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Thread: Vanuatu

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    Any latest info on getting laid in Vanuatu? All posts seem old.

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    Chinese massage parlors are everywhere in Vila now

    Chinese massage parlors are popping up like mushrooms in Vila and yes, they sell fucks. I tried Kool Spa twice now, opposite Melanesian Hotel and in a wing of the new Golden Port Hotel. Any port in a storm, as they said in the book "Fanny Hill". It was VT 5000 (USD 50) for the 1 HR oil massage, during which she nonchalantly rubs her pussy on your elbow as she works, then turns you over and accidentally nudges your dick every so often. Then "Sex"? HJ was another 5000 and was very good. Second time was for FS, an extra 15000 (USD 150). Very expensive by international standards.

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    Finding Nivans

    Vanuatu is a very easy place to smash.

    Although the ratio of hot to not in Vanuatu is pretty bad, although they are some stunners with nice arse face and tits if you look hard enough.

    The electro cafe nightclub is the best I have found plenty of girls there.

    One Saturday night I went there and started talking to a couple of gorgeous nivans. Couldn't decide which one to go 4 at first but after buying them a couple of drinks I made up my mind. We drank and danced for a while. I was grinding her on the dancefloor and squeesing her nice firm black ass.

    As the nightclub closed she said to me "bae mi follow yu?" meaning she wanted to come back with me. We went back to the hibiscas a very girl friendly accomadation. We drank some tusker and atlas there for a bit then went to my room. She was realy horny and stripped streaght away lieing on the bed calling me. Her tits were amazing. Anyway I smashed her and cummed on her tits. Which she didn't like. I think she wanted a kid.

    Anyway I went to drink kava with her a couple of nights after that smashed her a few more times and then did a runner as she started asking me to call her father and get married and crazy shit like that.

    She was from tanna. Tanna girl tend to be the best looking.

    But yer vanuatu girls can be nice. And alot of the bar staff are also pretty hot. Shy at first but always willing to smash.

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    Recent Vanuatu info?

    Anybody got up-to-date info about getting laid in Vanuatu? Nothing has been posted here for a while.

    The one and only niteclub in Luganville, Sanmar Club, never seems to have any women in it, only local men getting totally pissed. But I asked their security guard point-blank if he could find me a girl. It took him only 3 mobile phone calls and 10mins of waiting time, before a slim big-boobed NiVan girl aged 20 appeared out of the darkness and accompanied me back to my hotel room. She met me on two further occasions that week. Was happy with VT 3000 each time, but couldn't stay for more than an hour because her parents would be wondering where she was (so she said). Was quite inexperienced in commercial sex, e. G. Was unused to doing any negotiating at all (I did the talking, and set the price). She loves to kiss, and when she does, her pussy gets wet really fast and really easily. Possibly an adaptation for survival in a place where the NiVan men have zero love-making skills. If you lick her pussy she comes within 30 secs. Unshaven, with a compact Bush all tightly curled like a brillo pad. Has a cute face and boobs that are absolute perfection. Only spoke French, but I have a enough words of that to get by with.

    So you CAN get laid pretty fast in Luganville, a very small town that otherwise looks totally dead at night. But lots of tourists visit to go diving etc, and they must all get horny at night. Where is the action that they go after? Is it all out near the bigger resorts? Or do the tourists only bang each other?


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    Hello Devil

    How did your trip go and when did you travel to Vanuatu?

    What did you make of their unspoilt/ un-commercialised beaches?

    Looking forward to your experiences.

    DD Bell

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    Christmas 2010

    Anyone lurking who can tell me if there is any mongering action to be found in Port Vila at this time of year?

    And anyone know of cheap accommodation that is girl friendly?

    Never been there but hope to go soon.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How did it go for you?

    Hi Dingdong Bell, sorry for delay in responding as I have not checked this thread for a while.

    I've now been to Port Vila 3 times & will be going again in a few weeks. It's easy for me at the moment to travel via there & stopoff for a couple of days.

    I've had mixed results, I hooked up some of the older good looking married ladies when they are having a night out. It looked promising each time but although they were/are keen it all gets too hard with each one worried about being seen etc.

    On the occasions I ran out of time to find someone, I found the 3 taxi drivers I tried to be strong on promises & weak on delivering. I got one that way, but was disappointing as she was probably pressured & not really into it. Also had good success with a mid 20's barmaid from one of the nightclubs, surprisingly she was more interested in sex than drinking & was a real performer & gfe. I also found barmaids & waitresses quite open in discussing & helping find a girl, often apologising for not being available themselves due to possesive boyfriend etc. I made a couple of contacts that way but they couldn't be contacted later by phone etc. They are certainly not intimidated by age differences.

    With the students I saw a few around & spoke to some, usually in groups of 2 or 3. Hooked up with one on her own & despite promising to come to my room for drinks stayed in the bar & wouldn't proceed past there. You are right some of them love to drink. Due to time limitations I probably haven't looked in the right places for these students. Any suggestions which part of town, time, or day of the week from your experience? I looked through about 6 resorts with beaches, pools etc & didn't see any at all hanging around. Was the resort you went to near the lagoon? there wasn't any resorts on the road past the cruise ship berth.

