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Thread: Ciudad del Este

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    Good to revive Cde posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Gagoo  [View Original Post]
    I just arrived in town today. I'll write something about crossing in to the border later, or in Foz Do Iguacu thread.

    I decided to stay in Hotel Convair. It is much closer to the chicas. I can walk to the Pharmacy (Farmacia) place in about 2 minutes. This hotel is about the same price, maybe a few dollars more, but it is a good hotel, and much closer to the action. It seems as though this hotel would not even look at you if you brought a girl in. They wouldn't even notice. Maybe late at night they will. I will keep watching the reception.

    When I first walked by looking for the farmacia girls I didn't see anything at all. That pharmacy is not the same anymore. The name of the pharmacy there is now called FARMA-VIT. I will attached a picture. Also, previous descriptions are not so great. I looked on a Brazilian site and they talk about this place, but they are very vague. Their information is pretty much worthless.

    To find the place: Look at my pictures. To the right of the pharmacy is a an entrance for cars to park in a parking lot. Enter this area, walk about 8 meters, and you will see an "entrada" sign, and it will be very obvious where to go next. You will see a security guard there. If he isn't there, then walk straight to a door and ring the bell. If he isn't there, it's probably closed...
    I also already booked in Convair for beginning of October.

    See you soon to exchange.

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    Farmacia chicas

    I just arrived in town today. I'll write something about crossing in to the border later, or in Foz Do Iguacu thread.

    I decided to stay in Hotel Convair. It is much closer to the chicas. I can walk to the Pharmacy (Farmacia) place in about 2 minutes. This hotel is about the same price, maybe a few dollars more, but it is a good hotel, and much closer to the action. It seems as though this hotel would not even look at you if you brought a girl in. They wouldn't even notice. Maybe late at night they will. I will keep watching the reception.

    When I first walked by looking for the farmacia girls I didn't see anything at all. That pharmacy is not the same anymore. The name of the pharmacy there is now called FARMA-VIT. I will attached a picture. Also, previous descriptions are not so great. I looked on a Brazilian site and they talk about this place, but they are very vague. Their information is pretty much worthless.

    To find the place: Look at my pictures. To the right of the pharmacy is a an entrance for cars to park in a parking lot. Enter this area, walk about 8 meters, and you will see an "entrada" sign, and it will be very obvious where to go next. You will see a security guard there. If he isn't there, then walk straight to a door and ring the bell. If he isn't there, it's probably closed.

    What to expect? When you go inside you walk up stairs, and you will see it looks like a small, somewhat modern looking strip club. It has at least two major areas where there can be parties. Maybe one is a VIP area or for private parties. I went a little too early, about 530 PM on a Saturday. It has stripper poles. But I arrived early and there was nobody dancing. When I walked in I was asked if I wanted to see the ladies, then I was asked to sit and they ring a bell or something and I was shown 6 ladies. None were ugly, but none stuck out as hot either. They were all doable, but that was about it. I chose the first one that I seen when I walked it. I honestly can't remember her name, I was not too thrilled with her, so I don't care to remember about her.

    Prices: The price of one hour is exactly double the price of half an hour. No special prices here. Prices for half an hour: $30 USD, or 120 Reals, or 150,000 Guarani. I made the mistake and paid Reals, because I have some and I don't need them anymore. That is the total price including the room. Basically there are rooms right next to the common area. The room was OK, not nasty, not great, but at least the aircon worked good.

    Service: This 25 YO had some very big natural tits. I haven't played with natural tits that big in over 10 years. I don't know the size, they were way bigger than DD's. Anyways, she CBJ, that wasn't great, she didn't kiss at first, until midway through she was enjoying about 1 minute of the sex and gave DFK. I'm not sure why she enjoyed that 1 minute for. Her pussy was damn dry, condom felt small, and she would get tired quick and stop often. She really wanted me to finish though, but a hand job with the condom still on is really lame. I asked her is she had lube and she didn't. Maybe that would have helped, or I wouldn't have minded fucking her tits. She wouldn't let me play with her tits much. She didn't seem to know that her tits are her major asset. I didn't finish, but I have to say we were in the room at least 40 minutes. We didn't get any knock on the door or anything.

