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    Nightclubs, hotels are worst choice

    As I've said before, you won't find escort girls in Almaty, where you've read they would be. For instance, there are no streetwalkers on Sain or Seifullin street anymore. No escort ads in Caravan newspaper. Today you find the girls either online or in a nightclub, hotel.

    Let's start with worse choice a nightclub. What ain't bad about a nightclub is that you actually see the girl. Looking at her face you instantly understand whether you want to stay with her. All other things are downsides: you can't see her tits and body (possibly may disappoint you when clothes are off), girls heavily overprice you (double at least, triple average), you pay their drinks / food, they may get boozed, your choice is limited with 2-3 of them (if lucky). Robbery is unlikely, but probable, so watch your wallet. Still, to those fans of nightlife I can say. There are some decent clubs (though overall the city is not a party paradise). Go, if your primary goal is to dance, flirt, get drunk, and have a good time. Sex-wise, consider better options.

    The worst choice is a hotel. Unless they give you the contacts of an escort, paid sex guide, which they don't for now. I'm working to fix it (launched my own site on platform. And that's the first step), and hopefully will. The escort guide has local escort daily monitored, can customize your request down to several options, and give you the best choice possible, thus saving you from waste of time and money.

    So, back to hotel today, if you check at reception desk, they may call a girl to your room. Not in all hotels, but in most definitely. Pro is that you won't have to go anywhere in the city. Cons are little choice, no visual selection (no face, no body), overpricing (usually double). The choice can be categorized in two. First they send you an absolutely random girl, which I believe is no choice at all. She could be too old, too fat, with saggy tits, or just out of your liking. Chances you like her are minimal. Second which is rare they give you some kind of visual catalogue to select from. I bet it'll be full of glossy pictures with tall model-looking girls of European (Caucasian) race. If so, then the catalogue is a fake, and regardless of your selection you still have no choice they're going to keep sending you girls who don't match "their" photos. As I said in the previous post, most girls here are Kazakh / half-breeds, 167 cm in height and if you see otherwise the catalogue is a fake. Though local escort girls do professional photo shoots, look for more amateur pictures (not less than 50% of all girl's photos). If all girl's portfolio is a glossy fucking magazine, skip her it's extremely likely photos ain't hers.

    Browsing the girls online is the best option. True prices, photos, wide choice. But the best option doesn't mean the easiest one overcoming search challenge is the topic of my next post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pussycheck  [View Original Post]
    Do you think it's worth to go to Almaty just for the girls?

    Is in Almaty a large choice of beautiful girls on escort and in nightclubs to choose from available?

    How much is usually the price for a full night with a girl there?

    How is the scene in Almaty compared to the ones in the following other countries in this area:

    Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

    Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

    Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

    Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
    I like to think that it's worth to come to Almaty just for the girls. Though consider other options in my "Why Almaty" post.

    Yes the choice is pretty large, but it takes lots of effort to find one. Though density of beauties is pretty high in the city, to find them in escort costs you a big effort. That's all because culture-wise women in KZ are pretty conservative. For parents to find their daughter in escort would be a huge shame, that's why many photos of girls are faceless. Due to this conservativeness there are only few motives for a pretty girl to go escorting. One leading is curiosity that in turn requires bravery. Bravery is not about women. And that's the reason why local escort market changes so quickly. You are unlikely to find a girl you've been with three months later. She's likely to quit escorts at all. More of it in my future posts. In a nightclub the choice goes down to 2-3 girls, if you're lucky.

    Full night price varies drastically. One girl may include the price of every hour you spent with her, another just double-triple price hourly rate. Also, not every girl would agree for a night.

    Many experts believe Kazakhstan is the best among -stan countries for its ethnicity tolerance, peacefulness and beauty. Almaty and its surroundings is known for its beautiful nature scenery. Check this Though other cities and countries I'm sure have something to offer you. Choice is yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DubyaMan88  [View Original Post]
    Almaty has incredibly beautiful girls. Normal costs are about US $ 120 for a single shot / one hour and US $ 140 for two shots / two hours. Hotels are generally very friendly and several cab drivers / hotel concierges can arrange room service. Have fun.
    Do you think it's worth to go to Almaty just for the girls?

