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    Clean action in Kathmandu

    Hi fellow mongers,

    I'll be in Kathmandu early next week after a week in Pokhara. I'm looking forward to some action but the posts below do not inspire confidence. Still I'm hoping. Post #409 and #406 are quite helpful. I might try the bus park.

    I will greatly appreciate any contact information for a decent action. Short and clean, that is. Thanks. Hopefully I will get an opportunity to file a report on action in Kathmandu.

    Please PM me.

    Thanks so much.

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    Kathmandu Dec. 15

    Hi all,

    First sorry for my English is not so good but trough the years I have read this post and now I would like to give my small report.

    I come KTM every year for business, normally I expend one week every year in here. DON'T GO to dancing Bars is the first and most important rule. They will only cheating you.

    Based in my experience the best way to have what we want are the Massage parlors. Normally the girls there are 3/10 they will charge 500-600 rp for 30' minutes massage (bargaining) and then you can negotiate with the girl a HJ for about 500 extra. My strategy normally is to visit previously all the massage places. Going inside one by one, I found it funny and you can see the girls in there. When I found the girl that is OK for me, then I start to bargaining the price for massage only, not talk about sex, just massage. Massage places normally are very dirty places, so this way normally I don't expect to have a fuck just a HJ, but some times you can find a some nice girls in that places.

    In this trip I found a very good girl of 20 years old called Sandritha or some thing like that, 8/10 she work in a massage in Indra chowk. Really good body nice face and have sex (fast sex) for 2500 rp including about 10 minutes legs massage and 5 minutes HJ.

    If some one interesting I will share the massage GPS coordinates (I am not sure if this is allowed by the forum rules) after Saturday (I go out KTM this Saturday, so I don't want to have over booking in the place).

    Best regards.

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    Vacation in Nepal

    Heading to Nepal next month for a week, if anyone can PM me the number to contact, would be highly appreciated.

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    Hi GermanyReisen,

    Can you please PM me the number will be great help cause m new here in KTM and wants to have some fun.




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    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

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    Try your luck

    Well, been to Kathmandu many times and tried different areas. Just pointing, if you hit, your luck. A very famous area for mongering in Kathmandu is the bus station (they call it bus park), there are many hotels where you can take your girls without any restrictions, even in some you can ask the hotel boy (but nicely). Before booking your hotel, just hang around nearby the small Tibetan market. There are touters for commission for letting out the rooms of many hotels. If you meet any of them just explain them nicely for GF hotel and also tell them that you are looking for girl, offer them a commission and they will help you out. [Deleted by Admin] . 4 years back it was. In the same area there is a bridge on which you will see some indes when the night falls, but always take your own hotel. Because once one indie took me to her hotel which was pathetic. 1 k per shot. Another famous area is Ratna park. But be careful LE could catch your attention and there are many lady boy. When the night falls some offer a quick BBBJ under the tree in a corner. They were asking 3/4 k for night but for the best one there are many monger following. So, it's a game of talent and I never succeed. Rather I hooked up once in Norling resto / pub. Try to avoid bars in Thamel. It cost me a lot and the girls always try to rip you off. Never succeed. Hope it will help little bit.

    Happy mongering!


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    Went to a dance bar named Maria in Phulchok. Seems nice place. There are 2 -3 other dance bars nearby within 5 min walking distance. The place looked reasonable and spent 30 min there. Had number of two girls and called them home next day. For full day they charged around 5 k (3 rounds). Had good GFE.

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    Yes I can give you email and phone no of a guy who provides girls. 2 months ago I booked a girl and rate was 10000 NPR for full day (10 am - 6 pm).

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    Guys, I am in kathmandu. Any leads to help me for any butiful bbj and sex.

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    Thamel. Kathmandu Hunting

    Hey gents,

    I'm in Kathmandu for a few weeks and looking for some fun. Anyone interested in meeting up for some hunting? If anyone has any contacts please send them.



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    Quote Originally Posted by DenisYeshe  [View Original Post]
    I've heard from some locals there is the SPA with FS on Durbar Marg (Annapurna Hotel area). Trying to find something there today?

    Looks so. Or just another blah-blah which ones use to identify themselves as cool lucky fuckers in front of other "losers".

    Come on, man. The worst country of the world!
    "Come on. Not a bad country at all".

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    Good Experience in Thamel

    I was in KTM some months back and I stayed in a good hotel in Thamel.

    I came across a Message center in a narrow isolated lane near a famous hotel MG.

    The Message was good and was allowed to suck the boobs also.

    Total cost: 1800 Nepali Rupees.

    Rating: 7/10.

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    In Nepal for 2 weeks

    Hi there!

    Currently in Nepal for 2 weeks, I'm looking for some discreet action near hotel Shambala. Please PM me! I'll share the experience.

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    In Kathmandu for one month

    Dear bro,

    Any recommended GL / Spa with extra service in KTM recently? As I tried to find, but in vain. Please help.

    To GermanyReisen,

    May I have the contact of the inde?


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    In KTM this week


    Am in KTM in a nice hotel. The place seems dry. Can someone suggest a room visit MP or a Inde. This place looks very dry. Would appreciate PM from seniors.


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    In KTM this week

    Hi GermanyReisen,

    Can you PM me the contact of the INDE? I am in KTM for next two days.



    Quote Originally Posted by GermanyReisen  [View Original Post]
    I have been in Kathmandu for the last couple of days and was trying to have fun. Got a contact of an Inde, who asked for 6 k npr whole night. Had a bargain and settled for 5 k npr. She was on time to my room (she also has some hotel contacts). Her body was not great, but young enough with tight pussy.

    We started with French style kissing and slowly undressed each other and started enjoying each other. She was open to every thing including anal. So tried anal for the first time, which was an awesome experience.

    We had five session altogether and she was very cooperative and GFE. Only off is, she always talks about money the whole time, other than that it was a pleasant encounter, I say.

    I have her contact. Can exchange with reliable sources.

    Happy mongering!

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