    I asked her what time they close and I asked the security guard. They said they close about 4 AM. And they will be open on Sunday at 5 PM. So they are open on Sunday, which is cool.

    I looked for the other place that some call Casa Blanca, or Residencia 1. I think I found it, but I'm not sure. I walked by a house that only looks like a house, but if you peak through the driveway the house has signs of beer companies. So it must not be just a house. Not much was going on when I walked near there about 3:30 PM. I might go have a look there or back in the pharmacy place again tonight. A local that I met on the other side of Brazil said she would see me tomorrow, but I learned to not depend on these ladies. I'll admit. These places are not easy to find, so I don't blame the last member for not finding these places. I'll try to make it easy for the next members to find. I'll stay here about 3 or 4 nights total.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pharm place 1.jpg‎   pharm place 2.jpg‎   pharm place 3.jpg‎  

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    CDE info

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyline72  [View Original Post]
    I will be visiting next week and could use some guidance. Steve
    Please RTFF! Also, if you need additional information, PM. It's only USD $20.00 for a year's worth of membership and it really helps.

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    In CDE 9/27- 10/3

    I will be visiting next week and could use some guidance.


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    City of Commerce. Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and Iguazu Falls, Brazil

    August 22- Friday. Left Hotel early at 7.00 AM and went to the Terminal de Omnibus by Taxi. Believe it or not, it is way out South East on Republica Argentina. A 30 minute ride that cost around g40mil depending upon the traffic. Wanted to take the 8. 00 AM NSA Nostra Senora del Asuncion semi bus to CDE. There was a family taking a long time at the NSA counter and I looked at other buses that were going to CDE. Express Guarani was showing the same time of departure and also a semi. Decided to take it. Costs are the same. G60mil one way. The buses are new modern double-deckers, comfy with air conditioning and bathroom. Was given a seat upstairs and off we went. Though it was supposed to be semi, it stopped for everyone. It was not too bad as it left as quickly as he passengers loaded or unloaded. Countryside showed development and agriculture as we moved more East. I do not think I have seen cows 100% off white only before. Major global companies showed signs as we were in the East. Also Taiwan had its own development zone there. As we were approaching CDE, saw a sign of Club Eros on Route 7, the East-West route. After about 6 1/2 hours, reached the bus terminal in CDE. Taxi charged g30 mil to the hotel. No meters in the Taxis. I tried booking at hotel Munich and Austria but both had no vacancies. A monger had mentioned hotel Venicia next to Hotel Austria. Online the hotel said a lot of good things about itself and I booked two nights for g120 mil / night. Though the hotel had TV, AC, wifi, Breakfast, the room and bathroom was a dump with no safe and noisy. As I was only staying tonight and tomorrow off to the falls, it was not worth looking for another hotel as I was tired and wanted to rest and see as much of CDE as possible. The TV had about a third Chinese channels, one third Brazilian and a third Paraguayan. Anywhere you have to pay for any goods, be it just a beer, you are quoted prices in multiple currencies, mostly Brazilian Real, USD dollar, Euro, Argentine Peso and Paraguayan Guaran. You get change back in the same currency. Every bock in the central area of the city is a bustling hive of activity with goods of any kind being sold, from clothing to electronics. There are also newer high rise shopping centers cropping up that sell from counterfeit to genuine goods. Constant traffic into and out of the city, especially the Ruta 7 - International east-west route. Traffic rarely moves there. New malls are also sprouting up towards the west of the center as space is limited there. I can see the merchants expanding to the parallel streets to Ruta 7 in the center. First time I saw American sized truck with a same size trailer and had China Shipping lettering on it. China is making tons of money from CDE free trade zone and so is Paraguay. The eastern side of Paraguay must be adding to the country's coffers heavily. The city rises early and later around 6. 00 PM starts to shutter up and the cleanup has already started. The barbecue places near the hotels have started their meats grilling. Chicken, homemade real meat sausages, beef kebobs with Yucca. Litre bottles of beer to wash it down.

    ADVISORY. The age of consensual sex in Paraguay is 14 years of age.

