock. She was pretty much into blowing. We had two sessions and cuddling rest of the times.

    I wanted to see a good night club. She said, Lets go to few clubs and see. So off to her car and we were going to clubs. We ordered few pitchers in two clubs. Its already 3 AM. I have flight in 8:00 am. So, want to go to room. She said her friend didn't pickup the call and don't have keys to her apartment. I know she wants another round. So, we took a grab and went to the room. Had good fun in the room. Slept for an hour then we both took a cab to the bar to pick her car and she dropped me in airport. Refused to take any money from me. Though I have spent on food drinks, I didn't give any gift to her. In the next year I will sure buy some gifts when I return to Medan.

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    Meedan: My first visit at Hotel Istana.

    I read several things about paid sex in Medan before I went to Hotel Istana. I suppose that you can stay there as a normal guest, but I think the basic business is as a brothel.

    My budget means that I have to think about money when I choose where I try to find sex. And what I knew before I left for Hotel Istana was, that the girls were the woman, perhaps above there thirties, and maybe even older. And that some of the pics we all have to choose from can turn out to be big surprises. Much older and much heavier than the pic tried to tell you.

    I asked the guy at the reception if all the women presented by pics were at work and I was told that they were. One was already taken but the rest were up for grabs. I went for a woman looking to be around 30, and with some, I looked like, not too bad boobs.

    I was escorted to a small but clean room with A / C, TV, and a small bathroom with hot water. I was told to wait a few minutes, and the woman would arrive. And she did. At least 10 kilos heavier than indicated on the pic.

    But she was friendly, smiling, and I could easily communicate with her.

    She asked for 500.000 Idr (1100 Thai bath or 33 US dollars). After a visit to the bathroom she started with a not too bad massage of my back with out touching the sensitive area between my legs.

    After turning around she took of her cloth. Complained about the size of my "gun". Made it even bigger:-the and performed a quite nice blow job. When I wanted to lick her she refused at first. Her pussy was ugly black she warned me. But I got to it. It was not easy, perhaps she was even 15 kilos heavier than on the pic:-the.

    And we finished of with a missionary. I am sure that I could have carried on with other positions if I had wanted to. All in all not too bad.

    When I tried to pay her she wanted 100.000 Idr extra. I was not up to a fight so she got what she asked for. 600.000 Idr included rent of the room.

    Will I return? I think so. Hotel Istana looked safe and clean. And I could actually have returned the woman I pick out and tried another one.

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    7 days trip to Indonesia from Melbourne.

    My day 1 trip is in Bali section.

    Day 2 Medan.

    From Bali to Medan it is 4 hours by flight. My flight is 3:15 PM. So, woke up around 10:00 am and checked out. Based on the previous reviews, wanted to try village arum spa. Knowing that I won't get FS there, but would like to release the load. While in reception asked for special massage (I forgot the name in review already). The guy said that was beer massage but he suggested to go for love massage. Also advised me to take some premium / VIP room (Means bathrooms attached). By this time My expectation levels were very high already. Room is not bad, can't even locate the shower and liquids. Had a shower and waiting in the massage table. The lady entered I blamed myself not seeing her before booking. She is 35 yrs. + nowhere near attractive. Another failure in a row. Massage was not bad. Very relaxing and relieved the pain. But my purpose of visit is not that. On the flip, she offered a hand job part of the package. Finished and left.

    Total Damage 275 k IDR 26 AUD. Not bad when comparing Melbourne's massages. Worth for money. But in Bali, I will sure won't accept the standards.

    I would have enjoyed way better for my money. Read further for better places. Used the app to point to airport and waited. Driver came on the way to airport. He was very friendly and quite chatty. Asked why I went to this massage. I told saw some review and tried. Said him I was not happy about the place. He asked me want to see another place. I said I will be running out of time to flight and can't spend one more hour here. So, reached airport 2 hours before. While check-in the girl in the desk said, the flight delayed by 2 hours. Hell, I am going to wait 3+ hours in the airport. Called my contact in Medan who is working in a company, conveyed that the flight will be delayed. She is worried that can't meet since it will be too late to go home and can't handle her parents. Understood her situation and said let's meet tomorrow.

