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    THC Reika. Is it Love?

    Name of Shop: THC Shibuya.

    Name of Provider: Reika.

    Order: Walk-in, 60 minutes, 27,000 JPY.


    It was a slow, sunny Saturday.

    I went for the short session with Reika, not expecting much. Her photos weren't great but reviews were all rave.

    After a short wait, the Pinoy attendant draws back the curtain to my booth to inform me the girl has arrived. But I don't see her anywhere. Is she hiding from me? : the.

    Whatever, I turn out of the THC reception and there's a girl there. She looks. OK. Dressed demurely in a blue cardigan and long, black dress. Not sexual at all. But she looks at me a certain way. She maintains eye contact, gazing into my soul.

    Having lived on this planet 32 years, I can tell by now when a girl likes me by the way she looks at me. And Reika was into me from the off.

    Reika immediately offers me full, penetrative sex for a 5 figure sum.

    I reply:

    "Well. Thank you. But I don't do full sex", playing hard to get.

    This deflates her, not in a desperate way, but in a flirty way.

    The way a female ego deflates and then inflates again, back and forth, as I push and pull, like a pick-up artist does.

    On the sofa, she snuggles up to me, squeezing my pecs, marveling at my "fit" body (she said it, not me). I stroke her back and neck like a cat so as to make her feel supremely comfortable and protected. I avoid sexual talk, and up close, ask her a series of personal questions:

    - Where are you from? You look mixed.

    - Do you have a boyfriend?

    - Does he know you're here, with me, now?

    The last question punctured her.

    She's giving in to me and showers me with kisses. Now she wants to take a shower herself.

    When we undress, I notice she is ever so slightly on the flabby side. She could certainly use more time on the cardio machine.

    But her breasts are a lovely size and shape. A handful and then some. Natural.

    However, because she's a little overweight, she isn't fulfilling her potential.

    With her tongue, Reika worships my sculpted body, licking it up and down while never letting go of my pecs.

    She's stripped down to her bra and thong. I am fully nude.

    Hugging and deep French kissing ensue. I hoist her up onto the sink counter and dry hump her.

    My penis is erect and I simulate Hollywood-style countertop sex, making sure not to penetrate. Her thong is still on and I make sure she feels my thrusts through the fabric.

    This dry hump action induces moans and groans, and with it, craving for the.

    In the bath we talk some more and I get to know her better.

    I won't bore you with details of that, but we end up in each other's arms, my fingers in her asshole, which she didn't object to, with our tongues wrapped around each other in ecstasy. I hop onto the slab above the bath where she gives me a blowjob. I note to myself that she hasn't mentioned anything about money since my earlier refusal. I am well and truly in game mode at this stage. Reika's blowjobs are slow, sloppy, and soft. Everything about her indicates to me that she's very "M". "M" meaning she leans towards masochism, preferring to be passive, to be dominated. So I throat gag her a few times, but reassure her with loving kisses in between.

    After a fine 20 minute bath, she suggests moving to the bed.

    On the bed, she says she wants to "flirt some more".

    We gaze into each other's eyes for what felt like an eternity. Her eyes are so beautiful, especially up close.

    In her photos, she looks awkward and unhappy, troubled even. But in this moment, she's smiling, and I'm happy too.

    I get on top of her to simulate more fucking, generating an erection.

    She looks at me, deep into my soul, defeated. I ask her if I can let my member kiss her too. She says ok.

    And so I obtain FS. Free of charge. Raw.

    I don't enter her all the way, because I don't want to rob her. Just a teaser for her today.

    But she never once resisted either by pushing me or pulling away.

    I didn't cum. In hindsight, I could likely have gotten away with it though.

    But we did exchange numbers. I hope to remain on good terms with Reika.

    We went over time by 15 minutes or so. She forgot to set her timer, but there was no rush.

    I offered, so we had coffee together there in the room, haha.

    Could this be love?

    If it isn't, then I don't know what is.

    Bunkyo Boss.

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    Happy Hinomaru. Soya


    First time going there walked around the block 2-3 times just to see the kinds of people hanging around. Eventually worked up the courage to walk up the steps. It was Sunday at around 12 am? So only 3 girls working, I opted to point at each picture and ask the guy what their names were, reading the reviews on another site I remembered "Soya" so I chose her.

