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    Beware of Touts

    TOKYO (TR) Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested busted a touting service for allegedly harassing pedestrians for sex services in the Ikebukuro entertainment district of Toshima Ward, reports Nippon News Network (Mar. 14).

    The Ikebukuro Police Station has accused Tadao Furuyama, a 60-year-old part-time employee, and five other persons of violating a metropolitan ordinance that prohibits being a public nuisance.

    According to police, the suspects persistently harassed pedestrians on Ebisu St. In the Nishi Ikebukuro area in inquiring about whether they were interested in various sex businesses. "How about a soapland?" one of the suspects reportedly inquired in referring to an erotic bathhouse. "We will get you a cute girl. ".

    Over the past year, the station has become aware of about 4,600 incidents that have taken place in its jurisdiction whereby such solicitation has led to the pedestrians being defrauded or overcharged, a process known as bottakuri. Of that figure, more than 60 percent originated on Ebisu St. , police said.

    You never know what you are buying in some situations or circumstances. It is just like you never know who is writing a review. For example a guy writing about paying for sex in Tokyo would have a very different experience than a Japanese guy paying for sex in Tokyo and writing about it on WSG.

    The touts at JanJan and Happy Hinamaru make eye contact and tell you what their shop sells. They don't chase you down the street demanding to know why you aren't entering their shop. They might even demand to know what you are doing in that area if you aren't looking for a girl. They will even block your path. Many touts are criminals and they are breaking the law and will steal from you.

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    Not Quite Done Done THC Round 4 Hitomi

    Well, as I said, I thought I was finished when I did hottie Honey. Not so fast. My meeting finished early and I had time for one last quickie. I texted THC and they agreed to set a date with Nano for 12:30 based on my frequent flyer status. Unfortunately this was the first time THC screwed up (they have been flawless). When I arrived, Takeo told me she had cancelled for the day. Only one girl available and not to my taste.

    Getting ready to leave when Takeo says "hold on. It looks like Hitomi is working but not shown on the web". He double checks and sure enough she is. I browse to her and also not quite my thing but better. He says she is known for getting quite wet. OK I am listening. Oh, did he forget to mention it's 5000 Y off at lunchtime happy hour? Well there you go. Now a tidy 22000 Y including CIM. OK I am in.

    Hitomi is a very pretty girl though not quite my type. She is dressed in a pretty blue dress and looks like one of those classy Japanese girls I see on the street. You'd never in a million years guess what she is up to. We walk to the Listo hotel which is a bit expensive but very nice.

    Hitomi has the smallest body of any girl I've been with. She is sooooo slim and tiny like a little Japanese doll. If You have a school girl fantasy she would be the one (I do not, but find my self marveling at her body regardless. It doesn't seem possible for a woman to be this slim. And yet here she is).

    Hitomi is not wildly affectionate and a bit light on kissing but she is a lovely girl and very service oriented. Her bath prep is really nice. She literally washes every inch of your body leaving no untouched skin. Its nice to see this level of service.

    In bed, she goes down to a nice BBBJ after a bit of body work on the way down. Her BJ is interesting. It Started slow and sensual but rather quickly became a really sloppy mouth fucking where clearly she is hitting the back of her throat repeatedly. Rather than this being off putting, she seems to really enjoy it. She definitely loves sucking cock. And it's really incongruous considering her other general demeanor.

    When I get her on her back, Takeo was not lying. She is already wet from the throat fucking and about to get wetter! There is DATY and finger fucking galore and she is moaning and twitching and bucking this way and that. This girl may be shy but man she loves sex. And so we turn back to me where some more aggressive throat fucking eventually rewards her with that CIM she had been so assiduously seeking.

    A really nice shower-together winddown with further hands on washing, a light kiss and we part on the steps of the hotel. A super nice quickie to end the trip. Recommend if you like super slim girls and aggressive BJ - tho I suspect u could ask her to tone down the BJ - she started out slow and sexy and could probably maintain same if asked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    Can't comment on 30 min services but guarantee no mat play. It takes time. We tried to have 60 min mat play as returning customers and they said no dice. Yes, that is June but her Tumblr pics are more accurate. She is not as full figured as the website shows. She is VERY slim. If she is more than 52 cm waist I will eat my shoes.
    Thanks as I'm walking all over Tokyo I can't help to pop a boner at all the short hair bob cuts here. LOL a fetish of mine I'll try her out thanks again.

