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Thread: VFM independent and SP girls.

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    In box full

    Quote Originally Posted by Macron  [View Original Post]
    So as I had mentioned that I would try Zeenat so got the chance to taste her.

    The reason being is that when I was in Lucknow few months back, I had tasted a young lactating housewife, for which I had written a FR also. But Zeenat is more beautiful and hot looking than Lucknow housewife.

    So, coming straight to topic, messaged her and asked her for the meet. She agreed. I had specifically asked her to wear a burqa and come, so to get the feel of fucking Muslim chick. Picked her up from a place near Bandra.

    She arrived as expected in a burqa. I always go crazy when I see burqa clad Muslim girls. She was having mesmerizing eyes and those eyes were so beautiful and sexy.

    I soon took her inside the place and we began initial conversation. By the way she brought her child also as it was small baby of 5 months old or so and she told that she will first feed the baby so that it sleeps and then we can enjoy. I said ok.

    Now when she removed her burqa, I got stunned. Really fair, as all Muslim chicks are usually, with a perfect figure. I was stunned. She asked me what are you starting at? I asked her how do you maintain such a nice figure after your delivery? I mean the stomach was flat and she didn't show any extra flabs either. She said, she gets compliments from everyone, so it's natural and she is fit and it's also hereditary. She also said, majority girls in her community eat healthy and go on nice diet to maintain good figure and beauty.
    Hi bro,

    Your I box is full.

    Please share her contacts.

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    VFM list

    Quote Originally Posted by Inblr01  [View Original Post]

    Can someone senior help with Mumbai vfm list as will be there for few days here.

    Thanks for helping out.
    Hello guys,

    I also wanted to have the vfm list to be shared with me.

    I can reciprocate with contacts of Delhi whenever you guys want them.

  3. #676
    Quote Originally Posted by PuccaMonger  [View Original Post]
    I have Indi girl contact, but will share against other verified contact only.
    Hiiii bro.

    Can you share?

    I can reciprocate.

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    Mumbai help

    I will be in Mumbai on Monday next week and would appreciate any leads from this group. I will reciprocate for Bangalore visits. Msg me at my ID.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:


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    PM please

    Quote Originally Posted by LuciferNiles  [View Original Post]
    Looking for independent service at Hyderabad (Girl aged up to 32). Any leads?
    I have Indi girl contact, but will share against other verified contact only.

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    Hyderabad helps

    Looking for independent service at Hyderabad (Girl aged up to 32). Any leads?

  7. #672

    Delhi List


    Could someone share the Delhi list with me please? Apologies if I missed the posted list on this thread. I searched for it but wasn't able to locate. Thanks.

  8. #671

    Mumbai vfm list


    Can someone senior help with Mumbai vfm list as will be there for few days here.

    Thanks for helping out.

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    Ahmedabad MO and Beautiful BReasts

    Holla Friends and Fellow Mongers.

    Hope all are having a pretty good time.

    Let me share a review of my last mongering encounter. It was June 2022. Since spa visits are not as gratifying since last few months and due to unavailability of few sp and indies like Neha, Allen and others, this time around I had to revert back to my old sp. Anyone who knows this sp or who has read my previous FRs would know that the sp is desperately greedy.

    Let me veer off the topic a bit to give you a context. I believe Ahmedabad has very few genuine SPs who are in the gig of elite girl procurers or hosts of these girls. Of course sp of local girls are dime a dozen, but only a few "Elite girl procurers". Now these big bosses when they procure model girls, the girls are further sublet to small sps or sub peddlers who further sublet them to small minions like my babubhai sp. So what happens is when you procure girls from sub peddlers like babubhai sp, commission involved is of 3 to 4 people and hence the cost increases drastically. One way to circumvent this is to get hold of the girl / big boss sp directly and book the girl for 2-3 days for a group of likeminded friends or ISG members / mongers. That comes out much cheaper. This is something that I have discovered by observing and listening to the stories of different birds over the period of time.

    Back to the main event. This time around he had a NI bird (Probably Rajasthani I believe) and few others. I picked the most decent looking bird, one which had ample bosom to be honest. I am more of a "racks" guy if we were to refer to the American slang.

    So I booked a nice hotel, clean and hygienic, suave but indifferent in a very decent locality. Commercial locality not residential. Picked the girl at the caf of the hotel downstairs. Had to give her ID and had to fill out her covid form at the reception as they didn't allow to take the girl directly to the room. The concierge and hotel staff kept a keen eye. I think everyone at the reception kind of made it out that she was a working girl. After all, the extra makeup and worn out stilettos are not exactly subtle.

    Once in the room, she asked the permission to use the shower straightaway. I liked that. She came out few minutes later, her hair dripping with water and a towel wrapped around her voluptuous body. She had curves at all the right place. We chit chatted. Poor English, okay Hindi. She introduced herself as being from Delhi but her surname is a common Rajasthani surname. I had a long look at her aadhar card at the reception. (DOB: 1995) She did honours in Chemistry in DU or at least that's what she told me. She was also a makeup artist and had worked in event management and hotel management both. She was honest and unembarrassed with everything.