    I walked around CDE and decided to have lunch as I was very hungry. There was this young girl with the baby grilling some chicken and kebobs. Chicken would take about an hour but some sausages would be ready soon and beef kebobs. I sat and talked to the pleasant young girl while having a beer. He mother and younger brother were there too. She looked real young. I asked her age and she just turned 15. I asked if the baby was hers and she said Yes. I looked in her eyes. She was as honest as one could be and seemed trust worthy. A very pleasant girl. I decided to buy lunch from her even though I was very hungry. I want you to look at the two pictures of this young girl. 14 years of age when she got pregnant and her youth has been taken away from her. She has to take care of this child. Do you see emptiness in her eyes? I just do not think that the g10 mil she charged for the lunch will support her and her child. Even though it may be legal to have sex with a 14 year old, please think many times about the girl before you plant your seeds in her. What life will she have with children at that age? Please be responsible.

    After lunch, I went looking for the Casas that that been posted in 2011. The map is small and it was difficult to find Casa Blanca and the Farmacia Chicas. I walked and walked and did not find it. I was looking on my smaller tablet. Now that I have looked again on my bigger laptop, I was looking at the wrong road. All this on the south side of Ruta 7. I was looking at the north side near the hotels. They may still exist. By now I was tired and I bought some water and beer went back to the hotel to rest. Later that evening I went to the end of the street where the 'Parilla / BBQ' vendors on both sides of the sidewalks are. The same poster in 2011 had said that there are FLs there and I was ready for action. Grabbed a chair, had some grilled chicken and beef kebobs. The best marinated meats I have ever had in my life. Enjoying my beer and meats but just no sign of any free lancers. After the second litre of beer, I decided to return to the hotel. The hotel told me that the Friendship bridge is far and bus may be the best choice to go. The Taxis charged even USD $50.00 to go to the falls. They said that earlier the better, about 7 AM.

    August 23- Saturday. Iguazu Falls, Brazil day. Got up early, had a quick breakfast and headed for International Ruta 7. It was about 8.00 AM. Saw a bus going East and got in. Paid about g3 mil. The traffic was not moving. The driver said that there should be another bus ahead and I should get in there. He wrote out a ticket for me. Started walking East. Still traffic was standstill. Kept walking and found myself at the Friendship Bridge. I could not see the same company bus and decided to keep walking over the bridge along with other people. Soon I was on the Brazilian side. There were a few Brazilian officers making sure that traffic moved. No one stopped me. I did not have a USD $160.00 Brazilian Visa. I had to get to the falls from a bus terminal. I did not speak Portuguese. I thought that the bus stop may be close to the bridge but no. I had no idea where to go. I was lost. I asked a few people for directions to falls but they did not understand me. Walked a bit and there were a couple of young Moto Taxi drivers who asked me where I was going. There was one Moto Taxi driver inside the store who spoke some English and the guys took me to him. He figured out where I wanted to go and told me that the Falls were far but he could take me to the local Bus terminal and I can catch the bus to the Falls from there. Helmet on, we were off to the Bus Terminal on the motor bike. It was not close. I could not have walked there. He charged me only 2 Reals and also changed some money from Dollars to Reals as the bus took only Reals. The bus to the Falls was just leaving as I got my ticket and got on. I paid about 3 Reals. It went through Foz, downtown, airport and last stop, the Falls. A lot of Tourists on the bus, mostly European women and some Latin Americans. Yes, the Falls were far and now I can understand why a Taxi may charge a lot to go to the Falls. They are not close to the Friendship Bridge.

    The Falls are amazing sight. Extremely wide. I love nature and I have found that where nature is, there are good beautiful people. There were many happy groups and everyone enjoying themselves. Any beautiful women too. I met a gorgeous woman, the one with sun glass there and she spoke some Spanish and little English. She was there with two aunts. We had fun there together but again, my tight schedule about having to get back to CDE today and bus back to ASU next day ruined everything. If I did not had that schedule, I would have spent a few days in Foz with that beautiful woman. No more fixed tight schedules after this trip. This was the best day of my trip in 'Peru / Paraguay' and I do suggest that others make an effort to see the Falls. I have now seen the Victoria Falls in Africa, The Niagara Falls in the USA and now the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. I do not know what the mongering scene is in Foz but there are a lot of nice people who stay there and tons of pretty European women too. It would be better to stay in Foz than in CDE as it is more peaceful than the constant shopping of CDE. The Brazilians were good to me too. On the way back, took the same bus to the Bus Terminal and from across the street, caught a bus to Paraguay. Cost about 2 Reals while a van going to Paraguay was charging USD $14.00. Straight across to the bridge, slow down for the bump on the busses side near immigration and over the bridge to Paraguay. No Issues. It was about 4. 00 PM and I got off at the start of the shopping area to look around. I tried looking for the Massage places but found a legit one that I was not looking for. Rested, showered and had something to eat and decided upon going to Club Eros tonight.