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    THC Round 3 - Honey is Gorgeous

    Well, we've arrived at the end of my AP tour. For my final night in Tokyo I want to meet a sure thing, so I book Honey who I'd seen a year ago. She is as beautiful as ever. A true ten in the face, no lie. Huge almond-shaped eyes, full luscious lips, and even some slight bunny teeth which just somehow makes her more perfect. She has a cartoon character voice to complete the "she can't be real" package.

    On the way to THC Shibuya from the train station we find a hole in the wall gzyoza place and get our fill. Then on to the Dubliner for the prerequisite Jack and Coke. I am meeting Honey at 11 PM.

    We walk to the hotel and she picks Paris which is the first on the right. Not my favorite has all these odd mushroom characters decorating the hallway. But I guess I am not here for the ambiance.

    In the room she is a bit cooler than I would have expected with just a quick kiss and rather perfunctory shower though I recall her bath prep was nothing to write home about. It is interesting to me there is so much variation, with Rika (last year), Sumire and Hitomi all doing an amazing job and making it a part of the experience and others it's just part of "getting ready".

    We get naked on the bed and kiss a bit more openly but it still is not flowing as usual. Usually the girl gets on top and starts working her way down to BBBJ, but this doesn't seem to be happening and I realize Honey wants me to warm her up first. OK. I will TOFTT. Ha!

    I fondly remember last year that during DATY she makes the most adorable bunny squeaks so I am rather looking forward to this. Actually I've upped my game in this department in the last year and we have quite an epic time at it. Tons of bunny squeaks and more as I DATY and FIV, eventually working in two fingers while thumbing her clit at the same time. She gives some soft instruction and really gets into it particularly with gspot work.

    There is no earthshaking single climax but after a lot of squirming and bucking over a long period, I conclude she is done enough and it's my turn. We swap around and no question my ministrations have paid off. She is hot for my cock (later saying "I really like you dick" which is always lovely to hear.) and goes to town.

    She does lovely ball work. Some girls work with the tip of their tongues which is nice in its own way. Honey lays it flat and heavy and does nice slow long licks. Super nice. Her general technique is solid if not earth shattering. But to see those eyes looking up at me as she does me. OMG this girl is goddess-beautiful.

    We have a very full 90 minute session so we must have done a lot more FIV and BJ than I thought. But it just flies by and before long I am shooting a nice one into Honey's waiting mouth, which she takes fully. We cuddle and kiss a bit, spoon a bit, but before long time is up. Again, a little disappointed in her wind-down process where we just kind of shower sequentially rather than it being a fun part of the exeperience.

    Despite Honeys bath prep defects and slightly cool vibe at first, she was a great time. She is worth seeing on optics alone. I mean OMG, doesn't seem possible to craft a face like that. And the DATY and FIV is great fun. She is so responsive with her cooing and bunny squeaks that you can't help but have a great time. Recommend.

    So of course I thought I was done for the week. But ended up finishing work a bit early and snuck in a quickie with Hitomi. Report upcoming.

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    Yes June is June

    Quote Originally Posted by Thepwner  [View Original Post]
    Ohayo steve is June the woman displayed on the pictures on Paradise website? And also what services does a 30 min session provide?

    Best regards.

    Can't comment on 30 min services but guarantee no mat play. It takes time. We tried to have 60 min mat play as returning customers and they said no dice. Yes, that is June but her Tumblr pics are more accurate. She is not as full figured as the website shows. She is VERY slim. If she is more than 52 cm waist I will eat my shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    So Tokyo Hentai has a sister club that is a legitimate soapy. It's in Kawasaki, which I thought was far but it's not. It's just one subway stop from Shinigawa. So super easy to get to. It has earlier hours than THC and closes earlier so it's a great daytime option.

    Since we planned to do THC again late night we wanted to go early enough to Paradise to recover but ended up having to go at 1:45 to get the girls we wanted. This was OK though because we had awesome gyoza and ramen beforehand. I settled on their number 3 girl June and Chris took their number 1 Sophia.


    Ohayo steve is June the woman displayed on the pictures on Paradise website? And also what services does a 30 min session provide?

    Best regards.


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    Paradise Round 2 - Sophia

    So Chris and I are shockingly compatible in our girl taste, so if we each enjoyed our Paradise experience, why not just repeat but swap girls. And that is what we do next day. They've given each of us a 3000 Y off coupon to come back, so that is sweet.