    Asked if I needed the bathroom, I did and then the guy escorted me to a booth. Soya came by said our hellos and she placed a paper mat for me to sit on. We chatted for a bit and then she wiped me down and my hands then got to work. Soya is this busty lady in her mid to late 30's. I asked if I could grab her tits and rub her pussy she said OK.

    I grabbed her huge tits while she sucked me off and started rubbing her pussy trying to manage a finger in. She was only slightly wet so I opted to just rub her clit while she continued on my knob.

    I felt quite a bit of teeth when she was doing her service but nonetheless good enough to make me blow within the time limit. She kept sucking even after I was done pumping to make sure that everything was out. I liked that a lot.

    She cleaned me up and asked me if everything was good. I said yes. She walked me out.

    L- 6.5/ A- 8/ S -7.

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    Anyone have any luck with this?

    Quote Originally Posted by RafaelX12  [View Original Post]
    I'm doing an information dump on my findings with using Korean escorts in Tokyo Japan, please use all the information below to our advantage and set a good example for the Korean shops as a foreigner!

    Recently been doing some scouting around town and have noticed that a lot of the Korean delivery health that used to ban foreigners are now taking them. This is probably due to the influx of foreigners becoming more and more every year as 2020 rolls in. I'd like to give a few of you some tips on how to find the shop of choice..
    Just wondering if its realistic for someone with no Japanese language skills to try and book with a Korean deli? Has anyone tried this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Applesauce  [View Original Post]
    Where did you see these Chinese women? On a trip earlier this year I checked that open plaza in front of the Apa Hotel Shinjuku and saw no working girls. Maybe I was too early as it was around 10:30 pm-11 pm.
    The ones I saw in this particular area were on the north-south street that makes up the eastern edge of the main Kabukicho grid. Looking at Google maps, I think it's called Higashi Dori, but it could also be one street further easy, Kuyakusho-dori. Can't recall which cross street it was, but there aren't that many of them. Probably two or three blocks to the north of Kabukicho's southern edge.

    If there are any out, they will say "massagee" if you get close and make eye contact. I just happened to meet one who I thought was sexy and we were able to come to terms, but I don't recall most of them being real lookers. Then again, I wasn't really looking, I just chanced into this encounter and tried it on a whim. If I hadn't met this particular woman I would have used a delivery health service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taipan68  [View Original Post]
    Sometimes the formatting on ISG causes the text to goes awry. The coupon gave you what, a 30% (30 yen, 300 yen, 3000 yen) discount on your next visit?
    I'm pretty sure it was 3000 because I remember it being about 30 USD. FWIW it had to be used within a week. Either way I appreciated it.

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    Soapland Paradise Discount Coupon

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeLooking  [View Original Post]
    When I was leaving {Paradise Soapland} the guy gave me some coupons. One knocked 30 off the price of the next visit..
    Sometimes the formatting on ISG causes the text to goes awry. The coupon gave you what, a 30% (30 yen, 300 yen, 3000 yen) discount on your next visit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreshBreezer  [View Original Post]
    Dear mongers,

    Can anyone help me with some details in Yokosuka, or point to any relevant thread.

    I have plans to visit there for a week including weekends in Nov. Any help is much appreciated.

    Do not go near the massagi girls. They will rip you off. Watch out for mickies in some bars and also the massagi girls. My recommendation. Beat your meat.

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    Arrived in Tokyo airport with a long layover. Wanted to go to aixim. Discovered it takes almost 3 hours round-trip and costs around $60 us.

    Decided not to go.

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    I wasn't really in Tokyo to monger but the women on the streets were very preoccupied with their phones so I took the p4 p route.

    My first trip was to Tokyo Hentai Club. I went with a short chick with tattoos. She was very pretty and extremely sensual. The options were vast but I selected just 90 minutes with the instant blowjob. The experience started out good. Again, she was very sensual and her English was great. As I rubbed my dick on her pusssy following a great BBBJ I really wanted to enter. That's when things went downhill. She told me it would be 20 k more. I'm fairly cheap and definitely set a limit with what I'll pay for pussy and that was well beyond the threshold. Based on what I've read here I also felt like she was attempting to take advantage. So I had her suck me off some more and then lied about wanting to see her again. Like I said she was very cute and sensual but that was a very expensive blowjob and I chose not to repeat during my few days in Tokyo.