    Club Eros. The last report on Club Eros was in 2010. It said that there were taxis outside at the club to get back. Super. I had printed the directions to the club in Spanish and showed them to the Taxi driver near the bbq places. He understood and quoted g50 mil. You have to go about 9 km West on Ruta 7, do a you turn and rive on an unpaved road for another 3 km and turn right for another 600m to the Club. You are asking the Taxi driver to drive on that bad road hoping he does break his axle. It is quite far out of town. Got there about 8.15 PM. Entrance was g10mil. There were a few locals there and not packed. Beer can was also g10mil also. The girls sat at the end tables and some locals with some women. None of the women were more than 5 in shape but some had very pleasant faces, boobs and asses. All must be in lower 20's to 30's. None were a knockout. But I was going to fuck one. I got a beer and sat at a table. A girl smiling quickly joined me. Got her a beer, same price. She had a lovely face with big dove eyes, dark black hair, fair skin and beautiful smile. She was rubbing me to the extent that my dick was hard and I just wanted to fuck. I asked price. She wrote down, Salida was g50mil for the bar and she quoted g300mil for her at a motel, short time. I did not want to stay out too long as I had a bus to take early next day. Suggested room at the back. She still wanted g300mil knowing I was tourist. I countered g100mil or nothing as it was going to a one shot at the back and done. Eventually she agreed when I said goodbye to her. So, total was g150mil.

    Went to the room. The room was clean, with shower and toilet and a bed. She got naked and opened up her pussy for me to lick which I did. She would only do a CBJ and I said OK. She was very very good at the BJ. Really really good. I also pumped her mouth with her head on the pillow and the sight was unbelievable with my dick going into her pretty lips, beautiful eyes and she as sucking really hard that dick was about to burst as it had grown so thick with her bjs. I put a pillow under her ass and entered her. She had a tight pussy and felt the thick dick penetrating her and her eyes got even wider as she squealed and moaned. I gave her pussy a little time to adjust and then started pumping her harder. I fucked her mouth again and then did doggie style, fucked her mouth again as I was loving looking at her pretty face sucking my dick. Then she sat on top and started grinding. In about half an hour, I came and was all sweaty and she gave her great smile, licking my dick. Her body was average but I did not care as she gave a great BJ. Cleaned up, dressed and got back, bought her another drink and myself. Drank slowly, talked to her. It was about 9. 30 PM and I had to go back. The place had not picked up. The locals had come on motor bikes. Said good bye and went outside to take a Taxi back.

    There were no taxis outside. It was pitch dark outside. Talked to the security guys and waited and waited for a Taxi with no sign of any coming. I was getting concerned. I had to get back. I thought that maybe if I walked up to the freeway, Ruta 7 and hailed a Taxi? After about 30 minutes, I decided to walk up to the freeway. It was dark and I was the only person walking. Got to Ruta 7 but cars and few Taxis were going fast and no one stopping. I was about 10 km away from the city. I decided to walk on the elevated freeway but there was not much room for walking and no one was stopping. Came down to the gravel road and kept walking towards the city as I saw some lights. It turned out to be a building with a sign. I walked by a couple of motorcycle folks on their way to something. I kept walking and eventually I saw a gas station on the freeway. I must have walked much longer than I did earlier in the morning to the Friendship bridge and into Brazil. It could have been dangerous. I was able to reach the gas station and asked a pickup to give me a ride to the city and I'd pay g50mil. They refused as I might be a thug. I asked the fuel attendant that I needed a Taxi to town and he said that he will call and I will have to wait. No Problem. As he was walking back, a Taxi turns up and he asks the Taxi driver. He said that he would take me to the city and I said that I will pay him g50mil. I was so thankful. Something bad could have happened to me on the walk back on the gravel road. I was just lucky. I do go to the health club and do both weights and cardio. Though I am older, I am in pretty good shape and can take care of myself. But if someone pulls a knife or a gun, then there is nothing I can do. My life could have been endangered. I could have been dead. So, If anyone wants to go to visit Club Eros, first it is not that great. Maybe some other day the shift maybe better. I just saw some average girls. Next, make sure you have a ride back even if have to ask the Taxi you went with to stay there while you did your deed and pay him. Otherwise, there may or may not be a Taxi there to take you back. The city is quite far and I do not recommend walking back. It would not be safe.