    We have an afternoon train we need to catch so we book an 11:45 AM meet up. Nice feature: At Paradise you can book a girl in advance with no surcharge and just pay on arrival.

    We agree to meet afterwards at our new favorite gyoza place, on the right, about midway between the train station and Paradise. And in we go to Paradise. So this time Steve will have Sophia and Chris will have June. Apparently the girls didn't get the "swap memo" because June shows up in a bunny ears costume excited to see me but gets Chris instead. Oops. Feel kinda bad about that. But Chris drowns her sorrows.

    Sophia is likewise surprised but we settle right in. Sophia is a beautiful girl with a classic Japanese look and a more full figure (not fat) than June who is downright skinny. Her routine is a bit different from June, with mutual undressing and DFK prior to the shower.

    The mat experience is quite similar, with minor variations on the plays. I do however fondly recall Sophia's pussy glistening with Nuru gel just inches from my face as I play with that slippery goodness. Just like June, after the flip and some very excellent BBBJ, the hand towel goes under my butt to keep me in place for a serious riding.

    Now here gentlemen, Sophia pulls a trick I've never seen before. I've heard guys say that during Mat play somehow a condom went on and they are not sure how or when. And I have scoffed. Well I watched Sophia do it and it was remarkable. Rather than put the condom between her lips and roll it on, she at some point hid the condom fully in her mouth. She is giving me BBBJ and as I am watching, it magically appears between her lips and without missing a beat starts rolling down down my cock in a fluid swap to CBJ. What? She is a magician!

    Recall I had a "workout" twice yesterday, with one being less than 12 hrs ago, so I assume I will not be cumming on the mat and will save myself for the bed. Well Sophia is having none of that! She starts in regular CG and rides like a demon making very demonstrative noises along the way. We really ride for quite some time when she realizes she is going to have to up her game to get a mat-based event, and moves effortlessly to Asian Cowgirl. This girl is the rodeo champ! I really didn't think it possible, but it slow builds and BAM, there is liftoff!

    Some nice full body cleanup and back in the tub. Sophia has a nice twist here too where she joins you in the tub. Cuddling and kissing your latest girlfriend. What could be better?

    I honestly can't recall what went on in the bed afterwards, but do recall it was a pretty short time. Much shorter than with June. I guess we were riding the mat a very long time. Again, no second finish, what with all the week long action, but lots of nice BBBJ that was quite satisfying right up to the bell.

    We of course have the finish-up shower and nice parting kisses. Lovely girl and highly recommended. Would repeat.

    Comparing notes with Chris later, if we had to choose we would both choose June. Sophia is great and a superb choice. But June is a sexual whirlwind that is rare to encounter. You will be swept up in her sexual energy and I think her mat play a shade better as well. She was number 1 or 2 on both of our lists for the week, which is really saying something because we've had quite the week! But you can't go wrong with either one.

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    Paradise is Paradise

    Quote Originally Posted by Mtraveller  [View Original Post]
    Interesting indeed. The most remarkable information is that Paradise is or wants to become a gaijin only Soap. The recruiting page promises the girls that locals will get rejected, therefore no risk of your neighbors Dad recognising you. Accepting non-Japanese is implied but stating that all girls need a residence permit. Also girls with tatoos permitted.

    Unfortunately my conclusion would be that Paradise is not attracting enough local business (Runon already mentioned that many Soaps are struggling), have substandard girls and want to try it gaijin only. I will avoid Paradise under this assumption.
    I can now confirm firsthand that you couldn't be farther from the truth. Sampled June (reported) and Sophia (report forthcoming) and it was spectacular and well priced. Has my highest recommendation (and if you read my posts you'll see I've been everywhere). Paradise is a top worldwide experience.

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    THC Round 2 Sumire In Shibuya

    So our intrepid travelers were last seen in Paradise fully satisfied. Who could ask for more? Not Chris he is good for the day. But old Steve the horndog thinks he might go one more round. I'd been itching to try Lisa who is a lovely Blasian mix. But when we chat up Lyle at THC he says she can be a bit flaky on schedule and to avoid disappointment I might choose someone else. Actually this leads to an interesting conversation about the girls and their schedules. Most have some other job as well nurse, perfume clerk were a few he named. He knows them all like sisters, which makes him very good at his job.