    Is in Almaty a large choice of beautiful girls on escort and in nightclubs to choose from available?

    How much is usually the price for a full night with a girl there?

    How is the scene in Almaty compared to the ones in the following other countries in this area:

    Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

    Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

    Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

    Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheema  [View Original Post]
    I will be arriving in Almaty and than Astana in few days, any help or recommendation about girls will be appreciated. I am looking for tartar / Uzbek and Kazakh girls. I am senior member and have contributed to this forum a lot and have written posts about 20 destinations across the world. I think I deserve some help from this forum as I have found central Asia is difficult place to get any info. Anybody willing to share info can PM me. I will be very thankful.
    Almaty has incredibly beautiful girls. Normal costs are about US $ 120 for a single shot / one hour and US $ 140 for two shots / two hours. Hotels are generally very friendly and several cab drivers / hotel concierges can arrange room service. Have fun.

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    Why Almaty

    Why come here? Well, you may be coming among those 2 million visitors of Expo 2017 in Astana. Then it only takes 2 hours to get to Almaty, the biggest city and the cultural capital of Kazakhstan. You may come to Almaty if you're a fan of nomadic culture. You may look for non-crowded inexpensive ski resort and find it here. Horse delicacies may lead you to this city, if you're a carnivore. Or you may end up here meeting your future wife. But of course these reasons aren't the topic of this site. So straight to local girls.

    The schtick of local girls is in their half-Asian and half-European look. The city is the place where not only ethnicity (Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, Uighur, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbek, Tajikistan, Turkish, Armenian, Georgian and even korean) but races collide. Locals believe Almaty girls are the most beautiful in the world, and maybe this belief ain't that far from true, because Almaty is a genetic melting pot with lots of half-breeds. Every country has its beauties, but here a good-looking density is way higher. Just copy-paste names below in google (click pictures) to see what you may expect (these are not pros, they're local celebs for you to see what face type you're going to encounter in Almaty):

    Aidana Medenova.

    Zhanar Nurbaeva.

    Sabina Shaimardanova.

    Asel Sadvakasova.

    Kamala Arslanova.

    Gulmira Erkimbayeva.

    Oydin Yusupova.

    And know there's a high chance you will meet similar beauty in the city, and pretty good chance you'll encounter such beauty in escort.

    In the upcoming post I'm going to tell you where to find cuties in Almaty.

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    Overview from a local guy

    Hey everyone!

    My name's Dosjan and I'm a frequent visitor of escort girls in Almaty. I mean really frequent. I'm local and I happen to meet girls at least couple of times a week.

    I've been to many countries and always managed to find a girl I needed thanks to the information local people provided. But when it comes to Almaty you're always short on information most of it turns to be outdated, misrepresented or simply not true. At least this is what I've heard from my foreign friends. I've checked it myself and now it seems to be true to me. So I want to fix this in order to pay my dues to those who helped me.

    I'm going to share things I've learned about the city escort. I'll tell you about challenges, bust some of the myths, try to give you the most real status of local escort. In the end, you're going to be just like at home here.

    Below is the list of topics I'm going to cover in the upcoming posts:

    Why come here.

    Where to look for girls.

    What's the price.

    Search challenge.

    Meeting challenge.

    Language challenge.

    Legal Issues.



    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Soho Club

    Arriving at Soho Club early Saturday evening, I sat down at an outside table to have dinner. When I attempted to use Google translate on the Russian menu, it turned out to be in Kazakh. Luckily, they also had an English menu. I ordered pasta with salmon. When my food finally arrived, I was served a... pizza! After another long wait, I finally got the dish I ordered.

    I patiently waited outside, drinking cheap 0.5L glasses of draft Soho beer (450 KZT +10% service charge), while watching the crowd shuffle in. The only truly hot chick I spotted was a petite, blonde Russian girl. By the time I made it inside, she & her older friend had already hooked up with a couple of Asian gentlemen. The entire company was severely butchering the English language.