    The Taxi driver stopped outside the bbq places near the hotel as I badly needed a beer to relax. The last place was still going which is run by a shapely woman. Got a litre of beer and sat at a table next to a local guy who was also drinking. I also had something to eat. There is another very shapely girl there with a great ass and a rack. First I had thought earlier that she was a FL as she was where the poster in 2010 had said. She would be talking to the Taxi driver and sitting or standing out near the road. She even went somewhere and changed to a see through blouse. I did not want to waste time if she was a FL and asked her if she wanted muchacha! The guy next to me laughed and the girl was embarrassed. No, she was not a FL even though she behaved like one. No issues, the girl owner, the guy next to me and the this girl kept having a laugh and a blast as there were not too any people around at about 11.30 PM. I asked the girl owner to put a pole next to her bbq place and both the girls take turns on pole dancing. She was just cracking up. Next, the guy pulls up a card told me about a place that has girls. He said USD $30.00 for 30 minutes. Whatever the price, he had to tell me when I had to go back to the hotel and sleep for early morning bus to ASU. A bit too late. The card says: Maxi2, Hola, somos las chicas mas sexys, apretaditas why carinosas de Ciudad Del Este, Las 24 Hrs. Te esperamos en privado 0984-422670, Chicas VIP. It is just west of the big roundabout, past Shopping Jardin, off Av San Blas (runs parallel to Ruta 7) in Muralla Marion, casa # 748. So, there has to be in a sex scene in a place like CDE. It just cannot be dead and only Club Eros to go to. Especially as there are Chinese there now and they have massage shops that are fronts for sex shops. If someone stays there about two weeks, he can find out the underground scene. Well, my night turned out good, with no harm done to me. If I had to chose, I would spend less time in CDE and more in Foz, Brazil It is just a better place, more relaxed and has a mongering scene. Bye Iguazu Falls and CDE. Short time and I should have spent more time. Last two pictures of some women in CDE taking pictures of themselves and I decided to take their pictures.

    August 24 - Sunday. Took same taxi as last night to Eros to Bus Terminal. He asked about Club Eros. I told him that it was not that great. I asked him if he knew of any other sex places. He said that there are FLs on the south of Ruta 7, which I have realized now. CDE is a city of commerce, not a wild west city. Considerable clean for amount of garbage that is spilled out daily. Gets cleaned up daily. It is quite diverse with Asian, Arab, Indians and other Latin Americans living side by side with Paraguayans.. I never felt unsafe in CDE except when I walked back from Club Eros. Did not see any gang fights nor killings. A lot more productive than Asuncion. I really enjoyed the food and women. Bye.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails girl-14-1.jpg‎   girl-14-2.jpg‎   Falls-rainbow.jpg‎   Falls-friend.jpg‎   CDE butts.jpg‎  

    CDE girls.jpg‎  

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    I'm here if you need some help

    Hello guys,

    Let me present, my name is Daniel, I am from Paraguay and live in Ciudad del Este, I am not too old but I have experience in getting girls here, I can do my best for getting to you the best prize, as most of you know, normally the prize is higher for the foregeiners.

    I know all the city and neighboring cities, houses, hotels, motels, agencys, everything do you need if you visit this country and don't have any experience here I can be a friendly partner.

    I do it just for help. I speak enough English if you need anything.

    Just contact me on PM or replying.

    (if this message does not belong here mods know what to do).