    It's for the best that Lisa might not work anyhow because I realize I am going to need a real pro on round 2 so looks need to come secondary I need service with a capital S. I ask Lyle to recommend top BJ girls and he cuts my list from 8 down to three. In the end I choose Sumire, who at age 30 has probably honed her craft. (Yep, got that right!) There is just something cute about her.

    So I pay up and set the date for later that night (the usual 30000 Y for a diamond CIM hour). Chris and I go to the Korean barbecue about a block away. Super epic beef. OMG it was awesome. And then to the Dubliner for warm up drinks. Jack and Coke. Of course. The Dubliner is literally 50 feet from THC Shibuya. So as the Blind Pig is to Manhattan in Shanghai so is the Dubliner to THC Shibuya.

    About 5 minutes before the appointment I head over and wait a few for Sumire. I am pleasantly surprised. She is very attractive but in a lady-like way not like someone early 20's. She is wearing a business wool coat and suit outfit with a high end purse very classy. Think of doing the hot executive secretary and you've got Sumire. And unlike other girls who tend to walk maybe side by side with you to the hotel, she takes my arm and leans into me. Great indicator of the strong GFE to come.

    It is a super busy night and we go to 5 different Love Hotels before we find a vacancy. And even then we have to get a deluxe suite at 7000 Y to secure a room. The room is in fact very nice with whirlpool tub with color changing lights and even a mini rubber dinghy if you wanted to go there. Even has a terrace, but we did not make use of it.

    Whereas some girls want to head right to the showers, Sumire launches in to kissing me full on full clothed. I really like this as it's more realistic as you jointly shed clothes. She's a good kisser and I really enjoy this part, including unclipping her bra like you are on a first date. Now it gets a little interesting.

    She produces the menu from THC and confirms I want CIM but asks if there is anything else I want. I decline. Well she is a determined girl. She starts kissing down my naked body and takes my hard dick and positions it just in front of her lips but not touching. She then takes the head and slides it in a circle around her mouth careful to not touch her lips. "Are you sure you don't want the instant blowjob?" (BJ without showering first = +3000 Y) Well shit no, I am no longer sure of anything except I want my cock in your mouth. So yes ma'am. Please I'll have the instant BJ, please. LOL.

    This minor upsell is a little unfair, but I asked for a pro and I got one. This is all worth it in the end.

    Clearly at this point the instant BJ is not going to make me cum but it's a great job and I am well warmed up. Off to the bath. She has cleverly already made a bubble bath and puts me in the jacuzzi as she prepares her version of mat play without the mat. After a nice soak she puts me on the little stool and gives every inch of me a thorough cleaning. She does some mat-like tricks like straddling your arm and sliding her pussy all the way down from shoulder to wrist. It is not Paradise, but it is by far the best bath prep I received this year at THC.

    After bath prep it's off to the bed. To be honest I can recall all the details my eight girls this week are blending together a bit in a Jack and Coke haze. But here are some highlights.

    1. Her pussy is ridiculously tight, particularly for a thirty year old. When she was blowing me and I stick my index finger in it didn't go quite all the way. She did like 25 pussy clenches on it in rapid succession and eventually it went in but holy cow it is tight and she can pussy clench like no ones business.

    2. She must have done something right. I extended to 90 minutes.

    3. First time ever got a bit of a Japanese AV star move. About 75 minutes in I blow my stack thanks to very impressive BJ skills. She keeps it in her mouth and then on her knees looking right at me, she puts her hand under her chin and let's all my cum drool down her lips and pool in her hand. Wow. Don't see that everyday!

    Great attentive finishing shower and the walk back and Steve has one more experience in the rear view mirror.

    High recommend on Sumire if you want a great GFE with a bit of PSE thrown in for good measure. Had a whale of a time! Would repeat.

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    First Time in Paradise

    So Tokyo Hentai has a sister club that is a legitimate soapy. It's in Kawasaki, which I thought was far but it's not. It's just one subway stop from Shinigawa. So super easy to get to. It has earlier hours than THC and closes earlier so it's a great daytime option.

    Since we planned to do THC again late night we wanted to go early enough to Paradise to recover but ended up having to go at 1:45 to get the girls we wanted. This was OK though because we had awesome gyoza and ramen beforehand. I settled on their number 3 girl June and Chris took their number 1 Sophia.



    They were both OUTSTANDING! Our new favorite club!

    Paradise, being a full on soapy, includes FS in the price. This is really nice but believe me you will go here for the mat play. You have to get 90 minutes to do mat play. DO IT. You will never be the same. You will save all your pennies to go to Paradise.