    The band was playing a mix of Russian & western tunes. The female singer was a perfect Barbie doll. Alas, the male singer - a perfect Ken doll - was her boyfriend.

    A regular explained that the hookers tended to hang out right in front of the bar. Most seemed past their sell-by date. I wasn't impressed. Feeling ambitious, I ventured onto the dance floor, then checked out the talent at the surrounding tables. My eyes popped when I spotted a fresh-looking blonde Asian girl. I first chatted with her in the smoking room. Miss Y was an 18 yo Kazakh girl of Korean descent. I joined Y & her girlfriend at their table as they finished their pizza, then excused myself to visit the little boy's room. By the time I came back, Y's boyfriend had shown up. Damn!

    Luckily, I'd already gotten Y's phone number. The next day, I contacted her via WhatsApp, and invited her to visit my apartment. Y asked for 200 USD at first, but eventually agreed to 100 USD for a single pop. Y showed up 2 hours late and appeared apprehensive & scared. Definitely not a pro!

    Y revealed her pristine, nubile body & lay down on the bed. As I opened her legs, and dived for the prize, Y seemed shocked. She soon loved the new sensation of having her pussy licked, though, and got soaking wet. As I was attempting to kiss her, Y directed my dick inside her tight, wet snatch. As I started banging away, Y got loud - damn loud! When I pulled her on top, Y was grinding my dick like a cat in heat. I shook her ass around and enjoyed the view of this young kitten rocking my world. When I got back on top, Y was holding me so tight, and finally surrendered her tongue, triggering a huge explosion.

    Judging from her WhatsApp profile pictures, Y is married by now...

    Back to Saturday night at the Soho Club. The band had stopped playing. It was getting late and I still didn't have a date. My heart skipped a beat when a jaw-dropping beauty made her entrance. She was in mixed company, so the safest approach was to address the guy. He turned out to be an Irish expat. The other girl was his Azeri wife. The babe causing the bulge in my pants was "very single". Hallelujah! After the Irish guy & his wife left, Mariam & I were the only people left in the club. High time to negotiate a deal with my exotic Azeri stunner. Mariam asked for 300, then 200 USD for the night. Steep, but I was hooked!

    Mariam was an absolute delight. She loved French kissing. She was passionate. She was horny. When I woke up, opened my eyes, and gazed upon Mariam's angelic face, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.


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    Almaty Escorts

    My 1st night in Almaty, I didn't have a local phone number yet, and was thus limited to escorts on WhatsApp. Since I don't speak any Russian, I didn't want to deal with taxis & complicated directions. Even though outcall is often considerably more expensive in Almaty, I wanted a girl willing to visit my apartment.

    Amaliya & Kama weren't online. Vikulya was online, but didn't reply. The 1st girl to reply was Stella. She wanted 25000 KZT for an hour. When she agreed to pictures, I sent her my address, then patiently waited for 2 hours before she finally showed up.

    Stella was the girl in the pictures, though she's probably older than advertised. She would only give me a CBJ. She was constantly urging me to cum, which was a major turn-off. She wouldn't surrender her tongue until I told her it would help make me cum. In short, Stella wasn't the best performer, but she did put Kazakhstan on the map. Country #64!

    Once armed with a local number, I had a much larger pool to fish in. I'd compiled a list of my favorite 20 escorts. I texted them all, in Google translate Russian. Very few girls replied. The girls who did reply wouldn't agree to pictures. When I received phone calls, with an automated message in Russian, I had no idea what to do. I later found out I was being asked to accept a collect call. When I texted the girls again, explaining I didn't speak Russian, and could only communicate by text, they lost interest. If you don't speak the lingo, dealing with Almaty escorts is a big 'ol hassle!

    The only other escort I met in Almaty was nowhere near my favorites list. Aika Zaika wanted 35000 KZT to visit my apartment for an hour, when it was only 10000 KZT in her apartment. The outcall rate did include anal sex, though, which was normally 10000 KZT extra (at the time of my visit). Even after we'd reached a deal, Aika only replied sporadically. She's a really busy girl, who gets fucked non-stop. It took over 4 hours before she finally showed up!