    My next stop was Paradise in Kawasaki (sp). When I got there, the guys at the door were very welcoming. I sat in a room and he had the girls come in one by one. A few were more plump than I wanted but three fit the bill, including one with a back covered in tattoos. I asked the guy for help choosing and ended up going with a chick whose name I can't remember but it sounded like a western name. I opted for 90 minutes to try the nuru and to take my time. Overall the damage wasn't that bad considering I was expecting nuru as well as sex and lookswise she was better looking than the average chick in my city who wants 400 USD / HR.

    When the room was ready, she met me on the stairs. She didn't speak much english but took my hand and let me to the room. When I say took my hand I don't mean held and led, I mean interlocked fingers like we were a couple of something. I know it was fake, but for me those small touches are what make the money worth spending. When we got to the room she helped me undress. IMO that's one of the best things a hooker can do and often a sign of how fun they'll be. She folded my clothes and was very gentle with things.

    Once undressed she ran the bath water and had me get in. After a quick soak, she had me sit on the stool and she cleaned me from top to bottom slowly and with great care, even reciprocating my kisses on her neck. After she had scrubbed a bit she started a BBBJ. She couldn't go deep but it was one of those slow enjoyable bjs that one can't complain about. After some time she got the nuru thing read and had me lay down. She massaged me a bit and then began to kiss my body. This was great and included some rimming and her even sucking my toes. Eventually a condom appeared (she had them tucked into towels) and she put it on with her mouth. Some vigorous sex in an extremely tight vagina followed.

    I wasn't able to finish on the nuru mat so we moved to the bed where I drilled her some more. Sometimes I struggle to finish in condoms, especially with hooker so we went back to the BJ. She had been very sweet and accomodating so when I was ready to cum I had her jack me off since I don't know how to say much Japanese. After I came I was still hard so I pointed at my dick and she happily continued to suck.

    We wrapped things up with a massage and some cuddling. Cuddling is not something I like doing with hookers but I felt that given the vibe it was a nice way to finish things off. In true Asian fashion, she helped me dress and held my hand down the stairs. She even kissed me before sending me on my way.

    Overall I enjoyed the experience and wanted to go back but had no time. While some may say the price is high an hour is roughly 250 USD which is cheaper than GFE hookers in my medium sized city and from what I understand the hour just means only 1 pop and no nuru. Apparently you get the full hour though so if you pop in 5 minutes she'll massage you or whatever.

    If someone were to ask me which I preferred, this or THC, I'd say paradise. In addition to getting to see the girls in person you don't have to pay for a love hotel. Sex also seems to be guaranteed whereas I feel like the THC girls can really say whatever when you get to the room.

    Next time I'm in Japan I see no way I won't go back once or even twice to see the girls at Paradise, I might even try one at each shop. Oh and one more thing. When I was leaving the guy gave me some coupons. One knocked 30 off the price of the next visit.

    While I can't say that the girls were drop dead gorgeous (I'm apparently not really into Japanse chicks) if the others are even half as sensual as she is then I'm guessing most guys will have a good time. The only thing I would change is trying to learn some Japanese first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElephantBeer  [View Original Post]
    I live in the PI for last decade, now traveling around Japan for a month. I've been to Tokyo three times but just for business (and drinking). Never attempted the RLD scene there.

    About 10 yr ago I read about all the Pink shops to get a BBBJ. However after reading the first 6 pages of this forum it sounds:

    1. Expensive.

    2. Scammish.

    3. often condom.

    4. Generally not very cool.

    I'm with my GF, and can get away for a bit, but I get BBFS at home in the PI for USD 25.

    I doubt BBFS from a Japanese girl is even on the table. So won't even bother looking.

    However, if I wanted to pop into a shop that offered BBBJ for a decent price. Would it be possible? If anyone could provide a name or two it would be much appreciated.