    Once we start the deed, she was flirtatious. She told me she was okay with everything except anal. The kissing began. She had a trick up her sleeve. She bit my lover lip and kept on sucking the lip. Something new. Something erotic. I assumed she was herself into the deed and believed in customer satisfaction. Her breasts were perfection. I still think of them sometimes. 36 EE and perfectly shaped. Round shape and busty, not saggy. Brown, full bloom areolae and perky nipples. Had a great time sucking on them. No fat on belly but was a bit flabby. Nice thighs and clean pussy. There was lunch at the V. Nice neck and earlobes. Shapely but smaller ass compared to boob size. Not flat by any means. First round was completed in missionary.

    After that we talked for half an hour. She had made a visit to Rajkot last month and had fell in love; head over heels with her client. She told everything about him with a feminine chirpiness. He had a BMW, a wife and a cute kid. But our girl had this huge huge crush on him.

    After that, there was room service. Lunch. Shower. Second round with WOT. Cowgirl position. She gave me full view, full access and full attention of her salacious breasts. Ah, those pairs. One of the best breasts of my mongering career. They were perfectly plump as she is still young. But since they are enormous and quite handful, they might sag soon as she ages. Will always be grateful to god almighty for those beautiful breasts. Think Monica Bellucci from Shoot them' Up.

    After the second deed, we wrapped it up. Luckily we had struck a friendly cord. We exchanged contacts. She asked babubhai to book her return cab. I escorted her to the exit.

    Looks: Pic attached for reference. She ain't fair. She had wheatish complexion. Good skin but there are smoother and silkier skins out there.

    Damages: Varies every fucking time with babubhai sp. Have to haggle like hell.

    Would I try her again: Probably Yes. I like to try different things every time.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20220712-WA0000.jpg‎  

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    Kolkata help needed

    Hi Bros, been in kolkata for the past month and have tried sg, MP's and one Mr profile.

    It's proving difficult for me to find VFM indie contacts here since I don't know anyone here, apart from some WGs. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Help needed

    Hello fellow mongers!

    I am very new to this and need all the help and support I can get for VFM contacts in NCR. Indies / NE / Thai etc.

    Please help out a noob.

    PM is open.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Miss Rain

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinDsu  [View Original Post]
    Again had a visit to Kolkata and visited miss Rain, I got her contact from a friend.

    Miss Rain is around 26 years of age with figure of 34-30-36. She is Bengali girl. Decent and soft in behaviour. Since I hadn't had sex for quite a long time, booked her for full night at 7 k. Had good experience. Her bottom is wide and sexy.
    Bro you still got her contact? How can I get her?

  13. #666
    Quote Originally Posted by PokeMe  [View Original Post]
    Met miss K from Delhi. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous girl. Very young and energetic. Model like face and figure. I took her for LT, because she comes at a lower price. I am lucky to enjoy beautiful girls at lower cost.

    Age- below 25.

    Looks- model like.

    Figure- perfect with no extra fat.

    Attitude- awesome.

    Sex- except anal or CIM, gave me full access.

    Boobs- medium, with perfect softness.

    Pussy- tight like a virgin, I think she is not used properly so I enjoyed her tight hole.

    Damage- 6000 for 3 shots after good negotiation.
    Please share!

  14. #665


    Quote Originally Posted by JackMa3  [View Original Post]
    Hello friends, thanks for your cooperation. Got digits of Sonia, a gem who is unexplored much. I was looking for girls who are not too much drilled or used.

    Pinged her and fixed deed. Met for full day fun. She charges vfm price of 8 k for full day, from morning till evening. Same for full night too. Since I was free for day I met in day.

    She is damn gorgeous, very milky fair, no extra fat, smooth skin. Since I am average looking guy, never had any GF, but she seemed perfect partner for me. She is very friendly.

    Regarding sex I can't describe my feelings. Such smooth butter body and her boobs and ass are very big, perfectly round and soft. She herself got horny looking at me and perfectly put her mouth and we sucked each others saliva while deep kissing. Then I licked her entire body from top till bottom and she was moaning in pleasure. Opened her bra, pushed her on the bed and started sucking her white boobs and pink nipples to my heart's content wow, what a heavenly feeling. I was feeling so good because I am an average looking, guy who never had any GF and I always wanted to have a GF like Sonia. She also licked my entire body and then opened my pyjama. Since I wasn't wearing any underwear, she laughed and then she pushed me on bed and started her bbj sucking my big black fat tool nicely. Wow, Muslim girls are so good in sex, I can't tell you guys. She made me feel like a porn star. The beautiful thing is she looks deep into your eyes while sucking your tool. After sucking me for good 20 minutes, she began WOT and I was in heaven. , wow, the way she grinded herself on my top, I was feeling my soul would leave my body. It's total carnal feeling. It's so amazing. Later I did, missionary, doggy, and side position and she was very good in all positions.
    Would appreciate if you could.

    Share her contact.

    Your inbox is obviously full with the same. Requests.

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    No one Home?

    I am sure someone is on here. Would anyone pass along the list? Cheers.

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