    Aika looked much older than her pictures. Or maybe she was just the worse for wear after getting pummelled all day & night. In any case, I was not at all attracted to her. I couldn't fault her performance, though. As soon as I dropped my pants, Aika was down on all fours, greedily sucking my dick. She rode my dick like an energizer bunny. As I was drilling her ass hard, my sweat drops were dropping on her face. Most girls get annoyed by that - Aika just licked off my sweat! I gave it my all, pounding both her holes as hard & as long as I could, but the cum shot remained elusive. As I collapsed totally exhausted, Aika refused to admit defeat. She immediately ripped off the condom, and shoved my dick up her throat. She was seductively looking into my eyes, but that wasn't helping. I closed my eyes and imagined being with the gorgeous Almaty escorts I'd only seen pictures of. Aika relentlessly sucked my dick until I finally exploded in her mouth. She kept on sucking long after I came & swallowed every drop.

    Aika stayed much longer than agreed. If you don't care about looks, and just want a total sl*t who's up for anything, she's your girl.

    Coming back from Bishkek, I only had a very short stay in Almaty. I still managed to meet up with Sogdiana from Badoo. This Kazakh / Uzbek hottie was an international hoe, who'd previously worked in exotic places such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Dubai. Unlike the escorts, she spoke good English. With no kissing whatsoever, CBJ & totally fake moans, the service sucked, though. Waste of 100 USD!


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    Good report

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheema  [View Original Post]

    I visited Almaty as part of my Central Asia trip, I reached Almaty from Dushanbe by Astana air...
    Good report Cheema. I share your impressions and think it is an accurate description of Almaty and Astana. I expect there may be some more opportunities for someone with a lot of time and a lot of local knowledge, but it is certainly not a good sex tourism destination.


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    Trip report September 2016


    I visited Almaty as part of my Central Asia trip, I reached Almaty from Dushanbe by Astana air, took a bus from airport and went to city nobody on bus could speak english. Bus stops at a place after an hour and I was told that this last stop and I should leave the bus. After leaving the bus I waited for 20 min for taxi but no taxis on road. A guy on an old private car gave me lift and drop me at my hotel and I paid him the rent for ride, he gave me his number for city tour. I was staying in holiday inn which was nice hotel but nothing is close and you have to call taxi for everything. I get a sim card from a nearby mall and rest that night.

    Day 2.

    On day 2 I searched on found a Kazakh girl with a lot of reviews, contact her on whatsapp and she quoted 100 usd for one hour, I accepted her offer and she was in my hotel in 30 minutes. She was bit old, and she was more of PSE than GFE offered everything. But overall not a good experience as she was not much beautiful and I am not a fan of PSE.

    Day 3.

    My tour falls on weekdays and it was Tuesday, at night I went to club Esperanza but it was empty just few couples, I went outside the club and ask the taxi guy about Devushka Russian word meaning girl, he took me to another road and than call, two girls came out both were Russian, one from Moscow one from Crimea, I declined them. They ask me to wait as few more girls are coming after some time two cars came. Two girls came out from car both were young and slim but both were taken by guys which came in another car. As it was my last night in Almaty I selected the girl from Crimea which I declined before, she had a good face but her body was heavy. In the room when she remove clothes I was in a shock her body was flabby like women have after child birth, flabby breasts and tummy. I went through one shot and ask her to go, Overall waste of 100 usd and time.

    DAY 4. I called the taxi guy from my first day and he came to my hotel and we started the city tour at 2000 kzt per hour, I took the city tour visiting ski resort and TV tower on the hill and all other places after that I ask her about girls, he told me there is a street near old railway station which have working girls standing on road at night but as it was a day there was no girls available. I left for Astana by night train.

    Overall Almaty is nice city but not tourist friendly, no one speak english, difficult to find taxis, no central area to move around, girls are lovely but working girls are mostly low level Russian or central Asian.


    Day 1.

    Astana is a nice beautiful, planned new capital of Astana, one of the most beautiful city I have visited. I reached in the morning by train, stayed at hotel Duman, did sightseeing in the day, at night wanted to go to club but they were closed as it was Thursday, called some girls from Kizdar but sent them back as they were not like photos.