    I'm staying in Shinjuku.
    I wasn't in town long but I think the scams were largely when you deal with the touts on the streets. Pricing at paradise was pretty up front. Tokyo Hentai Club was fairly straightforward with most pricing too. Regarding it being expensive, expensive is relative. Tokyo is the largest city in the world IIRC and has a cost of living to match. Expecting to find 25 girls there would be like going to LA and expecting the same. You might find it but there will probably be a reason she's working for such a cut rate. I'll also add that cost of living in the Philippines is far less than Japan and I think for many Filipinas 25 can still go a long way especially if they're from one of the smaller towns. Regarding the bb thing, I've always found that some Filipinas have and odd attitude towards having kids and some are a bit ignorant of stds, especially when it comes to white guys (sorry to make an assumption about you). BBFS is likely available but again you're either looking at getting it from providers who don't care or you're going to pay a premium for it, unless somehow you find one that really desires you. Personally I like unprotected sex as much as the next guy but when dealing with possibly high volume hookers as well as hookers whose customers are a pretty transient population I think it's best to probably ere on the side of caution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreshBreezer  [View Original Post]
    Dear mongers,

    Can anyone help me with some details in Yokosuka, or point to any relevant thread.

    I have plans to visit there for a week including weekends in Nov. Any help is much appreciated.

    Using the search function will point to any relevant posts. Look in the Yokohama thread too.

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    Visit a Porn Set

    It is possible to visit a jav porn set in Tokyo as foreigner? Maybe just to see the making of (or more)? Have someone informations?

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    Yokosuka Help

    Dear mongers,

    Can anyone help me with some details in Yokosuka, or point to any relevant thread.

    I have plans to visit there for a week including weekends in Nov. Any help is much appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Runon99  [View Original Post]
    I did recently go with a CHINESE woman I met on a corner in Kabukicho, but I talked her into going to my venue of choice (a love hotel) rather than hers (a massage cubicle) and and for pre-negotiated services (GFE / FS) rather than what she was trying to sell (massage). My spider sense told me it would be a safe and fun experience and it was, but there was still some risk involved.
    Where did you see these Chinese women? On a trip earlier this year I checked that open plaza in front of the Apa Hotel Shinjuku and saw no working girls. Maybe I was too early as it was around 10:30 pm-11 pm.

    Ignoring the touts in Kabukicho is easy enough. Even as a single guy the touts all called out to me in Japanese, English and Chinese and I just ignored them all. No one physically approached me fortunately.

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    June is Awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by ReimuFan3432  [View Original Post]
    I go to this place frequently when in Japan. Its easy to access and pretty efficient.

    The 3 P service does not include lesbian action I am pretty sure, but I have not ordered 3 P enough to confirm. The 3 P is still very nice, as its more like Servent Girl-Master relation rather than a more Western one with experimenting and what not. I think if lesbian stuff happens, its out of pure luck and mood of the girls. But I mainly just get solo.

    The main services you get is cow girl and a bath. Those seem the most common.

    I really like the girl Sakura. She has nice feminine curves I get lost in OwO Her kisses taste really good. It is a distinct taste though, so you might be different. Pretty skilled in bed- its amazing what she can do. The voice is High! Very high voice. I love it, as she seems like one of those anime girls who are immature. Very cute. But the complete opposite of a deep volce. Her face makes me melt when looking at her. Submissive anime girl feel.

    Another girl I really like is June. She has nice short hair that goes with her face. Her mannerisms are outgoing and sexy. Like she just seems so excited for sex LOL. Just overall pretty fun to have- can't go wrong with her. Liked her ass! Very genki girl.

    Finally, this young girl Ria. I do not know if she's still around. Really sexy body and face- felt like being with athletic girl. She is more passive, so you have more control in the situation. Just felt good to dominate! Had really good time. Definitely really worth the money.

    So yeah, Paradise in Kawasaki is pretty great and just really convenient to walk in and enter. Was not aware of other Paradise chains till this site.
    June is one of my all time favorite girls worldwide. She told me "I am a very horny girl" and no lie she surely seems to get into it in a big way. She is also the consummate Japanese service girl cleaning your balls so lovingly etc. LOL.

    BTW she had a very active Tumblr. She posts daily. So if you miss her cute face or ass just go to Tumblr. Plenty of both!

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