    When you arrive, the great English speaking handlers will take your order (42000 Y for 90 minutes) and settle you in the waiting room with a coke or water. Soon enough it is time for the reveal. I am escorted to a curtain at the bottom of the stairs and when it opens there is June at the top. Nice. (Chris reports Sophia was kneeling and bowing which was a nice touch).

    I would say June is just a shade less cute than her pictures. Eyes not quite that big but still very pretty and with a bangin body if you like slim girls. She is super tiny with a tight stomach and toned abs. But her bubbly personality overall is the main attraction. What a sweetheart. And wait till you get to mat play. Gods gift to man.

    In the room I undress and she gets the shower ready. The rooms are a little older but very adequate for the purpose and quite spacious with bed, soaking tub and a large open area for mat play.

    Those that have been to a soapy before will recognize the routine but I will recount it here for newbies. First she sits you on a special U-shaped stool. Your butt cheeks go on the two ends of the U and that leaves your junk and butt open for easy access. And access she does!

    She soaps up my junk and all the way round to the far back. And puts the handheld shower all the way under. You will have the cleanest crack and ball sack ever! Plus it's super sexy. Paradise is all about service. You will feel like a king.

    Now it is time for me to tub-soak while she prepares the mat. Mat is really a misnomer. In much of AP they call it the rubber dingy and that is way more accurate. It is a huge queen size inflatable that is really thick and shaped slightly concave to keep all the slippery goo inside.

    The prep itself is kinda sexy to watch. She mixes up a bowl of Nuru gel which is the goddamn slipperiest stuff you've ever encountered. It's made from seaweed so it's all natural, which is good, because pretty soon June is going to be licking every inch of my body! She then spreads it liberally on the raft and starts sliding her body all over it to spread it around. I have plenty of nice visuals filed away on this!

    When the mat is prepped, June comes to get me and leads me by hand onto the mat. This is required as otherwise I'the bust my ass, but also very sweet. On the mat face down it is the most sublime experience ever. Your cock is running against the slippery mat as she rides up and down your legs. She hooks a foot under and suddenly she's stroking my balls. She is licking me everywhere. It is just a cacophony of sensations. A body symphony. And that is face down!

    After a while there is "the flip" where in a massage place is the signal for fun to start. Not here. You are nearly spent from sensory overload at the time of the flip. But yet it goes on. Some quality sliding. A bunch of DFK and then she puts a towel under my butt to keep me in place as she fucks the hell out of me.

    (FWIW Chris has done mat play a bunch of other places and he said his experience here was way over the top better than anywhere else).

    And fuck the hell out of me she did. She did a bunch of nice BBBJ and then put on the condom with her mouth always a nice pro touch and began to ride. Let me tell you, early on she confesses "I am a very horny girl" and she was not lying. I thought about trying to hold out but there was no prayer of that with her sexy moaning and riding like a blue-ribbon cowgirl! So I have an epic shot while on the mat.

    Of course we are not done. She gives me virtually no rest time and starts playing with my dick again. She is a very conscientious girl and asks to make sure it is not too ticklish. I say no and on she goes. More stroking and BBBJ then move to the bed with me hard again. (The 90 minutes course is clearly set up for a shot on the mat and one on the bed).

    We cuddle a bit but then get at it again. We do mish and cowgirl and doggie. With a lot of super nice DFK. As well I do some very nice DATY with her very responsive with a tight little knob you can easily locate and work. I do quite a bit of finger fucking as well with index inside curled up and thumb driving across the button. She seems to quite enjoy this. No earthshaking orgasm like Natasha, but a fun time was had by all!

    She returns to hand work and BJ to try to seal the deal, but as my fifth girl of the week and second shot in 75 minutes, it does not happen. Nonetheless she is a trooper right up to the bell. What a great girl.

    We kiss and shower and off I go to my next adventure. On the way out they have a rating form (they are sooooo good at customer service) and I give June top marks. Chris had a top of the world experience with Sophia as well. So much so we decide to swap girls the next day. But that is a story for tomorrow. Plus I have one more hottie to do before then. Stay tuned.

    Highest recommendation possible for Paradise, June and Sophia (in that order). A new favorite top worldwide venue!

    P.S. I have no affiliation with Paradise. Just dig it.