    Day 2.

    My last day in Astana as I had flight in the evening, called different girls on Kizdar and sent them back, then went to fashion club but it was going open at midnight and I had flight so ask the taxi guy about girl he bring a girl but I didn't like her. Leave for airport at 1 am.

    Overall I am disappointed by Kazakhstan in general, wasted my 6 days there, otherwise 3 days will be enough to see these cities. No mamba girls, no club scene, and online girls are hit and miss.

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    Bait and switch

    You guys. This is why bait and switch exists. You get baited and switched and you accept it. Then you go back to the poisoned well and drink from it again. Get baited and switched again.

    There is no loss to the agency to send you the wrong girl. There is only a loss to the girl for her time and you for your time. So they will do it because they know that generally once you have the option in front of you you're going to accept it anyway.

    The end result is fake photos everywhere. If you don't like the situation of fake photos everywhere, stand up for yourself once in a while and say no I'm sorry I don't know who you are and close that door.

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    Help need in Uralsk

    Hello friends,

    I could not see any reports on Uralsk. Will there be any chance to have some fun in Uralsk?

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    Help needed in Astana

    Dear fellows,

    I will be in Astana at the beginning of November and staying at Tengri Hotel. First of all, does anyone know this hotel is girl friendly? Second, any help to find pretty girls is appreciated.


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    Almaty Escorts

    I RTFF before going to Almaty, and it seemed that maybe it is not the best place for mongering. But seeing the gorgeous women day after day for 4 days, I had to try something. There are a number of online escort services that claim to have a legion of escorts with some crazy good looking pictures. So on the fifth night I started dialing their numbers. As mentioned elsewhere in the forum, most of the numbers did not respond even after multiple tries, and even on whatsapp. Maybe the sites are dead or maybe the agencies work only on some days. Finally got through to the number on, a man replied with perfect English. He said I could tell him which girl I wanted and he would check if they were available. I gave him some options from the list, he shot down 1 or 2 saying they were not available. Finally he said that "X" and "why" were available. So, I selected girl "X" (read on later why I am not mentioning the name). He said she would be there in 30 minutes, but she arrived after 1 hour at my hotel (straight to the room, no problem from the front desk). When I opened the door, I found she was nowhere close to looking like the "X" in the pictures. "are you X", I asked. She seemed quite surprised. "No, I am why". In fact, she did not look anywhere close to the photos of "why" on the site. Well, maybe if you look really closely and try to imagine away a lot of photoshopping there was a slight resemblance. Anyway. The hour was late and she was quite good looking though not exactly the kind a prefer so we got down to business. No complaints at all about the service- it was as good as one could expect and IMHO well worth the USD 200 fee (all inclusive, no tips expected or paid). Very friendly girl, eager to please and spoke good English.

    So after a couple of days I dialed the number again. The same guy answered, the first thing I asked was why he switched girls on me. He said that X was not available after all so he sent why, and was the service OK? So I said service was fine, that's why I was calling again and this time we settled on Z. She arrive right on time, again no problem coming up to my room. But this time, most certainly she was nowhere near the Z in the pictures on the site. Age maybe 6-7 years more than advertised, body not as good. Once again, she was very friendly, but did not speak much English. Very good service again.

    The conclusion I could draw was that at least on this site the photos don't matter at all. You select a girl from the photos and they would send you someone with probably a similar color of hair, but that is probably where the resemblance ends. At the same time, it also seems that Kazakh girls are friendly and give good service. If only the site could be more honest and put up true pictures, or maybe send over actual pictures before sending the girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheema  [View Original Post]
    I will be arriving in Almaty and than Astana in few days, any help or recommendation about girls will be appreciated. I am looking for tartar / Uzbek and Kazakh girls. I am senior member and have contributed to this forum a lot and have written posts about 20 destinations across the world. I think I deserve some help from this forum as I have found central Asia is difficult place to get any info. Anybody willing to share info can PM me. I will be very thankful.
    Hey man.

    What information do you need exactly? Give questions, I'll give you answers.

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