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Thread: Guwahati

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    New to this thread

    Hello Everyone, first of all thank you for creating this thread and sharing all the important information. Respect.

    If someone can share some information regarding good hotels for a day stay, it would be helpful. Will share my experience once I do the deed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThoR101  [View Original Post]
    First of all, thanks bumblebee03 bro for sharing Kavita's contact. Till now I was just mongering in spas in Guwahati. This.

    Was my first visit to any SP in Guwahati.
    Bro. Can you please share Kavita's contact by DM please? TIA.

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    Please share bro

    Quote Originally Posted by Wonder99  [View Original Post]
    Shared the details through PM.
    Can you please share? Thanks.

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    Share details please

    Quote Originally Posted by Abyss666  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to ThoR101 for sharing the details of the young chick. Called her. She called to her place near Cmari. Went to her place at around 2 pm. It was a hot day. Upon reaching we both had a cigarette and few talks. Then we went to a quick shower. After getting freshed we went into the deed. She laid me comfortably on her bed. Gave quite a relaxing BJ continuously till I told her to stop as it might lead to premature eruption. While BJ she was aroused too. Tits and Body was very well maintained. I started to explore her Pu. And she became very aroused. She finally squirted and it was a wonderful experience to be an audience of such a scene. She told me to stroke her hard and I obeyed her. Finally after few rounds I came and it was a strong cum as she really enjoyed the act. Finally cleaned and had a cigarette and went out with a promise to return to her again.
    Help with location, prices and contact details. Thanks in Advance!

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    Share her contact please

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodent65  [View Original Post]
    So this chick from a neighboring state has a money requirement to pay by the end of this month and asked me to share her contacts with a few "reliable" folks (Idk what that is supposed to mean).

    She is a college student, around 21 yrs, good fuck. Easily 8/10. But pretty selective about whom she meets.

    Let me know if anyone is genuinely interested.

    Note: I cannot guarantee that she will meet you for sure, (Just be polite and respectful, that should do the trick IMO) and discuss the price among yourself. I would just pass on the contact.
    Where are they bro?

    Help with location, prices and contact details. Thanks in Advance! I will be visiting Guwahati next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedFrSex  [View Original Post]
    Hello folks,

    Last month beginning, during my visit to Guwahati, I could meet Preyakshi. Most of the things are already mentioned in the forum hence nothing much to write except for that I loved her service and GFE nature, kind of wild and hungry girl she is who is eligible enough to meet again. We had good conversation and time in my hotel.

    Since then, every alternate week she was asking me when I would be coming next there. Unfortunately I am not able to make plan there hence could not meet her. Two days back she again contacted and shared she is in dire need of money. I could not give but asked her if I can refer her to my friends, to which she agreed.

    Hence, if some good soul wants to meet her, you can. Damages are same as mentioned in past.
    Where is Preyakshi bro?

    Help with location, prices and contact details. Thanks in Advance! I will be visiting Guwahati next week!

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    Please share contact details bro

    Quote Originally Posted by Yamahar15  [View Original Post]
    Went to this one on GS Road near Bhangagarh. The building has a coaching institute. Next building has LP showroom and another side has a wedding hall. It didn't have any sign board but saw it when I went to get haircut in a parlour in same floor.

    Went to counter and saw a beautiful receptionist.

    Counter charge was quoted as 2 k. Negotiated to 1. 5 k. It's new but still price on higher side.

    Went inside and the receptionist came in to give service and her name was Alisha. There were 2 other staffs as well and both good looking but the receptionist was the best.

    Massage started but it wasn't the best as the girl was very slim and didn't have much power in her hands.

    Enquired about extras and everything on offer but she's on her periods.

    Usually I refuse service in such situations but she was too beautiful to refuse, so went with Topless HJ. Her boobs were small though..
    Where are they bro?

    Help with location, prices and contact details. Thanks in Advance! I will be visiting Guwahati next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyss666  [View Original Post]
    Tried be Spa near Ulubari Bridge. Went there earlier too and girls were ok but not exceptional. This time I chose a girl from Meghalaya. She was short heighted and very friendly. Had lots of talk and she asked for the extras. Wow she gives juicy BJ. She stares at your eyes when she sucks. Coming to the deed, she came on top and started moaning and pounding hard until I could easily guess that she cummed. It felt as if her soul went out of her bidy during climax which turned me on to the limit. She got tired which is understandable and so I laid her and went on to her top and started insertion vigorously. She opened her legs and during the session her legs kept hugging me from my back. She was moaning and after about 5 minutes I had a great cum. The session was very pleasant..
    Where are they bro?

    Help with location, prices and contact details. Thanks in Advance!

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    Help with details please

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulalaulala123  [View Original Post]
    Tried below chicks. Some are good, some are ok, and one has herpes! I think it was the number 6 but not sure. Try at your own risk!

    I liked 1, 2 & 5 - good friendly chicks. Number 10 had ok ok service but nice boobies. Sumi was nice too. Rest are just ok. YMMV.

    Skipped Gita this time. Her inventory has become boring. Trying to sell low quality stuff but not willing to lower her rates, as if Ghy is dry LOL.
    Where are they bro?

    Help with location, prices and contact details. Thanks in Advance!

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    Anyone tried famous padmaja Shyam? Seen her in fb and Insta only, tried to contact many times with no results.

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    Quitting mongering (thank you Guwahati forum)

    I would like to thank Guwahati forum for all the help users here have provided with my short but eventful mongering phase. It was fun. I am retiring from this phase of life and quitting mongering. I had a great time mongering and also learned a lot. Guwahati forum played a big role in my mongering career. Thanks for all your help guys. I retire with 50+ mongering experiences and now it's time for me to move on from this phase. Signing out. NeedDetails69.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sense8  [View Original Post]
    1) Be careful from the girl who is in Locanto as well as MR with last 3 digits 894. I won't get into too many details but there is some potential sextortion activity going on. I can't go into too many details or they will know who I am.
    The account name is Tahe. A few of the photos that she has, I saw two of those on Khusi's ad longtime back when you posted an FR on her.

    I could be wrong but that is what I remember. I contacted both a while back, but deal was not finalized. One said not available, one just stopped replying.

    No scammer vibes were detected as none asked for advance, but based on what you said, I will avoid both just to be safe.

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    Icon and chingari spa location

    Could you guys give me some hints about location of 1) chingari spa 2) ikon spa.

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