    I've yet to have the kava experience, & will probably save that up for for when one of the older ladies takes me to a kave bar which has been promised.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    HOw did it go for you?

    Hi Trafford,

    How was your trip to Vanuatu?

    They have really strong Kava (stuff that the locals drink - it numbs your toungue nd then you eventually get sleepy with too much of it)!

    I am sure you would have found the youngsters game for older guys as long as you can afford to cover their beer (or whetever they are drinking).

    Would love to hear about your experiences.

    DD Bell

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    Port Vila

    Dingdong Bell great to get an update on this place as the posts are now quite old. I will be going there soon for few days.

    Any further comments on best hotels, bars, clubs etc to go for in town. Also how do you thing these students will react to an older gentleman?

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    Students in Port Vila

    As Priyantha says, tech shool girls are aplenty - go for the Law School (of the South Pacific). It is located in Port Vila and students here come from all over the Pacific nations (Tonga, Samoa, etc).

    Priyantha, were you there on a ship visit ?

    If you go beyond the port to the last resort on that road, you oculd stretch out on the beach sipping chilled beer while a local services you in the open. Believe me, these broads go that extra mile when you're sponsoring the beer.

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    anyone been here lately?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cows Rule
    If there were a prize for the country with the worlds ugliest women then Vanuatu would surly win.

    With there wide flat noses and Don King inspired hair cuts, there clear winners (with abos close behind them).

    They might be an easy lay, but who would want too ?
    Well, whether they are ugly or not, there is a chance I might find myself in Vanuatu next month and in need of some action, does anyone read this section lately?

    I guess I am just after any more recent mongering advice for Vanuatu given these posts are quite old. Ideally my preference is to hook up with a girl for a week or so in Port Villa.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If there were a prize for the country with the worlds ugliest women then Vanuatu would surly win.

    With there wide flat noses and Don King inspired hair cuts, there clear winners (with abos close behind them).

    They might be an easy lay, but who would want too ?

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    Finding girls at Port Villa is easy. Just be friendly with a Taxi Driver. He will find the best for you. Most of the girls are very good for sex and they will do anything you want.

    Young technical school girls are plenty available.

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    action in vanuatu is only to be found in port vila. all other islands are great for adventure travel. most islands have a great surplus of men and men need to travel to neighbouring islands to find wifes. this fact means that many men compete for the same girls, even so a women has far less value than a priced pig. domestic violence and particular violence against women is a big problem in port vila. check out vilas attractive open air jail on a sunday morning. to beat or even break your wifes arm is an accepted treatment.

    action in port vila is around downtown.

    smugglers run by an expat aussi. good action on fridays and saturdays. dancing and wild drinking pacific island style. girls are easy to be picked up. many come there with a boyfriend so be careful as even with their bf sitting somewhere else they might flirt with you.

    the disco forgot the name just around the corner is interesting on the weekends, but you will see very drunk guys here after 1 am. and the mood can turn aggressive.
    office pub. just out of the centre. good hangout and for a late afternoon beer. the girls who work here are open to proposals. also atracts some girls which just want to have fun
    so girls might go with you and you will organize a taxi to get you to a guesthouse which you might rent for a view hours.

    make sure that you are not watched by the boys of the neigbourhood through holes in the walls of your room, or through a hole in the cieling.girls tend not to ask for money in a direct way but expect to be given something. make sure the girl is returned to somewhere save as otherwise she is likely to be raped. be carefull when the girls are drunk,and boy can they drink, as there are reports of girls getting irrational violent and this might result that they might bite your ear or penis off.

    if you are not scoreing just ask any of the taxidrivers in the street at night and they will happyly oraganize a girl for you expect to pay for this service about a$60-80
    in general the girls are not very pretty, with wide bodies and hanging breasts. do not expect the south pacific paradise. saying so you might find girls with a lovley nature and joyfull character and you never know there might be a stunner hidden somewhere.

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    I lived in Port Vila the capital of Vanuatu for about 18 months until the end of last year and I would have to say that it is one of the easiest places to get laid in the world. There are only two small main streets and you don't need a car.

    There are about 5 bars/Clubs in town and that is it. Impossible to get lost. It is safe to walk the streets at night even if your drunk and no one will bother you. If you are a tourist, the local girls (black of course) will hassle you to buy them drinks and take them back to your hotel as where they sleep is on a piece of card board under a tin shed so your hotel, no matter how humble, is a palace to them.

    Be careful as these girls can really drink and if you don't stop ordering drinks for them, they just won't stop drinking.

    I mistakenly but fortunatly found out a weakness with the local girls. If you cuddle them and they resist, pull out your dick! This worked for me 100% of the time. Once they see an erect penis, something about it forces them to pull or suck it. It is really bazaar! I can't say I have ever seen anything like it in the world. Even in broad day light. Once it is out, they instinctively take care of it for you, even if they don't like you!

    Women of the world, learn from this.

    It is a beautiful pacific island and well worth a short visit.

    Have fun, I did!

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