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    USD 100 for action in Nepal! sounds like a ridiculously high price. There must be lower prices than this for quality. Any Nepalese guys out there to help out on this? I am interested as I agree Nepalese girls are beautiful.

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    The Thamel section in Kathmandu has many massage parlours. There is an upfront fee for the massage, and the "extras' are arranged through the lady and whoever is in charge. Prices are pretty steep for full service, I wasn't in the position to "dicker".
    $50-100USD! The girls were fantastic, really gorgeous, and a good lay! Get there early, as most of them close up shop by 8:30PM. A good guide may be able to show you around outside Thamel, and I bet the prices are much less. Nepali women are gorgeous!

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    I cannot belive that no one has posted about action in Nepal. There are so many Nepali babes in the sex industry in India. There has got to be some action.

    Guys post some experiences and pointers.

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