    I just wanted to kill the time. Started looking at all the dating apps badoo, Indonesian cupid, dateinasia. Not many interesting profiles to me. So, started reading few posts about Medan in ISG. I had a small vibe that if the girl is not going to show tomorrow, then I don't even have some commercial scene to have some fun. Remember it is second day yet to have FS. Gathered some info on night clubs and flight is ready to board. Reached Medan around 11:00 PM. Had a wonderful rice and veg in airport. Awesome food and headed to room. The driver again become friendly enough to suggest some night clubs. No, I didn't inquire about night clubs. He said he knows one club with lots of actions. So, I asked him to wait for 10 minutes to check in and drop me in the night club. Paid the GRAB fee and checked in. While in the corridor, I saw neon lamps flashing inside the hotel. Yeah, my hotel has got a club as well. The driver dropped me to the club. It is cube. Around 11:30 Its only me and few guys sipping beer. Waited till 12:30 no birds. Left the club.

    Took a shower in room, and wanted to have one more beer before crashing. The club at my hotel is not bad. Quite crowded and around 6+ girls and 2 of them are good looking. Approached the bartender and got a corona. Before approaching the half, that cute girl came and started chatting her a lady drink and one more corona. Had a good play over her silky skin. She is ready for meeting me in room for 3 mil. Which I thought not worth it and asked her to go home. Returned to room and had a good sleep.

    Day 3 Medan.

    I booked this hotel (pardede international) for two days. My contact asked me to stay for 2 days. She can't stay in night but during day she can fully be with me. She ringed me around 9:00 am and saying that in 15 minutes she will be near hotel. So, I just had some coffee and get fresh. Saw her in person, she looks better and younger than the video chat. Took her to the hotel breakfast had the food. The food is amazing. Tasted all Indonesian variety's there. Wonderful. After that headed to room. She is very shy in room alone. So, chatted a bit and started kissing and one of the beautiful date I have ever had. Very wild kisser on the second session. She wants to be cuddled for almost more than half an hour. We both cleaned. And had a small nap in for 1 hour. Wanted to buy her something. She didn't ask. But I bought her a bag, shoe and perfume. She wanted to show some places so been with her for 3+ hours. Had some local food. Enjoyed a lot. Then asked she want to go home. She said want to go room and after dinner she wants to go home. So, returned to room. Had another wonderful session and spent more time in cuddling. Had dinner and booked a car for her to go home.

    Wanted to have a good sleep. So, had a shower and replied the WhatsApp messages. But somehow not falling asleep. Thought of having a beer before sleep. Went to the club in the hotel and today the same 3 girls and all came to my seat since no one is in the club yet. Had few more beers and bought them some food and returned room and slept.

    Will add my stay in Jakarta soon in its section.

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    Just got back from Medan.

    A hotel that does not need a lift pass is not essential, but prevents you having to do walk of shame if you have girls coming to your room. Danau Toba International does not need lift pass.

    I used Wechat and Badoo to find girls. Very easy to do. I had ST quotes from IDR400 to 2 million. I got through a few girls, with the most paid for ST being IDR800 plus tip.

    I didn't try any of the massage places or bars as I was having such good luck with WeChat and Badoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbsl65  [View Original Post]
    Try Tinder. I used Tinder and I hooked up with a banker. A Chinese lady. 4 days, she rocked my world. I was staying in JW Marriott and also an indonesian lady was staying in the hotel but she was making outcalls to the other rooms P4 P. Basement, there is a bar and lots of freelancers were around. Good luck.
    Looks like you need a facebook account to use tinder, which I don't have. I'll try wechat when I get there, but I prefer P4 P rather than dating as I like them to leave me alone after we've had fun. I find some girls can be too persistent; one bali girl even tracked me down to my home city (Perth, Australia) and caught a flight over to see me without checking first. That was a tricky situation.

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    Try Tinder. I used Tinder and I hooked up with a banker. A Chinese lady. 4 days, she rocked my world. I was staying in JW Marriott and also an indonesian lady was staying in the hotel but she was making outcalls to the other rooms P4 P. Basement, there is a bar and lots of freelancers were around. Good luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pez612  [View Original Post]
    Thanks. I've booked at Danau Toba International Hotel. It was in my pricerange.