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    Tokyo Hentai Club. Natasha

    For early week Adventures of Steve check out the Taipei and Shanghai on to Tokyo....
    Touched down Tokyo Haneda around 9 PM and took the train into town. Really super easy. Any moron could do it. On the train we kept checking the Tokyo Hentai Club site and our favorite girls kept getting booked up! We almost pulled the trigger on prebooking but decided to save the 10% surcharge and take our chances.

    After checking in at hotel we went straight to THC Shinjuku to book. We got there about ten but our girls had already moved further out (pro-tip book in person early if you can no surcharge for in person cash booking). We settled for 11:45 meet-up for both our girls. I took Natasha.

    And Chris took Sara.

    Both are Diamond girls so 27000 Y+3000 Y CIM for an hour. Per the usual process we met our girls at the appointed time and walked to a nearby Love Hotel. We found one pretty quickly and settled in. We had a great time with both girls. Chris reports outstanding GFE with Sara. Here are the deets on Natasha.

    Natasha is a lovely girl inside and out. Beware if you hate tattoos she is not for you. She has quite a few and they are cheaply done single line drawings. I am not at all put off by this, but just FYI. She has a beautiful face and full woman curves without being fat.

    She offered joint shower which is standard at THC and did a nice job soaping me up and using the shower head to rinse me down. Some nice DFK in the shower and a little BBBJ preview (reminder to buy 3000 upgrade to CIM else CBJ) which was quite nice.

    On the bed quite a lot of DFK. I love the warmup and she is a very good kisser. Then she is headed down to the BBBJ again with some nice nipple work and tongue on the way down. She is quite skilled and I did have to stop her at one point and bring her up for DFK to avoid the early explosion. This speaks to her skills as she was the fourth girl of the week and so I have some stamina.

    She heads down for a bit more BJ and after a while I move her from sideways to 69. Fellas, I must say she has the perfect pussy. Small lips, lays open just a bit, lovely pink color. Just perfect in all ways. After some 69 I decide to move to full on DATY with her on her back to delay further.

    The DATY is wet and wild. She is lightly moaning and cooing. And she appears to be very real, because when I do certain things she is quiet and other things she moaning. Quick learner that I am, and smart girl that she is, I start to do only the moan-inducing actions.

    After a bit I spread her lips apart to get better clit access since she is somewhat covered up and this appears to be most welcome. Working it more directly after about another five minutes she has a bucking orgasm. Her knees actually shoot up behind her ears, she grabs my head to manage it and bucks like a bronco. Wow it seems like the real deal.

    She is of course now really in the mood to satisfy me and after some appreciative DFK gets a pillow under my hips to get better access to the boys. She really goes to town with great slurping and wet all over including serious ball action. Some final great shaft work and pow! Seriously this was possibly the most intense orgasm of my life. Maybe it was the hour delay or something but wow. I had like 5 strong shots and thought I was done but then came 7 or 8 more stronger shots. I don't know what the hell that was but it was GREAT!

    Shower and The usual walk back towards THC and separating some distance beforehand then on to the pub to debrief with Chris. Recommend both Sara and Natasha.

    P.S. We were again impressed with THC web professionalism. You can literally see up to the minute availability and they respond to chat instantly. So professional. We joke that many companies could learn a thing or two from THC.

    PPS no affiliation with THC just think it's great.

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    More scam news

    Osaka 'delivery health' business extorted customers in honban hoodwink.

    BY AMY TAKAHASHI ON March 6, 2019.

    OSAKA (TR) In Japan, paying for full sex is illegal and you might wind up getting swindled.

    Osaka Prefectural Police last month announced the bust of a so-called "delivery health" out-call service that extorted customers in a two-time payment ruse, reports evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 27).

    Police have apprehended 10 male and female persons connected with service Megumi, including Kenji Kubota, the 30-year-old manager. Since March of last year, the service is believed to have swindled 172 persons out of 22.54 million yen.

    The Reader's Digest version of one case went as follows. In August of last year, a female employee of Megumi provided sexual services to a male customer at a hotel in the Nipponbashi area of Chuo Ward that he thought he had paid for in advance. Thereafter, Kubota allegedly attempted to extort the customer out of about 50,000 yen.

    "We only demanded unpaid fees," Kubota was quoted by the Minami Police Station in denying the allegations.

    The full version of the ruse was actually carried out in two distinct parts, with various employees playing different roles.

