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Thread: Sao Tome & Principe

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    Everybody knows everybody

    This Is the problem on ths small Island I experienced on my busines trip as I meet a girl and took her to my hotel my car didn look the same the next day. It was a well meant warning togirl and this may happen again and maybe they will not act the same next time!

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    Sao Tome & Principe

    Just returned from a business trip to ST and had a great time.
    Not much action going on but saw lots of girls smiling, but did not explore this item as I was with colleagues.
    When renting a car the guide told me he had a good contact at the hotel I was staying and when I called the guy from the reception he managed to get me a nice and sexy girl from Angola to my room.
    She was so enthusiastic I ordered her agisn and this time directly.
    The Mongering sport scene is good at the Casino on weekends and saw lots of babes willing to....the only problem beeing that everybody knows everybody so it is quite risky for the babes to be seen as hotel guests.
    I can share info with Senior members, PM if going to ST.

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    ST 20 years ago

    Visitied 20 or so years ago, and stayed at the GOOD hotel.

    Only problem was the Cholora outbreak just before we arrived.

    Not indusive of playing away.

    Even tooth cleaning was advised to use bottled water. And to stay away from the swimming pool.

    I remember the Philipina band that met us at the airport. "Irish Eyes are smiling", in Tagalog.

    Apart from that thousands of sand crabs.

    Hope it has improved.

    I am told its main export is phone sex lines, and porn servers: it used to be postage stamps.

    I was planning to pass thru there last year, but settled on Libreville across the water.

    Much more fun.


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    General description

    Sao Tome and Principe are two tiny islands in the Gulf of Guinea, a few hundred km from the coast of Gabon and Cameroon. This African country looks like no other in Africa. They speak Portuguese, which is allready not very common in this part of the world. The people are lighter skinned as in the rest of Africa (Portuguese influence). The islands are vulcanic, but have as far as I know the only Coral Reef of the entire African Atlantic Coast going from Morocco to South Africa. Even if it is one of the poorest countries in the world, there is some high standard tourism, especially at Bom Bom, as it is one of the best places in the world for sport fishing. The old colonial buildings look like a typical Malecon. It is very safe, there is no crime. In fact, in these quiet tropical islands, you seem to be not anymore in Africa, but in the Caribbean. Things may change however, as oil has been discovered recently.

    Regarding our hobby, bad news. Don't expect to score here. The islands are too small for a girl to go anomymous in the business. Everybody know each other, and the society is very conservative. As the country is very poor, there are no immigrants, and thus also no foreign SW. Sorry guys, the closest places to head for are Gabon or Cameroon.

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    Sao Tome & Principe

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