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Thread: Guayaquil

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    The return of "the pilot"

    So the other day I was chilling and shit when I get a notification sound on my happy phone my homie the pilot finally returns to the fair land of Ecuador all this month which is cool so we start our festivities by going to "la 18" he fucks 3 women there the talent that day was out of this world so he was happy and got some digits for later parties, I personally so so recommend the procedure one-time gringo loco tried it and got scammed out of an hour another time girl got flaky and did not show up plus they will always charge and up a price for coming over especially a hotel so if you are going to pay between 60-100 just get an escort but unlike the sites in "la 18" where the girls are in a state of undress you get to see what you are going to pay for so it's what it's.

    So I come back and according to the negotiation which airlines make with the Hilton all airline flight crews get a happy drink free of charge, which is cool he gave me his coupon which was nice of him I usually don't drink so I ordered a Pina Colada to say it was watered down would be a mothafucking understatement it was not just watered down it had more ice than anything just out of curiosity I ordered their menu and the prices well it was a WTF moment #564 of the day 14 dollars for chips and sausage I do not know who is paying for this prices but I only saw locals so I must assume it's some kind of status symbol my broke ass will certainly not be paying 14 dollars for a sauce and chips at the Hilton Colon the US or anywhere else for that matter.
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    The story of Johny Bravo

    So I got this phone call from my homie the mysterious Mr. L that a guy was coming in from the US he had been here in Ecuador for a year in Cuenca during COVID you all know how I feel about Cuenca so he is back here and will remain here probably till may he is staying at Puerto Santa Ana, word to the wise Puerto Santa Ana is for high rollers so be prepared to pay 1500 a month for a month and that is 2 rooms and a bathroom with a great view however for that kind of money you could get a mansion in Urdesa or Samborondon just saying so we chatted up and since this was his first visit I took him to Salome shitty little place downtown, but the only one that is cheap he had gone to Isla the day before so he know something of the scene, but still you all I am telling you Isla is dead or at the very least it is not what it used to be.

    We ordered a coke at the restaurant of Mr. Hussein at the "Rincon Libanes" where I took the video last year when gringo loco had two girls over for a threesome we chatted a bit and decided to go to "Salome" it was a Tuesday and for reasons unknown, it was jammed pack with girls the usual mix of 8's and regular girls he took a big booty older women upstairs he then asked me what the best sushi in town was I mentioned my friend Agnes who owns the Saitama Sushi best sushi in the city in my humble opinion so as soon as we get off the cab he notices that he left his cell phone in the cab, now like most millennials he panicked everyone is today's climate carry everything on those phones financial app crypto not to mention personal information and work-related info if he lost the phone I imagine his immediate life would have turned into a shit show so what I dd was call his number and the cab driver was nice enough to let us know he was making a run but when he was done he wanted our locations so that he could give the phone back, I suppose the guy had a good heat then again he was probably just incompetent I know most contraband dealers in the bahia and know for a fact that the Samsung S21 is the most difficult phone to hack and the expense alone to unblock it would have been expensive for him so he probably made better and easier money giving the phone back and the guy who we shall nickname "Johny Bravo" for his slight resemblance to the cartoon character, so the taxi returned and gave him back his phone and he rewarded him giving him 20 bucks, all in all it was a profitable day for him.

    So we went back to the Saitama sushi and we had a good evening meal it was early we still could have partied but I believe he might have been a little spooked so we called It a night and went back to his place at Puerto Santa ana.

    I shall be publishing a video of the Saitama and my interview with Johny bravo on what he thought of mongering in Ecuador.

    Doom out.
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    Remembering is living

    So I was out here looking at memes the other day and saw a meme of snoopy where peanuts you only live once and snoopy very wisely said "wrong you die ounce but you live every day" on that happy and motivating thought since I am uploading my old content and hope not to get shadow banned otherwise fucked with and outright prohibited by the mysterious algorithm. I got some happy videos of hotel reviews and some of the guys I have met that have come here to enjoy the hobby.

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    LA 18 live streaming

    As many of you know my story and for those who don't. Storytime music so almost a year ago I almost went to prison for violating article 134 of the Ecuadorian penal code which means violations of privacy back in those days I was trying to grow my happy youtube channel that got canceled gringo loco was here constantly back in those days and I was posting content like it was going out of style in the many adventures I got caught and was arrested after a small mob of women complain to the police station that happens to be right next to the notorious red light district. How times have changed now you got sex workers literally live streaming from the red light district don't get me wrong they are not live streaming their sex session however they are trying to promote themselves and using social media to get more clients I believe it's because of the generational shift in culture that this will likely improve in the future and you will see more girls trying to copy the format.

    In the link down below I will post links to where you can find videos of la 18 regards take advantage of it before the US permanently bans tic toc.

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    New talent in 18 street

    Why film in "la 18" and get arrested when friends of mine can go in and take pics of the place in my absence got to love "la 18" cheap hookers that will put a smile on your face all day while you feel like frowning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomBringer321  [View Original Post]
    Yes you can get Viagra and Sialis without prescription in Ecuador and that particular women if you can find her she is 20 pounds over those pics I have seen her so there is that.
    Cool, thanks man. I don't mind a few extra on that body How was she in general from your experience? Worth the ride?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trewdaat  [View Original Post]
    Hi. 2 things. First is where do I get Viagra without a prescription in Guayaquil quickly and with no hassle.