    Kubota established a web site for Megumi, whose office is located near Nippombashi Station in Chuo. Two other male suspects served as street touts, offering passerby "beautiful ladies. ".

    Interested persons were directed to a love hotel and asked to make a payment in advance. Upon his entry to a room, a female employee from Megumi was already waiting inside.

    After supplying a requested non-coital sexual service, the employee asked if the customer was interested in honban, or full sex, which is prohibited under the Anti-Prostitution Law, at a to-be-negotiated price.

    When the session concluded, the employee told the customer that the hotel fee will be complimentary if he completed a survey and handed him a sheet of paper. Among the items in the survey was a question about whether he paid for honban, which he invariably had.

    Kubota then entered the room, demanding payment of the standard fee for Megumi, which was 58,000 yen for 90 minutes. After the customer responded by saying that he already paid, Kubota grabbed the survey and pointed out that the provision of honban is a prohibited act as mentioned on the service's web site.

    A deal was brokered whereby the victim was required to pay a settlement possibly as much as 1 million yen via cash withdrawn at a nearby ATM on the spot or at a later time. In order to ensure payment was made, Kubota took photocopies of identification cards. A payment reminder that included a threat to inform the victim's place of employment were sent via a social-networking service.

    Started in Ikebukuro.

    An investigator tells Gendai that Kubota started carrying out the same crime in the Ikebukuro entertainment area of Tokyo's Toshima Ward seven years. "After a crackdown, he came back to Osaka in January of last year," the source says.

    The arrest of Kubota for extortion is the second in the case. He was initially accused of fraud. Along with violations of the Anti-Prostitution Law, that is an unprecedented triumvirate, the investigator says.

    "For a delivery health service, that is a nationwide first," the source claims.

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    Paradise / THC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    I think your assumption may be wrong. Paradise is owned by same folks as THC and same Gaijin only model. If it's anything like THC I will be in love. I will be giving it a go at least once (maybe more depending) about 2 weeks hence and let you guys know.
    I've used both services in previous trips. Both were great and I plan to go there again in future trips. I was especially pleased with my visits to Paradise. Their prices were comparable to that of Yoshiwara soaps. There are some Yoshiwara soaps that were less expensive, but difficult to access if you are a gaijin.

    I did my homework before I visited, so I knew which ones were foreign friendly. However, you really need to have some Japanese speaking ability to get full access to foreign friendly soaps and deli-health establishments.

    On my last trip to Tokyo I visited Dolce, which is moderately priced and specializes in young looking girls. When I got there I was instantly tested on my speaking proficiency. I guess I failed, because of the 20+ girls on the roster for that day, I was given a choice of two. The one I ended up with wasn't really pleased to see me. Guess she want busy enough to refuse me. Young girls have a difficult time pretending to be happy when they aren't. I made the best of it but won't be going back. It was clear to me my acceptance was given begrudgingly.

    Compare that experience to paradise, it was like night and day. English speaking tencho, full provider options (no one off limits), very pretty Japanese girls (I went three times), and could call ahead and make a reservation. I felt very welcomed versus "being allowed to use this establishment". The only drawback was getting to Kawasaki. It is quite a haul.

    However, that will resolve itself soon, because Paradise management is opening a sister location in Yoshiwara in late March. Can't wait. I'm not sure if girls will transfer, they will hire new ones, or a combination of the two. Hopefully more doors will open in Yoshiwara. Time for that xenophobic culture to go away.

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    Tokyo Hentai Club

    For those who haven't seen them, Tokyo Night Style did a few "promotional-type" videos for Tokyo Hentai Club (THC). They used an AV star, Shiho Egami. The videos have been uploaded to a couple of different websites.

    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    Part 3 - (I believe this is the real part 3).

    There is another video on that website what states it is part 3 of the Tokyo Night Style review of THC, but it doesn't continue filming with Shiho Egami; it's a different woman. You can see that video here:

    While I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Shiho Egami, I have used THC once in the past and the girl was as friendly as Shiho was. Of course, YMMV. Also, if you wonder what the Tokyo Night Style website is, you can find it here:

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    Brave man

    Quote Originally Posted by FunMan13  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting Tokyo in June. Thank you for all the informative posts. I read this thread from Sept. 21,2017. Got a lot of info. Keep it up.
    Wait, you read all the posts in and you're not scared that Tokyo is a crime-ridden cesspool and that a cute 95 LB Japanese girl will steal your pants and your wallet? Brave man!

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