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    Visa for Argentina side to watch the falls

    As of May 20th 2014: A valid passport is required for USA Citizens to enter Argentina. USA Citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business. For longer stay, Argentine law requires that, prior to arrival in Argentina at any entry point, USA Citizen tourist and business travelers pay a $160 reciprocity fee by credit card online at the Provincia Pagos website. Once paid, travelers must print out the receipt and present it to the Argentine immigration officer at the time of entry. The fee is valid for ten years from the date of payment and multiple entries. USA Citizens wishing to enter Brazil or Paraguay from Argentina are required to obtain a visa in advance from the Brazilian and / or Paraguayan embassy or consulate nearest to the traveler's place of residence. Please note that this requirement applies to the popular cross-border day trips many travelers take when visiting Iguazu Falls. Travelers transiting between Brazil or Paraguay and Argentina should always make sure to present their passports to Argentine immigration officials to have their entry and exit from Argentina recorded. The USA Embassy in Buenos Aires cannot assist travelers with obtaining Brazilian or Paraguayan visas. For more information, see the Country Specific Information for Brazil and Paraguay.

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    No reports?

    I'm planning a trip to the falls and noticed a long lapse in reports. Yes, I'm going there for the falls, but also like P4P. Anyone have anything more recent to report?

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    CDE Overview and Map Attached

    Ciudad Del Este is not the hottest mongering place, but if you end-up there, for some reason, like me, there are some options.


    As shown at #1, around Munich hotel, there are few other hotels. I went to Munich-no vacancy, rooms in Austria I did like, walked across the street, and got a decent room for the night. In this area, lot of foreigners stay in these hotels, and there is cab stand at the intersection for convenience.


    #2: Farmacia Chicas, #3: Casa Blanca – see detailed reports under the thread. There are other options like Casa Verde, Casa Amarillo, Cinco-Cinco in the town but I did not investigate.

    Street Action.

    #4: Along this stretch of road, after dark, there appeared to be plenty opportunities, but area seems to be little risky. It is a commercial area, and most of the stores were closed. However, there were currency changers, motto taxi, some street venders, and people just hanging around.

    # 1: Around this intersection, close to hotels, there are 'Parilla / BBQ' vendors on both sides of the sidewalks, selling meats and cold drinks. Being close to hotel, cab stand and taxi drivers nearby, lot of vendors, feeling safe, I bought a beer, pulled-up a chair and started observing life. I noticed that some of those BBQ places had few girls and, initially, I thought they were customers or from the neighborhood, but immediately became obvious that they were working girls, they were constantly going back and forth talking to the taxi drives, door guys at the hotel, and, in fact, the BBQ guy tried to pimp those girls to me. Not after too long, these girls started chatting with me and asking for a drink. None of them looked doable, but some that walked-by on the street looked doable. Often you will see a girl walking on the street, a car / motorcycle will stop, negotiations will occur and good ones will be gone in no time.

    Also, from bus terminal to the hotel, the taxi driver was constantly pointing-out street girls and being available.

    Itaipu Dam (Hidroelectrico de Itaipu)

    If interested in taking to the tour to this world's largest hydro-electric dam, instead of dealing with Taxi drivers, there is very easy and ridiculously cheap way to get there using collectivos / local buses. Take the bus going to 'Herrendarias' from the terminal (#5) and they will drop you in-front of the dam entrance, and the tour is free. On the way back, take the bus to CDE.

    Border Crossing to Iguazu Falls: I did cross the border without having Brazilian visa and will write a detail report.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cde overview map.jpg‎  

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    Farmacia Chicas

    Yesterday, when leaving Casa Blanca, I asked the vendor who was selling snacks to the girls about other places. He told me about girls on top of the Pharmacy on the main street. The next day, I started looking but there were about three pharmacies in the same general area. Finally, I asked the motto taxi guy, and he was happy to walk with me there because they get commission from the girls, and also they hit you for few bucks. Later, girls explained to me why I was being charged 120K Gs for ˝ hour instead of normal 100k Gs because I was using taxis to go there, and they have to charge me for them to pay commission to the taxi guy.

    As you walk through the entrance next to the pharmacy (see picture) , on your left, you will see a security guard in the uniform, with gun in the holster. Just walk to him, and ask for chicas. He asked me to put my day-pack into the locker before go up-stairs to the first floor.