    The second is I'd like to meet up with this woman. Any Intel?

    Seems legit. She has a Twitter account with videos of her.

    Yes you can get Viagra and Sialis without prescription in Ecuador and that particular women if you can find her she is 20 pounds over those pics I have seen her so there is that.

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    Any Intel?

    Hi. 2 things. First is where do I get Viagra without a prescription in Guayaquil quickly and with no hassle.

    The second is I'd like to meet up with this woman. Any Intel?

    Seems legit. She has a Twitter account with videos of her.


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    Klasse Salsoteca

    I made a video of the time when I went to an area where there are several Salsoteca this salsoteca is located at 6 de Marzo and Brazil.

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    La 18 closed

    Some people may be aware or not, but at the end of the day, it does not matter so there is a code within the IRS version of Ecuador that says that "prostitutes" while perfectly legal have a separate tax code where they can file their taxes must not do it because they feel they are entitled to all of their profits because it is "their body" and that may be the case but while it is technically their body the profits and proceeds are subject to tax most sex workers do not file their taxes on a timely basis the brothels do because otherwise, they loose their license so "la 18" in Guayaquil has been closed as a fine for several days until it's workers file their taxes.
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    Air BnB available

    I have an Air BnB available you would have to text me privately in order for me to send you the link for you to look at it. 40-a-day gated community armed security private gym.

    Thanks for the support you all.

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    Christmas chongo hoping with Mr. Hawai

    So there was a guy that came in this week however as you all may be aware we are in the holiday season, so ANY Holliday is terrible most girls have gone off to see their families, and the day I hung out with him it was no different so we went at 11 AM to "la 18" we hang out there for about an hour not a whole lot of options, later on, we ate and did some actual tourism and went on the Aerial tramway and went he got his glasses regulated and crafter in less than an hour for about $120 try that in the US where a lens craft takes weeks and costs several hundred dollars. In the afternoon we went to the clubs in "entrada de la 8" we visited all the clubs in that area all 4 of them it was great we left the area and went to "el Gato" now gato as I said before is not what it once was because it was the 24th none of the girls had shown up it was awful so we went to this small dusty club near the area called "las Rosas" the only problem in the club is that the ventilation system was down and it was hot as hell.

    We ended the night in the Salome located downtown since his hotel is located downtown it was a good fit we tried walking to the area where all the salsotecas are however those establishments were closed it was already 7 pm so we decided to call it a day.

    As you all can imagine Sunday no clubs are open it's what it is my other homie from this board was here we shall call him the pilot I have not seen him in a year so we had a lot of catching up to do, I call a girl from the only one who was working her name is Luna and she was a trooper she took care of my hommie the pilot and since she was feeling a little enterprising we went to see Mr. Hawai what was bad about the whole thing is that because it was Christmas all taxis rides that were normally 3 bucks were costing like 10 no shit does not get a cab during the holiday season.

    I finally got a cab back to my city and luna got one as well since she had had two customers that day I imagine I made her holiday season by presenting these 2 gentlemen from ISG.
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    Sorry I posted in the wrong thead.

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    Dustiness unwinding

    The government has in their infinite wisdom allowed the curfew to extend to 1 AM so basically, you have till 1 AM you can be in the streets otherwise the cops will find you or arrest you so the clubs are kind if jumping right now the government is just being careful after all the recent incidents of violence that blew up in the city of Guayaquil however now things are settled since the military hit the streets. Now some pics of one of my recent girls for you all to see.
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    Entrada de la 8 clubs

    I am sad to say that the club "el puente" has a closure sign by the city of Guayaquil this usually happens because they forget to renew the permits or pay bribes to the right people. So the other day I went with Nohope to the area the curfew it's in effect until such time as the government declares the provinces of Guayas and Esmeraldas "safe" whatever the fuck that means I am a native of Guayaquil the city has always been violent and no amount of politicking will change that the only way that Guayaquil will become safe is if the humans in it are reborn into woke zen-like pot head millennials like the ones you see on MSNBC but that is another conversation altogether.

    The area has always been a war zone, to be frank about it, however irrespective of the environment you could always go there and you would have a festive atmosphere there is an underlying level of danger but there are mobile food shops, people selling stuff on the streets but now I see the vendors trying to close shop early for two reasons no one wants to see the cops come in when it is 2300 and there is curfew and no one wants to face additional danger from the gangster such is the state of the country at this time but it seems that the martial law is helping the security situation.

    So I go with no hope to "Obsession" and even after living here all these years I was amazed by a seller of crabs that went into a girl's house to sell crabs inside to the patrons amazing only in Ecuador, so summarizing I believe the "el puente" will probably open the beginning of next month or the last week of November curfew will probably change back to normal until the end of this month at least and you can buy fresh crabs inside these establishments it's what it's.

    "Obsession club".

    "el puente."

    Doom out.
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