    So far I've had limited success on Tagged. Craigslist personals has a few promising adverts. There are of course the spas.

    Any hints and tips appreciated. I fly in at the end of June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippos  [View Original Post]
    Aryaduta is decent. Girl friendly.
    Thanks. I've booked at Danau Toba International Hotel. It was in my pricerange.

    So far I've had limited success on Tagged. Craigslist personals has a few promising adverts. There are of course the spas.

    Any hints and tips appreciated. I fly in at the end of June.

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    Hotel in Medan

    Quote Originally Posted by AmitGautam  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting Medan this month. Please share a good girl friendly 4-5 star hotel where I can bring girl for ST.

    Please also share some places or names to pick up good curvy girls.

    Thanks in advance.
    Aryaduta is decent. Girl friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmitGautam  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting Medan this month. Please share a good girl friendly 4-5 star hotel where I can bring girl for ST.

    Please also share some places or names to pick up good curvy girls.

    Thanks in advance.
    Did you find somewhere? Any recommendations or advice from your time in Medan?

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    Medan visit

    I will be visiting Medan this month. Please share a good girl friendly 4-5 star hotel where I can bring girl for ST.

    Please also share some places or names to pick up good curvy girls.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looking for Medan local guide

    Hi all,

    I been to Medan city once 8 years ago with my previous employer. He hired a local guide there that drives a Kijang and the guide took us around and arranged everything for us. From hotel, food, clubs, girls and even airport check-in.

    I am planning to revisit Medan again in July and hoping that someone here can recommend me a reliable contact that provides such service.


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    Clubs in Hotel Danau Toba

    I visited Medan for a few days, and decided to check out the scene at Hotel Danau Toba. First I went to the club called Tavern. Very dark. I could see some ladies sitting there, but even in the dark they looked unattractive. So I went outside and around the corner to the clube called Cube. Dark and noisy. A mamasan approach me with a girl, 23, very good looking. The mamasan wanted 500 k just for a sitting fee with the girl and additional 1. 3 M to go out. I thought that was too much, so I declined. The price seemed negotiable though, but probably not by much. The funny thing was that the mamasan couldn't speak a word English, so the girl and the waiter had to translate!

    I got the impression that Medan is a boring city with few options.

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    A Medan update


    I have visited Medan a couple of times and enjoyed my stay but this was in 2010 and 2012.

    Delta Spa fantastic the first time incredible massage with a lovely girl the second time ordinary I had a lady burping and sniffing her snotty nose every five minutes she actually dropped some snot on me! Quite expensive but a great service the first visit the second not.

    Went to the Tavern at Danau Toba got mobbed by young ladies and stalked by an older lady, many good laughs and some good fun had.

    Heading back in June and travelling with a friend and need to be discreet my queries are.

    1. Are there any nice hotels where once we head to bed in separate rooms I could get a massage in my room?

    2. Where are the fun night spots -is Soccer bar or the Tavern at Danau Toba still good fun?

    3. You can actually stay at The Delta is this the go?

    4. Do any up market hotels offer any extra in their spas?

    Cheers hope someone can respond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiVida  [View Original Post]
    Hey all,

    Just in Medan tonight before I go onwards to Toba and thought I'd file a report about the Hotel Istana.

    Firstly though for those who are not technically minded if you are in Indonesia (or Malaysia) and want to access this site or any other site with the word 'sex' in the address then the government servers here will block your access. The way around it is to use a free proxy hiding service like And then manually enter in the full address on that sites search bar so you can get around the government filtering.
    Thanks for the info, everytime I realize the site is blocked it is to late, over and over again and I kept wondering how to get around it. Now I finally know how to do it. Appreciate it.

    I am glad you are enjoying Medan, I love the city but I must admit I was biased from the start. My first evening, horrible mood, and then one girl waves over that I have to sit with her and her friends, spend a lot of time with her after. One day I was eating not so far from "the" mosque and 2 ibu's and two girls said I had to join them. I mention I wanted to go to Toba and they say the 20 year olds want to join me and ask if it is ok if one of them goes with me. I chose the moderate but more horny looking of the two, never regretted it. I did not speak any bahasa and see not any english but it all worked out.

    Medan, full of possibilities. Enjoy.

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