    The brought 5-6 chicas all at once and they had much better selection than Casa Blanaca. I would say most of them were doable, and I took a 20 year old with nice ass and body, complete GFE, and no-rush.

    It is on Av. Pioneers Del Este south of Av. Adrian Jara, and attached are the entrance photo and map. Also, this place is only couple blocks from Casa Blanca.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Farmacia Chicas_Map.jpg‎   Farmacia Chicas.jpg‎  

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    Casa Blanca

    I took taxi, but not necessary. The taxi charged me 20k Gs to go around 2 blocks, but he went around in circles to make sure that it appears longer to me. The casa location is relatively safe about 1-2 blocks from the main commercial street ' Avda. Adrian Jara', and few blocks from the hotel. I walked back to the main street, and it appeared safe to me during the day time.

    There were about 8 chicas, only 1 or 2 doable. 120K Gs for 1/2 HR and 200 for full. However, I was told that they go cheaper like 100K Gs for ˝ hour. They had nice room, clean shower in the hallway, clean towel, and a bar in-front. I took Nicole, very pretty, nice ass but mechanical. They brought all the girls at once.

    Attached is the business card they gave me with directions and phone number.

    Supposedly, there are other casas in the town called, casa verde, casa amarillo and cinco-cinco, but I did not have time to visit.
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    Found few reasonable places in CDE

    I just returned from CDE, I found few reasonable places in the commercial area, and will post a report with details, but it wil take a couple of weeks. Please PM if you need info before that.

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    Club Eros

    I just spent 3 nights in CDE, having driven from Asuncion. I stayed in the chica friendly and very clean Hotel Austria, in the centre of CDE.

    Driving to Club Eros, drive out of town on Ruta 7 for 9 km until you reach a large intersection where the secondary roads paralleling the highway end. Travel another 3 km to a U-turn bay, turn around and drive slowly on the edge of the hwy for about 700m, and you will see the club about 500m down a dirt road.

    Open 8pm to 5am 7 days a week. Entrance fee 5000GS.

    The club is definately 70s trashy, but it has a large open room where you can enjoy a drink and take your time making a selection. No hard sell and you can talk to the girls as long as you want without hassle.

    Friday and Saturday nights I arrived about 10pm, and there were about 15-20 chicas there, ranging from an 8. 5 on my Salma Hayek scale to a 50yr old chica I wouldn't fuck with someone else's dick, but all tastes catered for. There were a lot of 1/2 drunk and fully drunk hombres wandering around. Beers are 10000GS for a can, and a chica drink is 10000GS. There were taxis waiting outside, so if anyone came in a taxi, arrive about 10-11pm so there will be one there when you want to leave. Don't stay to 5am unless you are a local. One of the girls said she gets there and goes home on a moto-taxi (only for the brave).

    The first night I took a chica too the love-motel next door. 350, 000GS for about 1 1/2 hrs and she paid for the motel. Its clean, but not as well laid out as some in Asuncion

    The second night I tried the rooms out back, and I don't know what there is to complain about, a bit tacky perhaps, but clean, with private shower and toilet. 90000GS for 1/2 hr or 180000GS per hour.

    The 3rd night, Sunday I arrived about 8pm and they were opening up, but there were about 8 very doable chicas there and no customers. I took my chica from Saturday home to my hotel for a TLN. 360000GS, from 8pm to 6am.

    I would recommend this any day of the week.

    PS There were no drug related killings while I was there.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Cde 2

    one other thing i noticed about cde was that the roads are in way better shape as in asuncion! i mean actualy there aren't any potholes. as in asu you can count on it there are 2 potholes every 10 meters. lol.

    one negative aspect was the killings among drugsgangs are huge. every day you can read in the papers how much people got killed in cde because of some war between gangs etc. etc.

    hookiewise i didn't try anything as i was with my gf and had the "[CodeWord116]"bacteria for 3 days.

    if you are there do not forget your exit stamp if you leave py and go and see foz de iguazu, which is on the brasil side.


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    I am planning to go there later this week for 2-3 days, and see the waterfalls and something of the town.

    AS I heard from some PY guys the city itself hasn´t much to offer besides many cheap electronic shops.


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